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I would download this if there was some sort of description.

Simple game, easy to beat, but really enjoyable and well done. I also like that you can utterly destroy that little booth in the middle of the lot.

Other things I want to note:

  • Driving feels good and natural
  • The guys chasing you are pretty easy to lose and pose little to no threat
  • The menu buttons are default unity buttons and would look better if you changed them.
  • The effect for the car reaching 88 and disappearing looks really good.

The transitions between levels looks really cool and I like the look of the game. I did run into 2 different bugs while I was playing:

1. If an enemy dies at the edge of the "arena" there's a chance that the items it drops will drop outside the area.

2. I died while fighting one of the spinning orange guys but got no death screen afterwards. I had to alt-F4 because of it.

Made it to the end and caught the guy. Simple game but I think it's done well. Punching seems pointless though since it's easier to dodge. Haven't seen the anime this is based on so nothing to say about that.

Played the browser version of the game. When you first launch it, it sits at a black screen until you turn the game to full screen. Also, I had no idea how to shoot at the enemy, had to press buttons till I guessed what key to use. The ctrl key caused the game do do some strange stuff. The key kept getting stuck causing the character to shoot on its own, making the game exit full screen, and somehow prompting me to download the game files. Also, when I went back to the settings menu after this the resolution in the drop down field read something like "382813230 x 0".

I didn't try the downloadable version but I'm sure these issues do not exist in it and my initial impression are that this is a good game.

The look of this game is great but as Tuskat has already said there is a major lack of user feedback. Hopefully after you are finished with the competition it can be included.

Keep making cool stuff!

OK, thanks for the fix, I was able to play the game perfectly with the new version. Gotta say, for someone that says they are new to doing stories in video games, this is really good. I made it to the end and I can see you are going somewhere interesting with this.

The combat was the weakest part for me. I thought it was just a bit too simple and could use some refinement.The animations and movement though were good and the enemies felt good to fight.

The prompts I am referring to are the ones that appear when you open a book in the bedroom and it has text fly past the screen saying what keys to press. It barely gives you any time to read them.

For the speed of the game I could not tell you how the AI reacted because they move so fast I don't even have time to think. By the time I am ready to line up an attack the enemy has already moved or hit me a ton of times. In general, all movement for the game seems like its 4 times faster than it should be, almost like I'm watching like a movie in fast forward.

I think the world you've built here looks good. I enjoyed walking around and the theme you went for is executed well.

I did have some issues navigating though. I couldn't figure out where to go after getting the golden thing from the bank. I'm sure I would have found it if I looked around long enough but the game gives no guidance to tell me what to look for.

Also, the way the camera moves when you change direction is kinda janky.

I really like this game! The art style, music, and theme are very good. The game play is simple yet refined and easy to use. The puzzles are simple yet complex.

This is a really well polished puzzle game and if it got a story of some sort I would probably pay for it.

Only question I have is: What are the candy pieces used for? Whenever I got them it didn't seem to have any effect.

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There's a lot of obvious problems with this but I'll just list what I saw.

  1. The web player does not fit into the space provided
  2. The music on the main menu is a 2 or 3 second loop and does not sound good
  3. The music in the actual game play is annoying and does not fit the game at all
  4. I can just die sometimes for no reason
  5. The platforms that spin around move really weirdly
  6. I guess there's no actual goal to this game?
    1. If a game does not have an end goal or objective, its not really a game at all

Hope this helps.

While I like the art style and theme I could not play this game. The speed of the combat is so insane I cant even react to it. The prompts that you get when looking at your journal or book flash by so quickly I could barely read them. Maybe if there was some tutorial before you start fighting it would help me adjust to the speed of the game.

So maybe I'm just stupid but I could not figure out how to escape the prison cell when the game starts.

Wrote a review up with a bit more information. I like the game but it could use some polish and maybe a little innovation.

Most of the paths are incomplete so I can't say too much about the story. The stuff that's there is interesting and could be fun to go through when its expanded on. Only issue I noticed was that some of the text options led to the same results. I would recommend that each path the player chooses takes them somewhere else, otherwise the options become redundant.

Really cool idea. The games way harder than it sounds and I like it.

Fairly short but I enjoyed the presentation overall. I do think though that text would have served better than the ms voice.

After the bug happened I closed the game.

I can't really entertain the idea of getting that key in the bedroom, it might as well be impossible to get it. It's very obvious this game needs a lot of work.

I liked the premise of the house being built so that you cant enter it normally. I also thought the house itself looked pretty good except for a few out of place doors. Other than that I found a good amount of problems with the game:

  • There is no sound in the game except for when you interact with stuff
  • The game does not let you move any time text appears from the characters talking
  • There is no way to sprint or move faster
  • There are a good amount of spelling errors
  • The game gives you no objectives except for the character mentioning that they need to search the house
  • I was not able to progress past getting into the main house. I couldn't figure out where to go.
  • There are locked doors literally everywhere and most go into rooms that look unimportant.
  • Your character has amnesia but I don't see the point of it or how it improves the story.

