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Simple puzzle game with a strong theme. The part with the holes was a bit tedious but I pushed through it. The narrative is comedic and well written. I like how the music changed as the night progressed. Solid project overall.

Solid game with a simple yet effective premise. Some issues i noted:

- Red enemies cannot track the player if you are elevated from the ground when you spawn. You need to touch the ground again before they move.

- Green enemies can get stuck in walls.

- The audio for shooting and shots landing can get very loud, especially when multiple enemies are shooting.

- Enemies can spawn near the player and track you aggressively which leaves little room for you to escape.

- It is not obvious to the player what each dice roll means or what the outcome is other than seeing your hp go up or the ammo increase.

- It is not obvious how much health the player has as the bar is hard to see when increasing or decreasing in small increments. There is also no number present to show the exact amount of health the player has.

- Sections of combat where only green enemies are present are not fun as there is little to no challenge.

- I did not see any way to quit the game at the start screen other than alt + F4

- The play time counter should be rounded to remove extra decimal places. 10ths and 100ths are useful but after that it loses practicality for the player.

I agree that levels take quite a while with the current amount of soldiers. If there are future updates, the amount of enemies, their composition, and possibly the player unit cap would be changed drastically.

Thanks for the review!

Oh wow. Didn't know about the clones, good catch. I agree about the opponents turn being too long and this is something we were aware of before release. If we had more time it would have been made much shorter or more interesting. Thanks for playing!

Thanks. We tried to do a twist on the traditional combat of turn-based strategy games. Hopefully that comes across.

Thanks and sorry to hear that you had a crash. I do know of a bug with the battle system that could cause a problem like that but we ran out of time to fix the issue.

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No ending so far. Just wanted to figure out the base mechanics before going forward. Want to have infinite expansion in future versions. Possibly even an AI competitor that you have to beat. Glad you enjoyed it!

Overall not bad. The physics on the boxes could be tweaked a bit. Seems like it would be really easy to get a box stuck somewhere you cant get to it. Also difficult to move them past any sort of height changes in the ground.

I have a good amount of ideas to make the environment more interesting and hope to put them in at some point. Thanks for the feedback.

I definitely wanted to add more things to look at but ran out of time. In the future I'll probably do an update the increase the complexity.

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Its 9 different terrain tiles combined together. You can get to the end but there may not be enough time to walk that far.

The original idea was to have the 9 tiles follow you as you move, placing the ones behind you in front so that you would never run out of space. Didn't have time to put it in though.

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Yeah. It's a bit rushed. You can pick up the hourglass with E. I was going to add a prompt but already made the build and uploaded.

I'll probably update the build after ratings are done so there are more sites to draw you into the environment.

Thanks for making a video! Interesting to see how people played through the game.

Thanks! I understand that the objectives might not be immediately clear. I believe in the current build there is no initial delay before washers turn on. (something I forgot to change while testing)

I may put out a future update that adds a delay, allowing the machines turning on to act as a hint for the player to investigate. I don't want to add explicit instructions as I believe the game plays more interestingly without them.

Really quick game but done well! Where did you get the music tracks from? They work perfectly in this game, especially for the title intro.

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My favorite so far. Really like the music and effects. Some issues though:

- It can be hard to see balls as they are rather dark. Maybe just a little brighter OR you could make the player ball glow brighter so that you can see nearby balls better.

- You can hit the same ball more than once after it has been lit.

- Some balls would light up multiple balls even though I didn't touch the other ones.

- Movement can be a little difficult, especially when moving vertically.

- There is no score provided at the end.

The controls hurt my brain.

Thanks for the unfiltered opinion. The pixelated style was something I struggled with over development and even now I am not entirely sure how much I enjoy it. I am also aware that it can take away from the gameplay and make things hard to read. I spent a good amount of time trying to make things readable while still maintaining the look. Some things, like the billboard, were never going to be readable with this style though. A large reason for this style was my lack of confidence in making an appealing 3D environment. I believe that the pixelation helps to hide some of the greater imperfections in appearance, though I could be wrong.

In the future, I may go back over the post-effects and pixelation level to improve the look.

Either way, glad you enjoyed some aspects of the game. The atmosphere was what I really wanted to get right.

I recently uploaded a small prototype driving game that showcases a driving setup I plan to use for a future RPG driving game. The game has gotten a good amount of plays and views but not any feedback so far.

I plan to make improvements to this prototype over time to get a solid driving system in place.

Feedback is instrumental to this being polished and fun so if you have any interest in helping out, please take a look and leave some impressions for me. Thanks!

You can find the game through the link above or right here:

Thanks for playing. 'Preciate ya.

Really short which is understandable. Music and areas look good though some props feel random or out of place. Writing is serviceable and would probably come off better if I had more time with the characters. I did see some typos but only 1 or 2 which is no problem at all.

Overall good for a small project like this!

The "real release" of Night Watch (V1.1) is now out and playable! After having kerfuffled the initial release by keeping the game as un-listed I went ahead and made a sizable update to hopefully promote the game further. Now with a browser version playable, I hope you will give Night Watch a try and give some feedback.

Night Watch is a short atmospheric horror game with a focus on sound design and environments. You play as a laundromat associate who's job is to watch over the building during the night. Your boss let you know that the building has some power issues: too much happening at once will cut off the power and leave you in the dark. In order for you to ensure you don't spend all night in pitch black, you need to make sure that those laundry machines don't go turning themselves on all at once... not that they would, right?

Lets hope that there aren't any escaped murder machines wandering around at night, eh?

You can play Night Watch here:

And see the trailer for the games release here:

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!

