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Seems like a pretty neat thing. I haven't looked yet at how you did this, but I have found something of an issue: the ' key (the one to the right of ;) expects English keyboard layout and doesn't respond to international keyboard, which is what I usually use.

I suspect you'll keep running into issues like that, whatever is causing this one, but it might be a good idea to keep it in mind for what you'll next use this for. :3

Hope you can put the input thing to good use.

Thanks for the feedback!

And totally--a major limitation in this prototype is that it's tightly coupled to the US-en QWERTY layout. For the future, I'm curious: were you pressing the key on your keyboard marked with the ' character on it, or pressing the key to the right of the ; key? If the second, does your ' key work to trigger the key in-game?

Thanks again!