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Great! Glad I could get it working for you.

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It may have had something to do with the way I created the build inside Unity. I am going to try and re-build the files and upload it.

Edit: I uploaded the new version. Make sure you extract the files from the zip.

I went ahead and uploaded a Linux version of the game for you. I have no way of testing if it will work for you on my end so please let me know if you have any issues.

Had not considered it but I can try and see if it's possible.

Played through the whole thing. Good narrative and combat that go along well with the visuals. Controls on keyboard are a bit weird to use but I was able to make them work.

Most impressive thing for me was the visuals. Really liked the way everything looked., specifically the backgrounds and different particle effects.

The story also has some high points and can be hard hitting. The pacing and presentation keep it interesting until the very end.

It's hard to pin it down to a single factor but I guess I would say that the environment is not scaled correctly. The space given to the area is rather small and I think it might look better if the area was opened up more. Granted, I cannot say too much as the game crashed rather early on me.

Another aspect that may affect it is the use of invisible walls and the obvious end of terrain. An area that highlights this is the small stream and bridge that you see right after leaving the house. When I try to go left, there's an invisible wall a short distance away. To me, this makes the game feel very enclosed and linear. A better way to deal with the problem is to create natural barriers to stop the player rather than artificial ones. (cliffs, oceans, lakes, steep walls, etc...). Doing this may also open up paths that will add more detail/spectacles to your scenes.

Hope this helps.

Not a problem. If you ever need more feedback on anything let me know.

I played for a short while, that being until the game crashed on me. Right after getting the quest called "Glitch In The Matrix" the game froze and closed itself. Despite that I was able to get a basic idea of what you have so far.

  • The environments are basic and do not strike me as looking too great.
  • Character models look a bit strange as if they are more boxy than the world they inhabit.
  • I was given the quest by Sans to kill some wolves but I didn't know how to fight.
  • There's no way that I knew of to see the quests you had accepted.
  • Character movement animations are a bit basic and look like they probably came from an asset pack.
  • The character is constantly holding a sword despite the first person you talk to saying you are some sort of farmer.
  • The secret garden isn't very secret if a person tells me exactly where it is.
  • Having the tutorial panel take up the entire screen and then telling me to exit through the door to make it disappear doesn't make much sense. How can I exit if the tutorial panel is blocking my view of the room?

I would say more but I'm sure that most of the issues I am talking about are or already have been worked on. I'll be interested to see how the development progresses. Also, if anybody on the dev team wants me to provide more detailed feedback I am more than happy to provide it.

Well this was an interesting game to say the least. I played for a few minutes and it doesn't seem like there's much to it. Here's what I think about it:


  • Interesting idea that could be better if expanded
  • Good mechanic that is intuitive without much instruction
  • Interesting use of sound and layering of effects
  • Nails the idea of meditation


  • VERY poor environment that does not look realistic
  • Random props floating over the water?
  • Repeated obvious use of the same objects over the shore line
  • Bad looking materials (for land and sea)

Like I said, I like the idea presented here and in no way am I saying this was some sort of failed attempt. I would really like to see an expanded version of this where you could walk around. The major detractor from the experience right now is the environment. It's hard for me to fully accept the idea of meditating over the ocean when it looks so unrealistic or even visually appealing.

Really good! The puzzles are deceptively simple and very clever. The puzzle difficulty scales really fast for me and I got to level 5 before my head started to hurt.

My favorite thing, though, is the music discs you put in some of the levels. I love when music is used in games so that's an A+++++ from me.

Saw you post this game on the discord. I am super impressed so far. Only had time to play for a little bit but it feels really good to play. Also, the music is REALLY good, I might play it more just to hear it again.

Giving this away, even for a limited time, is an absolute steal.

Thanks! I am aware the UI isn't perfect but it was a limitation I made for the prototype. I didn't want to spend too much time on this so I made it work just well enough.

I'm glad you like the grid movement. Hopefully I can spice it up with some new and interesting options for traversal. I don't want the movement to feel locked down all the time.

Hello everyone.

This afternoon I published a prototype for a game idea that I thought up. The goal of this prototype is to gather feedback so that I can refine my game when I go to build the actual thing. My hope is that some of you on will take an interest and leave a bit of feedback. If you have the time, I would love for you to take a look.

The idea behind Dread Expanse is similar to many 2D tile/turn based dungeon crawlers. The mainstay of this genre is usually turn based combat where your enemy moves when you do. In this game, I am trying to turn that idea around so that you move at your own pace, but so do the enemies. In addition to that I want to focus on different ways of movement for the player. Instead of being locked to a grid all the time, there are consumables which allow you to do things like teleport, dash, or negate movement penalties. Another aspect unique to this game is the lack of a leveling system. Gear is the determining factor in this game and what you have equipped will decide your ability to succeed.

Please understand that this prototype is very basic and I have focused on having solid game mechanics. This means that the graphics are simple, there are no effects, no sound, and simple menus. I hope you can look past this and see the game for what it is.

