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A digital toolset for the LANCER TTRPG · By Massif Press, beeftime

Can't get to the hangar?

A topic by senecajr created 65 days ago Views: 132 Replies: 1
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When I hit "H" to go to the hangar, it goes to a blank screen and nothing happens. I'm trying to create mecha for my players, but I don't quite understand how to do this. Is this feature in?


Hi senecajr,

Getting to the hangar without a pilot loaded is an oversight, and will be prevented in a future release. COMP/CON does not allow for mechs to be created independently of pilots (per Lancer, mechs are mechanically and conceptually part of the character). If you're a GM wanting to streamline your players' first session, I'd recommend making a level 0 pilot yourself, entering their mech hangar via the dropdown on the top navigation bar, and making and exporting the mechs you make there. 

In the future, COMP/CON will gain an option to load a prequipped starter Everest based on a few different templates.