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Thanks for playing. 'Preciate ya.

Really short which is understandable. Music and areas look good though some props feel random or out of place. Writing is serviceable and would probably come off better if I had more time with the characters. I did see some typos but only 1 or 2 which is no problem at all.

Overall good for a small project like this!

The "real release" of Night Watch (V1.1) is now out and playable! After having kerfuffled the initial release by keeping the game as un-listed I went ahead and made a sizable update to hopefully promote the game further. Now with a browser version playable, I hope you will give Night Watch a try and give some feedback.

Night Watch is a short atmospheric horror game with a focus on sound design and environments. You play as a laundromat associate who's job is to watch over the building during the night. Your boss let you know that the building has some power issues: too much happening at once will cut off the power and leave you in the dark. In order for you to ensure you don't spend all night in pitch black, you need to make sure that those laundry machines don't go turning themselves on all at once... not that they would, right?

Lets hope that there aren't any escaped murder machines wandering around at night, eh?

You can play Night Watch here:

And see the trailer for the games release here:

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!

Posted the game a few days ago. Take a look here:

Thanks again for the assets.

A short atmospheric horror game based in a remote laundromat. You are an associate whose job is to ensure the security of the building overnight. So long as you keep the power running everything will be fine... probably.

You can play Night Watch for free on windows devices, here:

The events of Night Watch take place within the same universe as "In The Dark", another game available here.

Good music and art. Sounds could be played with so they aren't so repetitive.(footsteps) Overall great stuff!

Saw you post about these props in r/gameassets. Looks great. I'll be using them for a small horror game I'm working on. Thanks for your work and I'll be sure to update this comment when I release the game.

Not entirely sure if anything is supposed to happen? Waited for a few minutes and nothing. Gives me a creepy vibe and I like the music.

Really cool concept well executed. Was waiting for the step that added some sound effects. Also, The camera zoom should have been left out of the final build, lol.

Short game with a good premise. Gameplay is a bit meh but I can see potential in the story.

- The idea of weapons only being used to kill one enemy doesn't feel fun

- Having to get food to use checkpoints feels like a checklist

- I was able to use some checkpoints without having any food or activating them

- Enemies can land directly on your head and kill you without you being able to attack them

- Enemies can sit on top of checkpoints and damage you when you respawn

- The animation and attack range of the staff weapon do not match up and the range seems too short

- I was able to exit the play space by using the climbing daggers on the top of the level. I hit an invisible wall

- The walls of the level are high enough in some places that I think I can walk through them but I cannot

- The tutorial/story text sticks around even after it becomes irrelevant

- The enemies do not have animations for when they attack and can deal damage multiple times very quickly

- I like the music and environment

- Climbing works well, almost too well. it's easy to attach to walls even when you don't want to

If this project is ever expanded on I would like to see a more developed story as the world is the strongest part of the game for me.

Really tried to beat this game but it's honestly very hard. I did it about 10 times but each time I only got about 3 or 4 items and then the monster saw me. Because of how fast the monster moves, unless you are already close to a stump its game over.

I really like the style, the transitioning track, and the art work. Really well put together game that just needs a slight balance tweak.

Got to level 5 and died to the golden skeleton looking boss. Plays well enough but could be improved.

- Feedback for taking hits is minimal and more visuals to show hits might help.

- Weapon variety is good but the performance and utility of each one varies wildly.

- The saw blade launcher gun plays the same sound every time it is fired. Some variation in the volume and pitch of the sound would make it less annoying.

- The lightning gun has a large delay between shots which also applies to other guns if you switch to them after firing it.

- The shotgun has a range that is so small that it is impractical to use in almost any situation.

- The lack of feedback on how much damage i am dealing to tougher enemies makes it difficult for me to understand which weapons are more effective.

- Many of the sprites could use animation as they don't look very good as static objects

Overall I think this game is solid and it plays as intended. The different static obstacles and attack types between stages/levels force you to change your play style. Each new weapon gives you more ways to fight and have a unique purpose. Good stuff EduYukio!

