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Congratulations to the winners and really just everyone for participating. I managed to play each game in the jam and found enjoyment in all of them. Even though I ranked dead last, I actually learned a lot while working on my project. So I consider that a win in my book! Looking forward to seeing future projects from everyone else :)

I enjoyed this entry. The peaceful charming musicbox style background music while puzzling through the levels felt relaxing and the simple aesthetics were very well done. It seems like you are limited to a specific amount of moves you can make on a level. I think it would be helpful if there was a counter on screen letting the player know how many moves they had left. 

Great work!

Made it to the end of the game and thought it had some clever mechanics. I think what would have been really cool to see is if you started combining more of those mechanics together as stages progressed to gradually increase the challenge while building upon what you've already introduced to the player. I had a lot of fun with the game. Great work!

Thank you! I have very fond memories of Crazy Taxi and wanted to see if I could make a very simple 2D version of it. 

Thank you! I had fun making it and while I ran out of time and it's not as polished as I had wanted it to be, I definitely learned a lot along the way.

Very simple concept that ends up being very fun to play! Feels really good to line up multiple enemies and dash slice them all at once!

Cool little game I would love to see it fleshed out more after the jam. You can never go wrong with alpacas! Great work!

Couldn't get it to work properly in browser, but I downloaded the source and was able to play that way. I like the look of the game; it's charming. I had fun playing through it.

I'm a sucker for bounty hunter games and I had a lot of fun with this one. The map system was well done and very helpful for tracking the bounty. I managed to kill the bounty I was after, but then died by his posse. I retried and managed to successfully get my reward the next time. It was also cool to see that the game was procedural and that the layout was different on my second go around. 

Great job!

I didn't have a second person to play with, but it seems like a fun little game. Nice simple look to it that fits the gamejam and I enjoyed the background music quite a bit. 

I was getting stuck at the Garfield in your second screenshot as well, but after a couple tries he spawned high enough that I could shoot him. I eventually made it the end and got to hear the lovely clip of Jeff calling Odie a stupid dickface. Lol

I love "crouch" walking in this game because it just makes Jeff slide around on his tummy and that looks awesome

Short but sweet. The music and visuals were great! The game had me bobbing my head up and down as I clicked my way to LA. Very cool!

I felt really stupid at first and wasn't sure what was happening. Then I realized how the game worked and it clicked! Actually very cool concept and a good 2 player game! The Alex artwork is top notch! And I loved the sound clips used!

Very cool overall!

I liked it! From your writing it really just came across like you were having a fun time making this

Great job! Especially for a first time game! Very simple concept that was well executed

The credits music mashup was a fine choice! Cool game and the gif of Drew turning towards the camera and smiling after the North Korea comment was gold! Great job!

Dude are you kidding me? This was fantastic! I'm so impressed with the quality for something created during a game jam! Seriously... gameplay, visuals, sound... all really fantastic! Great work! 

My favorite thing overall though was the fact that Ben was too tall to fit into his character portrait. Such a great little touch!

Simple but pleasing visual look. I like the break x match 3. Cool concept and fun to play! 

Very cool! Feels like VR Mission meets Tron. I agree with the other comment and think Dan is going to enjoy it. Great work!

Wow! Really cool idea! I love the perspective shifting and think that you should totally continue to work on this and expand it into its own thing. Loved the music and visuals too!

My character sprite disappeared the first time I shifted and wouldn't come back, though you could tell I was still moving around. Had to restart the game to fix. 

Great work and impressive concept!

Good job on the character sprites! I was able to easily tell who everyone was based off of those without having to look at the character portraits. I died on the first level at some point and got stuck on the game over screen. Couldn't figure out a way to back out or restart. 

This was really well done! Great work!

Love the artwork on this! Great job!

Reminds me Godhand! Good work! I got to the last duder but ended up dying just before I could kill him

Great job! I loved the voiceover and it definitely got some laughs out of me

Well done! I especially loved "Alt+F1" to start; very clever!

That was fantastic! I love the expression on 47's face the whole time. Really great work putting that all together and capturing the Hitman essence in an FMV game format. The youtube version worked out perfectly for me. Great job!

Great job! You made this using Twine, right? I thoroughly enjoyed the story and appreciated the appearance of Austin Walker. Oh and a street drug called Gundam? Genius!

Fantastic job! The Dave Langs ended up getting me! Seriously though, very impressed with this entry.

Perfect choice of the various Dan faces! Something about the Alex background just feels right. Great work!

Absolutely love it! Perfectly captures a memorable part of Metal Gear Scalon and is very appropriately named!