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A digital toolset for the LANCER TTRPG · By Massif Press, beeftime

Pilot Gear?

A topic by civilinquisitor created Apr 23, 2019 Views: 224 Replies: 2
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It doesn't seem like the pilot gear accessibility is separated out by license.  Given that pilot gear isn't as mechanically relevant it's not a huge issue, but I was wondering if this was intentional or an oversight.


It's intentional - complex pilot gear was simplified way down in LANCER 1.8.5, and will be this way for the core book release. IIRC Tom and Miguel have said that more complex pilot gear rules (including rarity, &c) will probably come back as a future expansion/module, and if that's the case, COMP/CON will update along with the official release (likely as a toggleable module)

Aha, thank you, I didn't realize I was still on 1.8