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I 2bsolut7ly lov7d this g2m7, this is on7 of th7 most origin2l 2nd cr72tiv7 submissions I'v7 7v7r s77n to 2 g2m7 j2m. I w2s t7rrifi7d, l2ughing, 2nd crying 2ll 2t th7 s2m7 tim7. 2t first I w2sn't going to giv7 this th7 light of d2y 2nd thought it w2s just 2 typing g2m7 th2t som7on7 h2d thrown in for no r72son but oh my god. Pl2y this g2m7.7

Really nice effort for a first game! There's definitely more that could be here, this seems like just kinda a physics demo rather than a full game and as other people said the options you can get don't really impact it much except the sphere which just makes you win, but hopefully you learned a lot and I'm excited to see what you come up with in the future!

Really solid game! The sling mechanic feels really nice and the particles for fire look awesome, great excecution!

Just like last game jam I didn't get the release settings quite right for the build that I ended up submitting, until I'm able to update the .zip if it's not working for you hopefully this link will:

Seems like some people are having issues with OpenAL not linking properly when they try to run the game, if you're having issues try this version that dynamically links SFML instead of statically linking it:

Really awesome that you're giving games some extra exposure like this! I'd be honored if you considered playing mine in Part 4:

love me some clout

The main build I uploaded only works if you have the C++ dev tools for Visual Studio installed and I didn't realize until after jam submission was over :( You can try this link for another build that should hopefully work! I'd love to hear what you have to say!

Thanks! What's the resolution of your display? I know when I tried it out on a 1440p monitor it was all pushed to the corner so if you're on 4K it's probably even worse - after the voting ends I'll probably clean it up a bit, I made it on a 1080p display and in the chaos of trying to finish in time didn't add scaling for higher resolutions 

What issues are you having with the second one? I had a lot of problems with my build at the end where different resolutions of screens caused problems so if your computer doesn't have a 1920x1080 screen it might not work properly :( 

Nice job! Dig the aesthetic, the balance could definitely be tweaked with the player speed but overall very solid!

Really nice stuff in here! The rope mechanic was really cool, and all the extra polish with the cutscene and the effects in game definitely elevated the experience! The slo mo jump took a bit to get used to but after I figured it out it was pretty easy to navigate normally. Awesome job!

Some of the nicest visuals I've seen in the jam! Really nice consistent art style, it'd be cool if there was a little more music and the gameplay had a little more choice involved but overall I'm definitely a fan!

I'd love to hear what you have to say about mine!

Very solid entry! Really like the graphics and the gameplay feels really polished!

I'd love to hear what you have to say about mine!

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I like the graphics, especially the particle effects when you knock down a wall!The controls are a little clunky having to hit E when using WASD though I figured out pretty quick you can use the arrows too.  Nice job!

Nice job!

I like the graphics! Controls are definitely a bit floaty, made it hard to jump from one platform to the next, but with a little more polish this could really be something special!

Very impressed with the graphics! You should definitely continue with this after the jam!

Really clean graphics and fun! This feels like something that could definitely grow into a full length game outside of the scope of a game jam!

Love the visuals! Really polished for a jam game!

Rated, nice job!

Nice job, the gameplay is engaging and the graphics look really nice! Really like the effect when a rat makes it all the way to your side, it'd be cool if there was more variation as you made it further into the game, but really nice overall!

Nice job! I really liked the particle effects for the different colors and had a fun time trying it out!

really nice! Interesting puzzles that kept my attention as I kept playing, especially impressive given that you're only 13! If you took the stuff I was making when I was 13 and put it next to this it wouldn't compare, can't wait to see what else you do in the future!

Really nice job! I love the graphics!

The graphics were amazing! Really like the environments and the puzzles were challenging but not too hard. Really nice!

Nice game! Thanks for your rating as well!

Some really nice ideas here! I thought the portal mechanic for player 2 was really nice and I liked the music! Seems like the main menu had a bit of scaling issues, the buttons were very far off into the corners and hard to find at first, but other than that, very nice!

Would love to get some feedback on my game!

I really liked this! Very unique take and I like how much you built up the world around it! Doesn't feel like it was made in a week at all, there's lots going on here!

pretty fun, really like the music! seems like it would be really nice as a multiplayer game, wish I had friends to play it with lol

Really quality pixel art and nice gameplay, especially for a first game ever!

Really enjoyed this! One of the most polished games I've seen in this jam, awesome job! At first I thought the mouse controls would be weird but it ended up being really intuitive!

Just played your game and enjoyed it! Here's mine:

The players were really small so it was hard to even tell where they were at first, but once I figured it out I had a pretty good time! Liked the wormholes in the middle and thought the collisions when the ships hit the asteroids felt really nice

Cool stuff! Really liked the graphics and thought the gameplay felt really nice. Nice job!

Really nice graphics! Had some trouble finding enemies as they continued to spawn but definitely enjoyed it, nice music too!