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Hi senecajr,

Getting to the hangar without a pilot loaded is an oversight, and will be prevented in a future release. COMP/CON does not allow for mechs to be created independently of pilots (per Lancer, mechs are mechanically and conceptually part of the character). If you're a GM wanting to streamline your players' first session, I'd recommend making a level 0 pilot yourself, entering their mech hangar via the dropdown on the top navigation bar, and making and exporting the mechs you make there. 

In the future, COMP/CON will gain an option to load a prequipped starter Everest based on a few different templates. 

Not as far as I know. However, if the KS breaks 400k, I'll be adding it in as an official mech in the next update.

oh sorry, I should have made a comment in this thread -- as of the last version, the Long Rim mechs have been pulled in to the core data. Now that C/C is official, from here on out the only stuff that won't be in the core data will be either homebrew stuff, or, separate future expansions/modules

You're getting a false positive from your antivirus -- at no point does Comp/Con interact with word documents (nor does it even have the ability). Check your antivirus to see if it blocks clipboard copy (which is somewhat common)

If you're skeptical, you can see (and build from) the full source here:

It's intentional - complex pilot gear was simplified way down in LANCER 1.8.5, and will be this way for the core book release. IIRC Tom and Miguel have said that more complex pilot gear rules (including rarity, &c) will probably come back as a future expansion/module, and if that's the case, COMP/CON will update along with the official release (likely as a toggleable module)

You can download the '' file from the app page, extract it somewhere, then open COMP/CON > OPTIONS in the top nav bar > Import content package and select the extracted folder.

After that, you'll get a little toggle to turn on the long rim mechs

It's a little convoluted, and they're missing art, but there's an incoming rework to better accommodate expansion packages

C/C is a vue.js app that uses the Vuetify UI framework. It's built and distributed as an electron executable. The IDE I use (for this and pretty much everything) is VSCode