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Oh ok but how do you lose ?

Incredible, it would be cool to see your health. But really impressive anyways !

Nice game ! But I think that the special object could be more implemented.

Lol, thanks for playing !

Nice idea, a bit confusing at start however

Nice entry, I feel like you're not really punished for bonking the presents though.

Thank you !

Thank you for the feedback Unfortunatly  I didn't discovered this bug earlier.

Thanks !

Yes I did

It's cool even if you can cheese the game by just mashing all keys at once.

Good job anyway !

It's cool even if you can cheese the game by just mashing all keys at once.

Good job anyway !

Pretty fun game, maybe an endless game with a high score to beat would be better.

Anyway, good job !

Really original concept and I like the game a lot.

It was a bit hard to understand at first but once you understand it : it's great !

Really well done !

Really cool game !

I love the concept and the game looks nice.

Good job !

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Thanks for the feedback !

Interesting idea, it would be cool to have an update with more easy levels to introduce better the cocept.

Well done !

Really cool game (My highscore is 8716).

The game is not really pretty but it is really fun.

I like the battle effects and attacks name are "interesting" is think ?

It's really cool, the graphics are simple but good enough and the game is addictive.

In some cases simplicity is the best, it's the case here !

Well done !

The controls are not easy and the game is quite repetitive.

However the game looks really good and I the concept is original.

Good job.

It's very original and fun I love it.

I like the cartoon style of the streamer even if the map is not very pretty.

Good job !

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The art is cool but it would be great if it had music or sounds in the game.

The idea is good but the game is really easy, it would be cool to have more choice.

Good job anyway !

The game is pretty fun but it gets a little repetitive after a moment.

However the idea of the game is very original,

The art, the music, and the sounds are cool.

Good work!

Paul Wants Watermelons

Thanks !

I think this challenge wasn't a very good idea...

I hate this game

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If you want to make good game like this you Have to train your dev skills. More game jams you do, better gamedev you are.

Very cool game, with good graphics and musics.


The graphics and the gameplay is very good. I love this game !

Good game

Good game, I like it


Original game, I like it


I love this game, it is so cool and fun, good job.

It's a very good game, I love it (my high-score is round 13)