Don't notice much of a difference. Still a cool idea but the dots that you are supposed to go over are really difficult to see in most of the images. I spend most of the time just moving my mouse around trying to find them and then getting sent back to the last one.

I also noticed that there might be a bug that allows you to finish the same one 2 times before going forward.

My 2D procedural generation infinite platforming game just got its store page on Steam! In preparation for release I have a new release trailer video and I updated the games store page to provide more details on gameplay. If you are interested at all, please consider wishlisting it on steam, playing the demo, or buying it when it releases.

What is Rise 2.0?

Launch your way to higher and higher scores in this procedurally generated platformer. With calming music at your side, flow past your obstacles and reap the rewards of your rise to the top. Earn unlocks for customization and get achievements that chronicle your ascent. Using physics based movement you can bounce off walls, slide, stick to surfaces, and perform mid-air moves. Use your freedom of movement to dodge dangerous obstacles that can instantly end your run. Make the most of your space with multiple generated paths. Each path has periodic openings that allow you to switch between them, allowing for you to avoid obstacles, get items, or take easier routes.

Rise 2.0 releases on March 17th 2021 on, Steam, and Game Jolt for $1 USD.

Play Rise 2.0 on

Play Rise 2.0 on Game Jolt

Play Rise 2.0 on Steam

Really good game! Once you understand the abilities of each character, the puzzles just click together. The art style and music work really well together and seeing these big land masses moving around is really cool. After I got to the ending I still wanted to keep playing. I could see this being a really good full-length game similar to something like Journey.

The main issues I had were:

- The characters have difficulty jumping when near edges of things.

- If you try to move a land mass while the yellow/blue bridge is in use, it will become invisible and the characters cant move.

- The music became a bit repetitive after a while.

- The camera jumps badly when changing elevation. Some smoothing would have helped a lot.

Yeah, sorry about the performance. Because I was using HDRP with Unity the performance overall took a big hit and I didn't have time to work on improving it. Most likely I would have to recreate the game on the standard pipeline or LWRP to fix it and I'm not sure it's worth doing.

Haven't played the other parts so I'm missing some details of the story. I still enjoyed it though and think that this idea has the potential to be a really good game. Once I found the chill/relax radio station I really started vibing with the driving. Maybe some rain would have made it even more relaxing.

The concept and core gameplay is there but it's definitely rough around the edges.

- A lot of the sprites are not scaled correctly and look low quality because of it. It could just be the style you were aiming for though.

- The boss battle felt bugged to me. At one point the boss was floating in the air and as long as I stayed at the edge of the arena they couldn't hit me.

- I liked most of the sound choices for effects and music.

- The guns having an effect for hitting walls looked nice.

- There isn't much of a goal presented to the player other than to beat the level. Some sort of written goal may help to provide structure.

Hope my feedback helps. I would provide more but it seems that the game is very early on.

Very nice game! I really liked the graphics, mechanics, and the way you matched to the theme. Some good and bad that I want to highlight:

- Having the sentries be the final boss after seeing them shooting at you from afar was really cool to me.

- Being able to pick people up and then also getting weapon upgrades felt really good. I wish you could get more people though. Or maybe that the people that ran off would still help in some way.

- Not being able to destroy barbed wire, even with a ton of fire power doesn't make much sense to me.

- I don't think the intro/tutorial should happen more than once. It's a bit long and annoying if you are trying to restart after a loss.

The way that this has been exported is not correct. It looks like you changed around files and edited the names of folders. Just take what Unity builds for you and put it in a zip file. There is no need to edit any files or folders.

Solid game but feels a bit lacking in terms of difficulty. Some issues I saw when playing:

- The laser can be used when it is not turned on. If you turn off the laser and then immediately try to use it again, you can deal damage without the laser being visible.

