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I know this is one of your older games, but I really like the games you make as a developer. I just wanted to throw my coin into the hat. I'm pretty sure my interpretation of what the meaning of your game was is incorrect, but I still enjoyed it (despite being really bad at it lol).

I'll just repost here my YT comment about your video:

First of all, thank you for the video(s)! And yes, I actually watch them. ;)
What still baffles me out is how few subscriber you have.
In my opinion (a humble one) there's nothing wrong with your videos. They're all well spoken, entertaining and flawless.
You really deserve a lot of subs RIGHT NOW! ;D
Anyway, about the game...
You're, again, flawlessly spot on. One of my favorite review of IMOTE is the one Calum Fraser wrote here on
Quoting his words:
"In 'In Memory of the Eternity' you're not bad, although you can do bad things, and you're not good although can you do some good things – you are just a presence, an entity that makes things happen. During the game you experience life in all different shapes and sizes and impact them in unique ways – some mundane, some sad and some funny. In Memory of the Eternity is all about embracing the many aspects of life – horror, happiness and everything in-between. After-all, all life is a miracle and we should be thankful for every sad, mad, happy, surreal, grotesque and beautiful second of it."
So, as you can see, you've expressed exactly the same meaningful feelings Calum got from playing the game.
I'm glad the message got through. And I hope it'll reach more and more people, making them know why our lives are so important.
Thanks again for your support!
Bye! 😉✌️


Well thank you very much for replying, I know one of the fears I have (as well as probably a lot of other YouTubers) is that the developer won't like the way you played it, so that in itself is a huge weight lifted off my chest.

As far as my subscriber count goes, your kind words mean the absolute world to me :D....but I couldn't disagree with you more. Now this is just my opinion, but I don't really like my commentary on the videos I make, which I guess is understandable considering I started not to long ago and I'm still very self-conscious about how I appear on camera. And I do work very hard to try and make sure everything is well put together and the sound balances out, so it feels so good to hear someone give such nice compliments about my videos. But I think me disagreeing with you is a good thing; if I was content with the content I was creating, I would never strive to better myself. So I guess while having a ton of subs would be absolutely amazing, it's kinda nice to not have that kind of pressure on me yet lol!

I look forward to seeing more of you in my feed though, so until then, take care. :D

P.S. Sorry if I completely butchered your name, pronouncing unique words is not a strong point for me hahaha