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I saw the recent video, about the status of development on november 2023, and I love your work, please continue, thanks very much!

When I inspect the seat in the truck the game crashes

It's like Project Firestart but great work anyway! 

With the Z key, you can read that in the manual. Btw, thanks for your donation! 

Cool, thanks a lot for playing and reviewing it!

After countless (literally!) tries I finally get S for all the difficulties!! Yeeaah :D

What did I win? :D

Man, thanks a lot for your review, it was so funny :D You are right, I could have added something like 2 or 3 seconds invincibility when entering the maze to avoid the instant kill from the demon, but I wanted to replicate somehow the gameplay from the old-school computer games from C64 or Atari, when it was so easy to get killed. Guess I had to think about the people who actually never played games from those computers, and make it a little easier, to avoid the frustration :D

Now, some facts about the monster design:
Actually its AI is pretty dumb, in fact you could notice that it never enters a side-way tunnel, instead it picks random directions only when it bumps in the corners. At the beginning I wanted to fixed that, make it a little more intelligent, instead I create an one-eye monster and justify it with "It can't see well" and save me some time with development :P

Thanks a lot! :D

Cool!! Thanks a lot for your comment :D

Very fun game, well done! :)

It's very fun, I just got to the dragon and... it is hard but I will do it! :)

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I bought the game just a moment ago and it works flawless with Wine under Ubuntu 16.04 (64-bit), just to say :)

Thank you so much! 

I'd like to play it but I have Ubuntu, does it work with Wine? Or are you planning to develop a Linux version perhaps?

Thanks for trying it out and for the comment :) 

Actually the game is missing the other half, the map part, where you have to travel over the city, locate the next android and descend. Oh, and obviously a score system, and other bits. 

I'm working on it, tho I have very little free time due to my day job, but eventually I will complete it :)

Hi everyone,
I'm developing a remake of the c64 version of the game "Blade Runner", using the Godot Engine and the same, very palette of our beloved little machine.

The game, which is obviously based on the film with Harrison Ford (not on the score by Genesis, eh! ;) )  is basically a runner game where you have to chase and kill the fugitive androids. I always loved the game for its atmosphere and the music, and I hated it very much for the repetitiveness and for the graphics, which was garbage for the c64 standards, so after have searched long and far for a remake and found nothing, I decided to do it myself.

At the moment of the writing I have the chase scene fully working, with the graphics redone and sounds (the music is still missing) and I am drawing the map where you will search for the androids. 

Here are the gifs:


I hope you like it, please leave a comment/criticize in my page and feel free to visit me on twitter

Thanks for your time, have fun! :)

Hi everybody,

I'm developing in my free time a remake of the C64 game "Blade Runner", essentially a runner game where you have to chase and gun down fugitive androids. At the moment the game consists of only the chase scene, I will add the map scene very soon, like in the original game, and much more.

Please feel free to try the game and drop me a comment/criticism, will be much appreciate :)

Thanks for your time, see you!

Alright, thanks for the tip :)

Could it be, anyway it disappeared with the 0.20 somehow, so it's okay

Well, I'd like to have the toolbar button, which one is easier for you? Anyway, until then I will use hacker's keyboard, thanks for the replies.

It seems it's gone away... well, all is fine :) Ps: in the android editor, when I have a lot of lines of code I can't scroll up nor down, it keeps selecting a block of code if I swipe, can be resolved somehow? Thank you!

Thank you for TIC! See you :)

First of all, the praise, a BIG praise, your TIC-80 is amazing, well done :) The bug(?) happens when I try the demos with the 64 bit linux version (I use Ubuntu Mate 16.04.2 64-bit) of the editor. It acts like the up and left arrows are always pressed, it is very strange because the others carts run just fine. Other than that, thanks for your work, I hope you sincerely the best and long live TIC-80!

Hello everybody,

I was trying to use superpowers under windows vista and an error comes up.

"The procedure entry point Shell_NotifyIconGetRect could not be located in the dynamic link library SHELL32.dll"

I am using the 64 bit version, but the same happens with 32 bit version as well. Any tips about how to solve this problem?

Thanks, happy coding!