- The time between waves feels very slow at the start. Maybe have the time increase the longer you play to speed up the start?

- There is very little reason to use anything other than the large laser. A cool-down of some sort would probably help to incentivize use of the lighter attack.

Screenshot Gallery:

As a sequel to my simple prototype, Rise, this new game is an attempt to improve ideas that were present while adding new mechanics.

What is rise 2.0?

Rise 2.0 is a platformer with a procedural generation system that allows random and infinite placement of hand made tiles. This means that you can keep going up without ever reaching an end. The only thing trying to stop you is the death wall, a mass of lava/red death stuff that chases you as you go higher.

The main point of Rise has always been it's music and chill atmosphere. A built in music player allows you to listen to all sorts of relaxing/calming music. While the game is about rising and getting high scores, it is also about relaxing while listening to nice music.

Items can assist you in moving faster, turning invulnerable, or multiplying your score. These come in variants, normal and rare, which have weaker or stronger effects. Getting these items can make or break any run so its almost always worth going out of your way for.

The score you get at the end of each run is recorded and used to determine what kind of unlocks you get access to. Unlocks can range from cosmetic changes like the player shape (square, diamond, hexagon), different particle effects, new background styles, or new music tracks to listen to. Achievements are also in the game and some will give new songs on completion.

Is Rise 2.0 ready to play right now?

Yes and no. Currently, I am in the process of publishing the final version of the game on various sites. During this I am trying to gather some final feedback on the game before it is released. In order to do that I have uploaded a demo version of the game onto my page. It is a limited playtime version with restrictions on features but it will allow you to experience the core of the gameplay. Once I have uploaded the release version of the game it will be available for purchase at 1 dollar.

Please, if you are interested in the game, even a little, take a look at the demo. Any feedback that I get before release will help a ton with the quality of the final product.

If you want to read more about my game or see its development process, I have more information on my post about this demo release: Rise 2.0 V1.0 DEMO Now Released.

That's all. Thanks for reading.

Solid game with mechanics that are easy to understand. Does not offer much challenge early on and personally did not hold my interest.

I wouldn't hold that against the game though as this isn't really my genre.

Played for a while but nothing happened. Maybe I didn't wait long enough or this could just be an environmental experience.

A mechanically simple RPG with entertaining story and dialogue. I got to the engineering boss and died but intend to finish the game.

Great sound track and pixel art. Overall a good game that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Some issues that I noticed while playing:

- After combat, enemy names are not stated in the defeated text

- After combat, character and item names have their first letters cut off (range instead of Orange)

- In some areas, there are invisible walls that block walkable spaces

(1 edit)

I had not thought of inverted controls like that. I'll definitely add that onto my list of features to add. Thanks for the feedback!

Edit: This feature has since been added to the game.

Great! Glad I could get it working for you.

(1 edit)

It may have had something to do with the way I created the build inside Unity. I am going to try and re-build the files and upload it.

Edit: I uploaded the new version. Make sure you extract the files from the zip.

I went ahead and uploaded a Linux version of the game for you. I have no way of testing if it will work for you on my end so please let me know if you have any issues.

Had not considered it but I can try and see if it's possible.

Played through the whole thing. Good narrative and combat that go along well with the visuals. Controls on keyboard are a bit weird to use but I was able to make them work.

Most impressive thing for me was the visuals. Really liked the way everything looked., specifically the backgrounds and different particle effects.

The story also has some high points and can be hard hitting. The pacing and presentation keep it interesting until the very end.

It's hard to pin it down to a single factor but I guess I would say that the environment is not scaled correctly. The space given to the area is rather small and I think it might look better if the area was opened up more. Granted, I cannot say too much as the game crashed rather early on me.

