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Wow! I always admired the look of this game but now playing it... It's truly amazing work you got here and I'm looking forward to you launching this game. To be honest the demo is feeling pretty good all around. At first, I was weirded out by the workbench not outputting into my inventory but when I saw the smelter system and all the elements I understood why you went that route! I mostly play a survival craft game whenever I see one but that felt really unique. Also, also, your music reminded me of Terraria which also had amazing music so well done! 11/10


Thank you so much. I’m so happy you enjoyed the demo and I think you’re going to really love the full game when it eventually releases! :-)

A bit late but, why were you weirded out by this? Since you can kick off a job at the workbench while you are doing other things, wouldnt it be weird if it magically teleported from the workbench to your inventory ? Of course its a bit of a chore to go and pick it up, but how else would it work?