You can download or play Dread Expanse here:

Thanks for reading!

Not gonna lie. The thumbnail threw me off a lot and made it look like the game was going to be some sort of low effort meme. I'm glad that it wasn't. Despite the simplicity of everything I think you executed it really well.

As for the theme of the jam, I don't really understand how this fits into "rewind". Maybe I can see something in the plot you mentioned but it doesn't come through in the game play.

Anyways, I enjoyed the game for what it was. Keep it up!

I enjoy the idea being presented but it is HARD. I tried hitting the targets in the tutorial and the first set of levels but it was almost impossible for me. Even when I'm just hopping around it is so easy for me to get myself killed. I think most of the issue for me was how fast the jumping charge filled up. I wasn't able to always get the right amount of force.

I could see some good players pulling off crazy stunts with these mechanics once it is refined.

Really good for the time you had to make it.

I noticed it seemed like you can actually have more hearts than what the UI shows. If you have 5 hearts, pick up 1, and then get attacked, you won't lose health.

Thanks for the description. I'm glad you were able to immerse yourself.

I did add a slight glow to the player so you can see in the dark. It's rather dim since I didn't want it to overpower the scene. In the future I might consider other methods that allow you to see better in the dark.

Not entirely sure what happened, but the game stopped working while I was doing the tutorial. I went to attack and then after the first hit I wasn't able to do anything else. I played again but was stuck in a similar fashion when I went to fight the large lad that hit the priest.

I am really impressed with the story introduction and the depth that the combat seems to have. While it is initially very complex looking, the tutorial is great at showing how things work.

I was also surprised by the quality of the writing. It genuinely interested me the whole way through. The music also fits really well and gives off a RuneScape vibe which fits the art style as well.

As for issues:

  • Character models could use some work
  • Some UI elements look very basic
  • The attack, forward, hold ground, and back buttons are too small for quick use
  • The positioning of the responses that you make during conversation seems weird. It can blend in with the background of the main text box.
  • The environment is very basic looking

I would list more, but as this is an alpha, I'm sure you are aware of many of the issues that your game has at this point in development.

Wow, this is actually really fun stuff! For being such a simple game, you really do feel like a dragon leveling swaths of land.

I did notice that the game lagged quite a bit if you burned a few things at a time (wheat fields).

Also, the wizard is devastating, he can end you really quick. Not that that's really an issue, I kinda like it.

I'll look into it. Thanks for letting me know!

By higher detail textures, I was specifically talking about the enemies. They way they look now, I think they appear pixelated and overly simple. Even adding a black border to them would help a lot.

Another example would be the "light streaks" that appear when bomb moves to the next level. They look like they are low quality, as if they were enlarged from a smaller texture.

Simple game with solid, easily understood controls and mechanics.

I would say that maybe you could use some higher detail textures. You might want to turn down the bloom effect a bit as well, its a bit overdone to me.

A bug I noticed was that the ball would keep going straight up even when it hits the edge of your shield if you catch it when it falls.

Thanks for your review, I appreciate it!

Could you give me a bit of information about the glitch you are talking about? I am not aware of any issue with computers in any of the levels.

My newest game, In The Dark, was just put out to the public a few minutes ago and I would love for you all to take a look.

In The Dark is an atmospheric 2D puzzle game set in the near future where genetic body modifications have just begun scientific testing and application. You play the game as a victim of unregulated genetic mods by a company called Carnal Tek. The main goal of the game is to escape a facility that you have found yourself trapped inside of. The catch being that because of these genetic modifications you are now extremely weak to any source of light. You must make your way through each level while avoiding any and all light sources as much as possible. As you progress, you will find new mechanics that will add to the difficulty.

As of right now the game does not have an ending but I will be adding that in the next version, V0.8 which I plan on releasing some time next week.

You can find and play In The Dark at this link:

Please be aware that while I have posted a browser version that you can play, the performance can drop in certain sections of the game. If you want the best experience, I recommend you download the executable version.

Took me a lot longer to do the puzzles than I would have liked. It seemed to me like the game went on for longer than it needed. I also didn't really bother to read most of the books after a while since it seemed like most of the info was pointless.

I managed to finish the game but it must have taken me at least an hour and a half if not longer.

By the time I got about half-way through nothing really scared me anymore. The environments were interesting but nothing was really terrifying, it just looked cool.

Most of the reason I took so long was because a few of the puzzles are barely explained. One where you need to look at typos in the text, another where you need to look into some rooms and randomly count the number of objects in them.

None of this is to say I don't think its a good game, I did enjoy it. The style is well executed, the voice acting is great, and the environments are awesome. But for a horror game, this didn't really scare me at all.

Cool but with limited use. I like it but since there are only set time limits like 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes for setting stuff like breaks I don't see myself using this.

A good idea might be to allow custom times with an input field.

