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HuntDroid - A remake of the C64 version of Blade Runner

A topic by badchosenname created Jun 18, 2017 Views: 230
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Hi everyone,
I'm developing a remake of the c64 version of the game "Blade Runner", using the Godot Engine and the same, very palette of our beloved little machine.

The game, which is obviously based on the film with Harrison Ford (not on the score by Genesis, eh! ;) )  is basically a runner game where you have to chase and kill the fugitive androids. I always loved the game for its atmosphere and the music, and I hated it very much for the repetitiveness and for the graphics, which was garbage for the c64 standards, so after have searched long and far for a remake and found nothing, I decided to do it myself.

At the moment of the writing I have the chase scene fully working, with the graphics redone and sounds (the music is still missing) and I am drawing the map where you will search for the androids. 

Here are the gifs:


I hope you like it, please leave a comment/criticize in my page and feel free to visit me on twitter

Thanks for your time, have fun! :)