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I'm just a smaller YouTuber and really cant compare to all the other videos on this site, but I will give my two cents. I really liked it, it was very unique and well thought out.

The gameplay mechanics were a little clunky, but I think that worked more in favor of the game than against it. A big critique I had though was how frustrating it was when the monsters got close to you and the filter of the camera adjusted itself. I'd get caught on things in the environment I was initially trying to avoid that I could no longer see.

While that does also add to the panic of the game, it also made it kinda frustrating and took me a little bit to get used to. Nevertheless, the game was put together very nicely. 8.5/10

Thanks for the feedbacks ! The frequency changes when the monster see you are done on purpose, we wanted something new for a horror game, not like the hundreds of other games you can get most of the time (walk, jumpscare, over, that's it). We wanted that the player feel more active and think about what he is doing in the environment.