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If you don't close the last dialogue box after a client leaves before the next client shows up the game softlock, which happened on my first try. Perhaps I'm not a fast reader.

Fairly trivial to complete, but cute :P

Got 58.824

IDK how it is for other peeps, but for me Aria starts the game in her nude-and-covering-her-groin pose. The rest of the game plays out as expected though.

Your windows version is missing the data folder.

Heck yeah, time to get into horny game dev again! I made a new horny character  yesterday, so......excitement~ Horny excitement!~
I guess it's about attempt #5 to actually learn something that's not GMS2 (probably love, because IDK), which I've never managed before. Too much knowledge on how to actually do stuff in game maker.
Also I just realized Booty Pirates is about 4 years old now, and I never did anything more with it.

Hecking neat~

Well, I sure procrastinated the whole time and have nothing more than some text in a window. Since I'm going to sleep as well I won't be having anything to show for the jam, but I do like the idea I had enough to try and go on with it anyway. I hope you're all having a nice time though~

What there is so far is very cute and cozy, and I like it a lot~ The tanuki is adorable. The sounds too. I hope to see this expanded, and that the lewd bits will be cute and consensual. :3 (And mind you that cute and lewd are not remotely exclusive.)

Looking forward to what develops from here~

Oooh, I love this a whole bunch~

I get the feeling the page's viewport is way smaller than what the game is meant to be played with. Even with the most gentle of movement you can't really see moving obstacles coming.

Thank you! The game so far is quite interesting.

I don't even know how to get the first door open. Nothing aside from me seems to care much for tempura.

The game hangs if you try to perform en passant or castling, I'm assuming that those aren't yet finished. It doesn't matter which side tries to do the move it seems, and the message that pops up just says that there was some exception but the debug functionality is disabled in the uploaded build.


That seems accurate :P

Eeee gosh, thanks~

How does this jam look on lewd things in submissions? I'm guessing it's not prohibited, but maybe not exactly what you were hoping for. I would probably have something at least lewd-ish if I end up making something simply because I am rather sexual personally and my idea would be quite personal itself.

Also hope I'm in the right place here. A bunch of my stuff is rather recent and I'm not very confident about it.

Hello everyone. Hope you've been more active than I've been, as I've only just tried starting.

I've been using Game Maker Studio 2 for my stuff so far, mostly out of experience with it and it's predecessors. The problem is that I can't export to Mac or Linux with it; that'd require hooking up machines running those OSes and I don't have the everything for that. Web export is also not an option as that's $150. I've been distributing the source for my games as sort of a solution, but it's not elegant at all.

So it may be time to look for some other game thing, even though I could make the game itself quite readily with GMS2.

What I'm looking to make will mostly be dragging, clicking and holding down stuff with the mouse so it's not complicated but a lot of stuff is meant to happen graphically. The things most closely fitting seem to be LÖVE and Renpy. I have no experience with the former and it seems a bit like I'd have to do everything myself, while the latter seems not intended for single-screen things that don't go anywhere. I think I'd have to bend it quite a bit to make it do what I want.

So, I'm not really sure what to use, but I'll need to draw stuff first so that buys me a little time. I could go and do the source thing again but that doesn't feel like it's in the spirit of things. Any thoughts?

Optical Jam #4 community · Created a new topic Image date

When will the prompt be revealed? I know that Wednesday the 18th is given on the jam page, but that would be some six days into the jam so I assume that date is wrong.

Thank you both for your comments, they are well appreciated.

Sound isn't my strong point either. I might be taking longer than should be necessary while making graphics. Although I had few commitments during the jam I also had a considerable drop in productivity toward the end (made up for considerably on the last day.) I've kept a devlog of sorts in the source project (which I've uploaded today on the game page) but you'd need Game Maker Studio 2 to view that (I think the free version would work)

I don't know if I'll participate in the next one, but I'll probably have to do something less ambitious if I do.

By the way, am I mistaken in thinking we'd be rating submissions? I don't seem to be able to do so.

Nice work. Am I missing something or are there no statues for mind II to take effect on?

I've just uploaded my game. It was hardly "finishing touches" as it was "do anything to try and get the plot in", but then I can continue after the jam is over anyway. I'm looking quite forward to the other entries.

Tdelrosa: Memory game as in the card-matching game or something else?

Today player attacks have been finished, save for animation and some wrong graphics offsets. I now have a title screen (mostly because it features the important plot item) that should also be able to serve as a between-level screen. A tileset also  got started. I suspect I might be slightly more ambitious than I can actually make.

Might post some screens later of what things currently look like, but it's a bit past midnight now so I'm going to bed.

I was wondering what everyone else has been up to, so please share! What direction are you going? What have you done so far?

In my case, I'm making a platformer leaning somewhat towards Castlevania. In it you'll control one of two dragons. I'm not going to go into the plot, as that involves how I interpreted the prompt image.

Having coded (and sprited at least adequately) the player yesterday, I've created the first enemy today, as well as player select (graphics only) and part of player attacks. The rest of what I've done so far is half-finished and/or half-functional, so it doesn't amount to a whole lot yet. I don't have an accurate idea of what I can do in a day, so I'm making a guiding to-do list each day. Today I've gotten maybe half of the list done, so I'm probably overestimating myself. Tomorrow is going to involve making a bunch of graphics.

Very nice game. Probably one of the nicer things I've found on

You really should compress your audio. You can drastically reduce the size of the game that way. The ambience file (by far the largest) dropped to about 22 MB when I compressed to .ogg. I'd suggest compressing the other larger files as well.

I also noticed that the light used underground tends to slow the game down quite a bit, including when the lantern is in use. I also noticed most of the sound cutting out several times, but I suspect you already know about that.