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Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked it. And yes please, by all means update it. I would love to play it again and it was super fun to play in the first place.

This was actually a fun little game. I actually really loved the pitter patter of my feet when I ran lol. Overall, decent game.

Yea, sorry about that. But seriously, I completely loved your abstract dream idea in the game. I'd never seen anything like it before, and I feel like in my videos I didn't let it be known how cool and unique it really was; that coupled with the music that seemed to completely match the setting was just......brilliant!

Hey Andrea, I really loved this game and it actually hit pretty close to home with me; I absolutely LOVED the way you wrapped it up. I made it into a bunch of different parts (5 actually), so I'm just going to post a link to the playlist instead of posting every single video. Even if my final interpretation of the game wasn't exactly what you had in mind, I do hope you like it none the less. Thank you for the amazing games you bring to this community!

This game was extremely unique, especially with the player/alien turns that almost mimic that of a board game. But in the end, I say that any and all who beat this game are nothing but cheaters! X'D

I originally wanted to release this on Valentine's day, but I had other things come up and ended up forgetting about it until now lol.

Anyways, I LOVED this so much and really had such a fun time playing it!!! It's not terrible and I will fight anyone that says otherwise.

***SPOILER*** I really liked how the questions played out in the end. I thought I was screwed and I'd have to play through it again to get a different ending (who knows, there might be more than one, but I haven't had a chance to play it again outside of recording), but how it went back and gave me a second chance at the questions I flubbed up on was so unexpected and made me so giddy.

Rarykos (I believe you're the sole developer), you are so flipping amazing and I love you for making this game cuz it really brightened up my day afterwards, despite the kind of sad/happy ending. Don't stop making games like these and have some faith in your own abilities! :D

Hey, this was a pretty fun game to play and actually kinda addicting lol. I would definitely recommend playing this if you have nothing to do or you're just bored! Also, the sound effects are hilarious and the music fits the game so well that I love it!!

Well thank you very much for replying, I know one of the fears I have (as well as probably a lot of other YouTubers) is that the developer won't like the way you played it, so that in itself is a huge weight lifted off my chest.

As far as my subscriber count goes, your kind words mean the absolute world to me :D....but I couldn't disagree with you more. Now this is just my opinion, but I don't really like my commentary on the videos I make, which I guess is understandable considering I started not to long ago and I'm still very self-conscious about how I appear on camera. And I do work very hard to try and make sure everything is well put together and the sound balances out, so it feels so good to hear someone give such nice compliments about my videos. But I think me disagreeing with you is a good thing; if I was content with the content I was creating, I would never strive to better myself. So I guess while having a ton of subs would be absolutely amazing, it's kinda nice to not have that kind of pressure on me yet lol!

I look forward to seeing more of you in my feed though, so until then, take care. :D

P.S. Sorry if I completely butchered your name, pronouncing unique words is not a strong point for me hahaha

I know this is one of your older games, but I really like the games you make as a developer. I just wanted to throw my coin into the hat. I'm pretty sure my interpretation of what the meaning of your game was is incorrect, but I still enjoyed it (despite being really bad at it lol).

This game was awesome and I loved it! I wish there were more games like this to play besides The Stanley Parable. My mind was completely blown though when I found out Justin Roiland was involved with this. All-in-all, 11/10

The only complaint I had about this is that sometimes, the clickable items you needed to advance we so small and so well blended in that you couldn't see them. You just had to hope you got lucky and accidentally dragged your mouse over it.

Other than that, it was fantastic! I really enjoyed and I hope you do too

I actually had a pretty fun time playing this. Aside from a few spelling mistakes and it assuming my gender at the end (lol), this game is pretty dope. Gonna look at some of the other games you've made; keep up the good work!

I really loved this and can't wait for the next chapter! I had some problems with items missing from the game but eventually after uninstalling and reinstalling a couple of times, it fixed itself. But all-in-all, very unique and well thought out. Keep up the good work! :D

I really loved this and can't wait for the next chapter! I had some problems with items missing from the game but eventually after uninstalling and reinstalling a couple of times, it fixed itself. But all-in-all, very unique and well thought out. Keep up the good work! :D

This was really really good! Like most people, I made a video on it, but all-in-all, I don't think there were any flaws other than a few typos. But that just made the experience better.

I'm just a smaller YouTuber and really cant compare to all the other videos on this site, but I will give my two cents. I really liked it, it was very unique and well thought out.

The gameplay mechanics were a little clunky, but I think that worked more in favor of the game than against it. A big critique I had though was how frustrating it was when the monsters got close to you and the filter of the camera adjusted itself. I'd get caught on things in the environment I was initially trying to avoid that I could no longer see.

While that does also add to the panic of the game, it also made it kinda frustrating and took me a little bit to get used to. Nevertheless, the game was put together very nicely. 8.5/10