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Nicely done! Gameplay, visuals, and audio all come together well for the retro style! And… it’s fun!

Ah, you know, I think I wasn’t remembering how to get the effect of chips and dings; rewatched some of the videos and got it now. Thanks!

Loving this so far! As a pixel artist, it’s been a fun way to build some 3D skills! One bug and one question:

The bug: On Windows, when I undo with Ctrl+Z, the selected color changes to whatever the first color in the palette is.

The question: Did you remove the shapes for chipped-up metal? I can’t seem to find them now. Going to try a fresh install.


If you want a hint: think about what the character is dreaming about and where that might be found.

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed exploring the game so thoroughly!

As for the hint, I’ll copy someone else’s trick I saw. Put the text below into the box on this page:

Gur fanpx vf cvr--V bayl zragvba vg orpnhfr vg urycf pbagrkghnyvmr gur bgure bowrpg va gur gjb qernz ohooyrf: zvyx. Ohg, lbh cebonoyl xabj gurer'f ab zvyx **va** gur ubhfr. ;)

Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Haha, sure thing. Was fun!

Fantastic! Lots of fun, and faithful to the retro style.

Good concept and a nice use of a monochome palette. Game crashes when you get to the end?

Moving to next room after the last room.

Kind of fits with the health indicator, haha.

I like the idea here. I couldn’t figure out if there were different levels of rest you could get, but it was cozy either way.

Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks! I’m glad you liked it.

I don’t know why, but that’s just how the little dude sounded in my head when I recorded it.

Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it.


Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Congrats on pie! And thanks!

Thank you!

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Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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No worries! It's easy to miss since it's not noted in game (until it happens, anyway).

Very fun to play! I definitely dashed across like 16 lanes of traffic to break the hundred.

Nice work!

This is a nice combo of two classic archetypes! Great all around, but one of the little things that really stood out was the dissipation on the laser--makes the weapon seem very weighty and powerful.

Thanks! I'm glad you had fun!

Thanks for the feedback! As for control, I went for the original feel of Asteroid, which definitely let you go into the seemingly endless space sprawl with the physics it employed. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Cheers!

Thanks! As Jordan noted, running out of fuel gives you a game over.

The idea of a snail throwing it's shell is pretty cool! And I definitely had fun bouncing off the walls. Was there a specific game you were twisting here?

You definitely encapsulated the DOS-what-am-I-doing experience! I had fun poking around and never quite understanding what THE EVENT was. Nice job!

I had fun setting up screen wrap kills. If you can figure out a threat for the ship to pose, like working shooting into the AI I think this could be really good! Nice job!

Nice job! This was very fun to play, and definitely worth expanding on! The mouse controls were the only thing I felt like I struggled with that wasn't the ridiculous number of ghosts chasing me.

I think this would be pretty fun if you finish the fail state/gameplay loop. I also didn't find the rebuild mechanic until I let them wreck the castle. Good potential here since you can probably get depth from manipulating the BOIDS thing.

Thanks! I might still dust this one off again someday. I think a Punch-Out!! kind of poker or blackjack game would be a fun twist.

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I ended up taking a look at some of the older runtimes, but I couldn't even get the game to compile with them anymore. Claims a "permissions" error which per a search of the internet has more to do with licensing than anything else. My guess is that they're basically blocked in the newer IDE versions for incompatibility or blocked altogether to prevent piracy of olds version. 

And yeah, CC has a weird legacy being "the game you use to get Deltarune to run on Linux." I don't mind; I hope folks try CC and maybe even enjoy it, though. 

Thanks for all the info, and good luck getting more stuff running on your machine! Drop a line if you get any of my games going on it!

Bad news, I'm afraid. Looks like GameMaker Studio 2 now only puts out 64-bit executables on Linux. Based on what info I found, it's been that way for a while, i.e. I can't find a runtime in my Preferences that is older than the change from 32 to 64. 

If you have any other info to help, I'll keep looking into it, but I don't know off-hand what next to try.

I was kinda pumped to know if it would work on the Clockwork, too. Sorry, bud.

Hey, thanks for reaching out. Sorry you ran into trouble with my game!

I must've made the VM I compiled on with a 64-bit OS. I'll see about a 32-bit VM build this weekend and try to get a patch up for it. I'm going to want to do this for my other games anyway.

I'll reply again here when I've uploaded it--or died trying.


Alright; that'll do fine for now. Thanks for the reply--loving the tool so far!

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In setting up live rooms, I found that the built-in `room` variable points (accurately) at `rmBlank`, which is my configured blank room. That makes total sense, given the implementation, but is there any way I can distinguish the "real" room? Even the name is fine.

I figured I'd ask before I made a system to track it myself. Probably would just set a global in the room creation code or something. 

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Got a softlock in Inventor-6. Fighting the Alchemist, who went bear. She rolled three fours: used one on the open maul, then unshocked the other maul, then got stuck here. Bear continues to animate in her idle pose.

Workaround is currently to close the game and rejoin the episode, which starts right before the fight.

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Hi all, I'm Joe, and I've just published a prototype for a game that I'm excited about, but I want your feedback on. It's called The Second Age of EverWound, and you can find it at the link above. It's a downloadable game for Windows, Mac, and Linux, where you use the environment itself to orient yourself and navigate the world. 

As noted on the project page, basically the prototype is a small segment of what I have planned for the final game. I'm mostly concerned whether the whole navigation thing lands as a fun and engaging mechanic, but will be glad to hear any other thoughts on the game.

Thanks in advance!

Cool! That's another way I could take it I guess--provide more info to the player about how the forces are working.