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Could we get a windows download? Love the game!!

Thank you!!!

Hey there, guys! Just as the title says, I'm trying to remove the title screen of the game I'm working on. Removing the title part of the code doesn't seem to do the trick, because the text box then shows the current version of Bitsy. Any tips on what to do? Thanks in advance!


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A parody of red dead redemption inspired by the meme, this will be the definitive bitsy cowboy experience full of quirky encounters, lots of cacti, and goats. 

I might make an instagram for the game, where people could vote on some features. 

Current features:

  a stealth section in a cave full of 'ghosts' 

the of goat-thieving bandits

a time-travelling, crazed scientist,

and much, MUCH more!!

What do you guys think? Should I keep posting updates about development?

Hi! If you'd like to partner up hit me up on discord! I'd be more than glad to make a game with you! Bambuloid#2937

Already done, the game files are in a separate zip as the picture, but I certainly hope you can add the two numbers together. Sorry for forgeting to put that there!

The game was made in bitsy so I didn't have too much to work with. Thabks for trying it out! 

I'm working on a game with the bitsy editor, and I center the theme around the theme of this gamejam:
Can I submit the game to this jam too if I submit it to the bitsy game jam?

I recommend playing the first four game before this, since this is the final chapter of the series

I'm glad that you like it!

if you want to get REALLY artistic about the theme, the view switching in the game may be the side effect of my poor game design experience

This is honestly amazing. I really like the art in this.

Hi! I'm in need of a composer right now, do you have Discord or something where we could discuss the... stuff... 

Anyways, hope You'll be available!

appreciate that you liked the game! I was planning to do another 20 something levels, but level design is a pain to do so I don't know when I will do it

specify full release

might do it though, this game is fairly popular

I'm glad!

thank you! 

I'm already planning on implementing it. had no luck so far


the challenge given was the made up language one, the other weren't mandatory

Might add one, wanted to add a few more maps also

Yes, I know about that, but this was the best color I could make

Hello there! I'm currently working on remaking my games in a series to one big game and I waanted to ask if you'd be interested in helping with the SFX

If you're interested, my discord is Bambuloid#2937

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Thank you for playing!!! 

thank you! 

Fixed it

Glad you enjoyed!!

will do

thank you! 

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We've only thought of one aspect ratio when making the game, cause we didn't think that someone would play on an ultrawide setting, and because of the time constraints. We wanted to do a few more stuff and tweak some, but We've started making the game 3,4,5 days into the jam, sadly, though I'm glad you enjoyed the little bit that you played! 

Thank you for playing our game! 

I'm glad you enjoyed it

This was a really fun shooter. I liked that you can go sneakybeaky like and guns blazing.

Also liked the yellow jumpsuit. Wonder if it's from some movie or something

This is an absolutely wonderful game. I loved the soundtrack, the sprites (though the tall man scared the hell out of me at one moment), everything. Once I understood what was going on, I felt cold in my limbs. You really nailed it with the story.

10/10 guys, you really nailed this one!

Thank you!!

This is honestly amazing.. The story, the characters, the theming, everything.

I really enjoyed the story and played througgh both endings. It was really well done

This is honestly amazing.. The story, the characters, the theming, everything.

I really enjoyed the story and played througgh both endings. It was really well done

This game's concept is Amazing. I really like the idea that the troll and the player go into the player's book.

The graphics were really homely and the story was short, but interesting.

It's really a shame that you couldn't continue it, but if you ever decide to finish it, I'll make sure to try it out!

If someone showed me this game out of the blue, no context, I would've thought that this game wasn't even made for a game jam! It was so good, the characters were loveable, the audio was great, and everything just felt really cute!

I really have thought that this game would be like Coffee Talk, but this is so much different. I loved it!

10/10 guys, amazing work!

It was short, but sweet. I really liked that the graphics look fabric-ish. It really is a shame that you couldn't have finished it, due to time constraints, but if you ever will continue it, I'll make sure to try it out.

Also the pizza at the end looked delicious

Really like the take on a concept that hits home for a lot of people! Loved the artstyle, text and the endings as well