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It seems it's gone away... well, all is fine :) Ps: in the android editor, when I have a lot of lines of code I can't scroll up nor down, it keeps selecting a block of code if I swipe, can be resolved somehow? Thank you!

Tic does not support touch scrolling, you have to use the arrows with your keyboard to move around. I recommend using hacker's keyboard.

So, I closed the issue then.

As for scrolling on Android I'm thinking how to do it better, I can scroll the code editor on touch events and select only with mouse cursor events, or I can add toolbar button to switch mode scroll/select on mobile devices...

Well, I'd like to have the toolbar button, which one is easier for you? Anyway, until then I will use hacker's keyboard, thanks for the replies.

One reason keys may be permanently pressed may be if you're holding them down when you unfocus the window, that is sometimes an issue on some platforms.

Could it be, anyway it disappeared with the 0.20 somehow, so it's okay