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A digital toolset for the LANCER TTRPG · By Massif Press, beeftime

Long Rim Mechs?

A topic by N3kedApe created Apr 22, 2019 Views: 785 Replies: 5
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Will the long rim mechs be added at any point? or will that be put off for now as that information is part of the $2 backer package on kickstarter?


You can download the '' file from the app page, extract it somewhere, then open COMP/CON > OPTIONS in the top nav bar > Import content package and select the extracted folder.

After that, you'll get a little toggle to turn on the long rim mechs

It's a little convoluted, and they're missing art, but there's an incoming rework to better accommodate expansion packages

where exactly is the zip file? im not seeing it on here anywhere or is it somewhere else?


oh sorry, I should have made a comment in this thread -- as of the last version, the Long Rim mechs have been pulled in to the core data. Now that C/C is official, from here on out the only stuff that won't be in the core data will be either homebrew stuff, or, separate future expansions/modules

ok great thank you!


Thank you so much!