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Post Mortem

A topic by tdelarosa723 created Sep 08, 2017 Views: 110 Replies: 9
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Hey everyone, come check these submissions out. Feel free to give these guys some feedback. Thanks for developing see you guys in Round 2 which starts on Monday I believe.


There wasn't any sound in my game for this jam besides ....the secret at the end shhhh... So  next time around I would probably focus on music and sounds sooner. It wasn't until the last two days that graphics were implemented. Before that it was all cubes. I was so focused on getting the right mechanic. Even half way into it I had changed the game almost entirely.

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I'm also overly focused on gameplay, and that's why my game does not  have sounds.


What's  Round 2?


We will try to have an Optical Jam just about every week. So the second Optical Jam will start on Monday with a new random image prompt


Sound isn't my strong point either. I might be taking longer than should be necessary while making graphics. Although I had few commitments during the jam I also had a considerable drop in productivity toward the end (made up for considerably on the last day.) I've kept a devlog of sorts in the source project (which I've uploaded today on the game page) but you'd need Game Maker Studio 2 to view that (I think the free version would work)

I don't know if I'll participate in the next one, but I'll probably have to do something less ambitious if I do.

By the way, am I mistaken in thinking we'd be rating submissions? I don't seem to be able to do so.


Its great to have a log or some sort of list to help you stay on task. What I love about these week challenges, is that it helps you visualize the finished project in your head and develops your workflow. And in your case they will also help you work with the overall scope of your game.

Optical Jam  will be like a weekly exercise that will help you improve as a developer.  I would highly recommend any game designer doing more jams like these.

And as far as the rating systems go, it has been removed this time but will possibly be brought back based on how many people are participating. 


Optical Jam #2 page is up for anyone wanting to take a peek at the image a little early

How do you choose the images?


The images were actually created by randomly making dots and squiggles in MSPaint. I connect them, I add a few minor details when I see some interesting shapes, then trace over it in Photoshop. They all start as mindless doodles until I say "hmmm well this looks like an hourglass, or a fish, etc." In the future, the process will most likely change such as an Image Generator online or have a collective group of people submit ideas. Until then its just random Paint scribbles :)