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Welcome to the very first Optical Jam! Use the image below as your theme. Every week or so Optical Jam will be hosting a game jam that will challenge you and make you all stronger developers. Your games will be buggy, your games will be unfinished, your games will not be perfect and THAT'S OK! The goal is to see improvement in your work. So lets get those portfolios growing!

Once you submit your game, see what the others are doing and feel free to vote. We will be looking at 3 things in your projects.

  • Fun (is it fun? how long could i play this? is it addicting?)
  •  Feel (how does it feel? is it smooth, easy to  handle or is it laggy and glitched?)
  •  Look (how does it look? is it artistically interesting?)
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Stop a spirit before time runs out
Optical is a short first person platformer.