Another aspect that may affect it is the use of invisible walls and the obvious end of terrain. An area that highlights this is the small stream and bridge that you see right after leaving the house. When I try to go left, there's an invisible wall a short distance away. To me, this makes the game feel very enclosed and linear. A better way to deal with the problem is to create natural barriers to stop the player rather than artificial ones. (cliffs, oceans, lakes, steep walls, etc...). Doing this may also open up paths that will add more detail/spectacles to your scenes.

Hope this helps.

Not a problem. If you ever need more feedback on anything let me know.

I played for a short while, that being until the game crashed on me. Right after getting the quest called "Glitch In The Matrix" the game froze and closed itself. Despite that I was able to get a basic idea of what you have so far.

  • The environments are basic and do not strike me as looking too great.
  • Character models look a bit strange as if they are more boxy than the world they inhabit.
  • I was given the quest by Sans to kill some wolves but I didn't know how to fight.
  • There's no way that I knew of to see the quests you had accepted.
  • Character movement animations are a bit basic and look like they probably came from an asset pack.
  • The character is constantly holding a sword despite the first person you talk to saying you are some sort of farmer.
  • The secret garden isn't very secret if a person tells me exactly where it is.
  • Having the tutorial panel take up the entire screen and then telling me to exit through the door to make it disappear doesn't make much sense. How can I exit if the tutorial panel is blocking my view of the room?

I would say more but I'm sure that most of the issues I am talking about are or already have been worked on. I'll be interested to see how the development progresses. Also, if anybody on the dev team wants me to provide more detailed feedback I am more than happy to provide it.

Well this was an interesting game to say the least. I played for a few minutes and it doesn't seem like there's much to it. Here's what I think about it:


  • Interesting idea that could be better if expanded
  • Good mechanic that is intuitive without much instruction
  • Interesting use of sound and layering of effects
  • Nails the idea of meditation


  • VERY poor environment that does not look realistic
  • Random props floating over the water?
  • Repeated obvious use of the same objects over the shore line
  • Bad looking materials (for land and sea)

Like I said, I like the idea presented here and in no way am I saying this was some sort of failed attempt. I would really like to see an expanded version of this where you could walk around. The major detractor from the experience right now is the environment. It's hard for me to fully accept the idea of meditating over the ocean when it looks so unrealistic or even visually appealing.

Really good! The puzzles are deceptively simple and very clever. The puzzle difficulty scales really fast for me and I got to level 5 before my head started to hurt.

My favorite thing, though, is the music discs you put in some of the levels. I love when music is used in games so that's an A+++++ from me.

Saw you post this game on the discord. I am super impressed so far. Only had time to play for a little bit but it feels really good to play. Also, the music is REALLY good, I might play it more just to hear it again.

Giving this away, even for a limited time, is an absolute steal.

Thanks! I am aware the UI isn't perfect but it was a limitation I made for the prototype. I didn't want to spend too much time on this so I made it work just well enough.

I'm glad you like the grid movement. Hopefully I can spice it up with some new and interesting options for traversal. I don't want the movement to feel locked down all the time.

Hello everyone.

This afternoon I published a prototype for a game idea that I thought up. The goal of this prototype is to gather feedback so that I can refine my game when I go to build the actual thing. My hope is that some of you on will take an interest and leave a bit of feedback. If you have the time, I would love for you to take a look.

The idea behind Dread Expanse is similar to many 2D tile/turn based dungeon crawlers. The mainstay of this genre is usually turn based combat where your enemy moves when you do. In this game, I am trying to turn that idea around so that you move at your own pace, but so do the enemies. In addition to that I want to focus on different ways of movement for the player. Instead of being locked to a grid all the time, there are consumables which allow you to do things like teleport, dash, or negate movement penalties. Another aspect unique to this game is the lack of a leveling system. Gear is the determining factor in this game and what you have equipped will decide your ability to succeed.

Please understand that this prototype is very basic and I have focused on having solid game mechanics. This means that the graphics are simple, there are no effects, no sound, and simple menus. I hope you can look past this and see the game for what it is.

You can download or play Dread Expanse here:

Thanks for reading!