The lack of feedback with the characters makes it rather difficult to understand what is going on. Even after reading the screenshots to understand the mechanics I felt really confused about how it all works. Only after a few attempts did I understand it well enough to win the fight.

Cool idea, but I think you should spend some time in the game introducing the player to the mechanics and setting up the UI so that it is more readable.

Made it out of the maze and then there's just a dog that says good job. Is there anything else to this?

Cool little game. Offers a real challenge and gets very fast at the end. Had some trouble with reading the font when trying to understand orders.

combinations of letters like "G, H, ," were really hard to understand. The difference between the V and U keys was difficult to tell as well.

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Wow, checked out the website. Not gonna lie, the stuff you have looks like it would make for a fantastic fiction book. The art that you have, along with all the world building could make for an epic story! You said the novel you are working on is a short one? I think you could make a series out of this.

Edit: I noticed that some of the writing you have needs some better English translation, but you still get the point across well enough.

I can see that a ton of effort was put into this game and it does show, just not all the time. I want to leave a short list of feedback for you guys:

- Fighting with the bow feels way better than melee. I don't like how you attack 3 times whenever you attack with the sword.

- The way you move and speed up when sprinting or dodging feels very strange and unpredictable.

- The introductory section when you start a new game is filled with a ton of information and I get very little time to understand it. I ended up retaining basically nothing about the story except that there are half-human half-animal creatures for some reason.

- I got to the fight where you battle the "Rhino" (I think that was it's name) and was not able to finish the fight because the boss got stuck and would not move.

- The art shown through the menus and game play UI is fantastic. Did you guys make all of it?

- The music was also very good and fit the game well.

- The slow motion effect with the bow is really cool and I liked how you could fire off a few arrows and then release them all at once.

Finished playing through the available content. The idea of cutting through stuff is not entirely new but I think there's a lot of potential. The game is rather short right now and there's not much to the puzzles that are there, but I still want to provide some feedback:

- The cutting is awkward and slow. I would like to be able to start and stop cutting within a second or so. I think it would feel better and more responsive.

- Many of the animations take far longer than I would like. The screens saying "card accepted" is a good example.

- The puzzles were simple but took me a while to figure out initially. I enjoyed them for what they were.

- The puzzle that you do on the computer screen takes longer than it should because of how long it takes the box to move between rooms. (squeezing in and out)

- I had trouble with the camera because the movement was inverted. More of a personal issue though.

Could use some sound and some more complex mechanics. Good start.

Impressive what can be shown with just a few pixels. Good game but I feel like it needs to give a bit of incentive to the player. I was curious as to the story but it was never really resolved. I feel like there was a greater story to tell.

What an excellent game! Very well executed story with a great twist. Switching between game and ... game was really cool and I was really impressed by the quality of assets used (specifically the computer monitor). I also thought it was great how you showed off the credits at the end.

Great job to everyone involved!

OK, then that makes way more sense. Thanks for clarifying.

I don't really know anything about Bitsy so I suppose I was setting myself up for confusion.

Really impressive stuff here. Short but filled to the brim with atmosphere. The style used here reminds me a lot of Resident Evil 1, especially the way the doors open at the start and end.

Only thing that put me off was the quality of the writing for the books. Most of them could have used some work with grammar or story telling. They were still able to get the point across though, and service the story well.

Also it might be nice to allow for speeding up of the description text when you look at objects. If I have already read "The restricted section is quite messy..." a few times it would be nice to be able to press enter to speed it up.

It was interesting at first but I feel like I'm missing something. Is there more to this or do I just keep bringing the water? I did it 3 times but nothing changed even when I talked to the guards multiple times.

Also, not sure if there is suppose to be sound or not but I don't hear anything.

Either way it is still good for what it is and I would be interested to see what a larger scale version of it would be.

Thanks for taking the time to leave such a thorough review! I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

(1) There are some issues with shadows which was caused by a mistake I made while changing to a new rendering pipeline. It would most likely require a re-work of the entire project to fix and I don't think it affects the game too much.

(2) I see that you are running version 1.0. The flipping issue that you are talking about was fixed in version 1.2. along with many other problems.

(3) I agree that there should be something interesting in the buildings. I only really put furniture or boxes and barrels to fill the spaces out.

That was really good, I am super impressed with this game. The atmosphere created is really impressive and the way the house is presented to you is very cool. I also like that there's some jokes thrown around in the dialogue.

I assume when you enter debug mode you are acting as a drone? I loved how it would do little command line things at the bottom of the screen.

I got hung up two times while playing though and wanted to mention it:

- Trying to find the blood in the sink on the first floor. I wanted to look directly down at the sink but I had to look down to the right. Took me a while to figure it out.

- While in the drone I got a command line that said "UI element missing" or something similar but nothing would happen. Eventually I wandered around the open broken looking space and happened to press tab and was teleported. Not sure if that's suppose to happen or what I needed to do.