I think the presentation of this game is really good and I enjoyed the experience. Here's a small list of issues that I found while playing:

Buttons do not react to the player moving over them. (there is no way to know that a button is a button without it reacting to the player, except for appearance)

There's no way to track how far you've gone.

Also, I was able to break the game. When falling right after I pressed a button I got stuck on something and couldn't move at all:

I played the Windows version of the game and I honestly really enjoyed it. My highest score was 1323 so I think I got pretty far. So I'm just gonna list the issues I found while I was playing:

  • When driving past sections of the map where the edges are water you can see under the ground of the approaching grass.
  • Props placed on the sidewalks look really out of place, especially the larger ones like hot dog stands. I think it's because the sidewalks are so small. I understand they are probably placed like that for game play though.
  • When I went to launch the game, the executable file is called "No Name" instead of the name of the game

As for things I really liked about it:

  • The way the traffic actually uses signals and switch lanes is really cool.
  • The graphics look really good, even on PC.
  • I found it really exciting when I was able to swerve between tight gaps or near miss pedestrians.

Not a problem at all, I am perfectly satisfied knowing that I helped improve your game.

So I just tried to play it again doing what you recommended and got the game to work.

First off, the camera is way too close to the player model when you are in the city area and I cant control the camera with my mouse.

Since this is a twin stick shooter, maybe make the right or left stick control the camera rotation. (assuming there's no enemies in the city to fight)

Also, the enter key is an awkward key to use when you need to perform actions in the game. I would probably use F or E so its easier for the user to pick things up or open doors without having to move their hands.

Once I got inside a building I killed one of the baddies with a health bar over their head and they dropped some spinning colorful thing. Once I tried to pick it up, the game crashed.

Overall, I'd say the game needs a lot of work but I can see see what you are going for and I think it has potential.

Really enjoyed the presentation. Only thing that was confused about are the boulder/ice ball things. It's not really obvious at first what their use is.

Really interesting idea actually, I would have never thought about having towers that you can move around like this. I was put off by the hand drawn buttons but the concept is pretty good. I did find a bug with this though. One of my turrets broke and stopped shooting, I also couldn't move it anymore. I think it happened on the start of a new wave. Another of my turrets, in the same session, was taking up 3 lanes at once, making it impossible for me to attack certain enemies.

Wanted to try it out since your description was promising a lot and I also enjoy music focused games but I was unable to play. When the game finishes downloading, the executable is not automatically found by the installer so you have to manually launch the game from the install folder. Once I had gotten it working, the menu was rather confusing since I didn't know I could shoot the blocks. Also, the new game doesn't seem to work, it just goes to a loading screen and then returns to the main menu.

Hope you keep developing the game so I can see what you were going for.

I really appreciate your review. Don't worry about your skills, I had plenty of trouble playing the levels when I was making this game.

Also, just wanted to note, the file you uploaded is labeled as a ".0" file and doesn't show up as an archive when you download it.

Not much to look at here, what are your plans for the game?

Played it for a short bit, seems like a nice little game and I enjoyed seeing the character dancing on the selection screen.

In its current state there's not much to play but I can see what you are going for. I think the game could use some sort of introduction to the comedy since it's kinda random to have people swearing at you out of nowhere. Also, there's not really an incentive to do quests for the npcs since they don't seem to even care if you do the quests and just straight up tell you you're gonna get garbage for doing it.

Cool, simple game. I like the art style and the lasers. Wish there were more defenses or buildings to place.

I really like the look of this game. Is the development still happening or have you stopped?

Seems like it could be an interesting game but as it stands I found it very difficult to play. I had to search around for a while before I found where you could buy plants. Once I found it and bought one, it was night time and before the plant finished growing an enemy came and destroyed it. I wasn't able to do anything after that since I had no plants and no money.

I understand the game is in early development and would be interested to see what direction it takes in the future.

Cool idea executed well. Its a simple game but I found myself enjoying the challenge. I will say though, the sounds for losing and for passing a wave are pretty loud and could be toned down.

Maybe I'm just not in the mood for game play like this but honestly I was just annoyed by this game. It might be because it's just random chance that you get killed and there's no way to predict it. The way your character changes shape makes the platforming a bit harder than it should be. I would also say the use of bloom in this case is a little too much.

Can't say much else as I couldn't force myself to play anywhere near the end.

Pretty impressive how good the mood of the game is when you cant move around or anything.

So I tried downloading the new game files but I'm still having the same issue. Just in case, I also downloaded the other available files to see what would happen. All of the different downloads have the same exact problem for me.

As another test I tried to download the game via the desktop app and recieved an error that stopped me from downloading the game: "mkdir C:\Users\Baconation\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\entropia-chapter-1\ ENTROPIA 1.1.1: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect."

It seems like other people have not had trouble playing the game so I'm not sure whats happening here.

Yeah, I dunno, just re-downloaded the game files. Specifically the one labeled "<WINDOWS> ENTROPIA 1.1" but even though the compressed file says it has around 260 MB when I go to extract it, the folders are empty.

Also, the folder that the game's files are suppose to be in is called "__MACOSX" even though I downloaded the windows version.