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So how (and what) is everyone doing?

A topic by BatElite created Sep 02, 2017 Views: 89 Replies: 3
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I was wondering what everyone else has been up to, so please share! What direction are you going? What have you done so far?

In my case, I'm making a platformer leaning somewhat towards Castlevania. In it you'll control one of two dragons. I'm not going to go into the plot, as that involves how I interpreted the prompt image.

Having coded (and sprited at least adequately) the player yesterday, I've created the first enemy today, as well as player select (graphics only) and part of player attacks. The rest of what I've done so far is half-finished and/or half-functional, so it doesn't amount to a whole lot yet. I don't have an accurate idea of what I can do in a day, so I'm making a guiding to-do list each day. Today I've gotten maybe half of the list done, so I'm probably overestimating myself. Tomorrow is going to involve making a bunch of graphics.


Very awesome BatElite! Sounds like you've got a great game going. So I have been meaning to put up an 'Update Thread' for you guys to show off any progress you want to show. This thread will suffice. Feel free to share what you are doing if you'd like. Its always good to get some feedback from other eyes during development. 


My game will be a memory game of some sort. My character is the Sandman trying to keep an hourglass from stopping by collecting ghosts that scatter around the arena.


Tdelrosa: Memory game as in the card-matching game or something else?

Today player attacks have been finished, save for animation and some wrong graphics offsets. I now have a title screen (mostly because it features the important plot item) that should also be able to serve as a between-level screen. A tileset also  got started. I suspect I might be slightly more ambitious than I can actually make.

Might post some screens later of what things currently look like, but it's a bit past midnight now so I'm going to bed.