Posted the game a few days ago. Take a look here:

Thanks again for the assets.

A short atmospheric horror game based in a remote laundromat. You are an associate whose job is to ensure the security of the building overnight. So long as you keep the power running everything will be fine... probably.

You can play Night Watch for free on windows devices, here:

The events of Night Watch take place within the same universe as "In The Dark", another game available here.

Good music and art. Sounds could be played with so they aren't so repetitive.(footsteps) Overall great stuff!

Saw you post about these props in r/gameassets. Looks great. I'll be using them for a small horror game I'm working on. Thanks for your work and I'll be sure to update this comment when I release the game.

Not entirely sure if anything is supposed to happen? Waited for a few minutes and nothing. Gives me a creepy vibe and I like the music.

Really cool concept well executed. Was waiting for the step that added some sound effects. Also, The camera zoom should have been left out of the final build, lol.

Really tried to beat this game but it's honestly very hard. I did it about 10 times but each time I only got about 3 or 4 items and then the monster saw me. Because of how fast the monster moves, unless you are already close to a stump its game over.

I really like the style, the transitioning track, and the art work. Really well put together game that just needs a slight balance tweak.

Got to level 5 and died to the golden skeleton looking boss. Plays well enough but could be improved.

- Feedback for taking hits is minimal and more visuals to show hits might help.

- Weapon variety is good but the performance and utility of each one varies wildly.

- The saw blade launcher gun plays the same sound every time it is fired. Some variation in the volume and pitch of the sound would make it less annoying.

- The lightning gun has a large delay between shots which also applies to other guns if you switch to them after firing it.

- The shotgun has a range that is so small that it is impractical to use in almost any situation.

- The lack of feedback on how much damage i am dealing to tougher enemies makes it difficult for me to understand which weapons are more effective.

- Many of the sprites could use animation as they don't look very good as static objects

Overall I think this game is solid and it plays as intended. The different static obstacles and attack types between stages/levels force you to change your play style. Each new weapon gives you more ways to fight and have a unique purpose. Good stuff EduYukio!

Don't notice much of a difference. Still a cool idea but the dots that you are supposed to go over are really difficult to see in most of the images. I spend most of the time just moving my mouse around trying to find them and then getting sent back to the last one.

I also noticed that there might be a bug that allows you to finish the same one 2 times before going forward.

My 2D procedural generation infinite platforming game just got its store page on Steam! In preparation for release I have a new release trailer video and I updated the games store page to provide more details on gameplay. If you are interested at all, please consider wishlisting it on steam, playing the demo, or buying it when it releases.

What is Rise 2.0?

Launch your way to higher and higher scores in this procedurally generated platformer. With calming music at your side, flow past your obstacles and reap the rewards of your rise to the top. Earn unlocks for customization and get achievements that chronicle your ascent. Using physics based movement you can bounce off walls, slide, stick to surfaces, and perform mid-air moves. Use your freedom of movement to dodge dangerous obstacles that can instantly end your run. Make the most of your space with multiple generated paths. Each path has periodic openings that allow you to switch between them, allowing for you to avoid obstacles, get items, or take easier routes.

Rise 2.0 releases on March 17th 2021 on, Steam, and Game Jolt for $1 USD.

Play Rise 2.0 on

Play Rise 2.0 on Game Jolt

Play Rise 2.0 on Steam

Really good game! Once you understand the abilities of each character, the puzzles just click together. The art style and music work really well together and seeing these big land masses moving around is really cool. After I got to the ending I still wanted to keep playing. I could see this being a really good full-length game similar to something like Journey.

The main issues I had were:

- The characters have difficulty jumping when near edges of things.

- If you try to move a land mass while the yellow/blue bridge is in use, it will become invisible and the characters cant move.

- The music became a bit repetitive after a while.

- The camera jumps badly when changing elevation. Some smoothing would have helped a lot.

Yeah, sorry about the performance. Because I was using HDRP with Unity the performance overall took a big hit and I didn't have time to work on improving it. Most likely I would have to recreate the game on the standard pipeline or LWRP to fix it and I'm not sure it's worth doing.

Haven't played the other parts so I'm missing some details of the story. I still enjoyed it though and think that this idea has the potential to be a really good game. Once I found the chill/relax radio station I really started vibing with the driving. Maybe some rain would have made it even more relaxing.

The concept and core gameplay is there but it's definitely rough around the edges.

- A lot of the sprites are not scaled correctly and look low quality because of it. It could just be the style you were aiming for though.

- The boss battle felt bugged to me. At one point the boss was floating in the air and as long as I stayed at the edge of the arena they couldn't hit me.

- I liked most of the sound choices for effects and music.

- The guns having an effect for hitting walls looked nice.

- There isn't much of a goal presented to the player other than to beat the level. Some sort of written goal may help to provide structure.

Hope my feedback helps. I would provide more but it seems that the game is very early on.

Very nice game! I really liked the graphics, mechanics, and the way you matched to the theme. Some good and bad that I want to highlight:

- Having the sentries be the final boss after seeing them shooting at you from afar was really cool to me.

- Being able to pick people up and then also getting weapon upgrades felt really good. I wish you could get more people though. Or maybe that the people that ran off would still help in some way.

- Not being able to destroy barbed wire, even with a ton of fire power doesn't make much sense to me.

- I don't think the intro/tutorial should happen more than once. It's a bit long and annoying if you are trying to restart after a loss.

The way that this has been exported is not correct. It looks like you changed around files and edited the names of folders. Just take what Unity builds for you and put it in a zip file. There is no need to edit any files or folders.