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Very relaxing experience with a surprisingly high skill ceiling. 

Using W to "propel" the player sounded like a pointless mechanic at first, but as it turns out, learning to curve around rocks by balancing between "propel" and "pull" is very satisfying. 

The game could have used some extra objectives, such as collecting coins, reaching checkpoints, etc, in order to encourage players to move around more and reward skilled players. And the tether could have changed colour when pushing or pulling for some visual feedback.  

Other than that, it was a fun game! Good job!

I also expected 120fps, customizable resolution,  and a mobile port.


A great little game. Very polished and smooth to control! Great entry!

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Mindless fun in the best way possible. Love seeing the chain reaction of the fire spreading and their voices are hiliarious! Another great entry.

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Interesting concept! In a way, changing up the controls makes me feel like a completely new gamer again aha! The animations are pretty good too! Awesome that you managed to get cinematic cutscenes to work in such a short period of time.

Do check out my team's game too! You won't regret it!

Absolutely loved the smoothness of your animations. So buttery smooth urgh!! Love the idea of using your bullets as a jetpack. Reminds me of the machine gun in Cave Story (which is a good thing aha).  Good entry nax!

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Defeated the boss! That ending with the physics based gore was hilarious!

I liked the smooth physics based gameplay. Using your gun to propell yourself into the air was fun as well! Nice try Stojic, and do give my game a try as well (you won't regret it :D)

Thanks Danial! We appreciate the feedback too. We'll definately be polishing up the game even after the Jam's over!

Glad you enjoyed it Viciouz6!

Interesting idea! Although the game could have benefited significantly from a better movement system. Your projectiles being able to knock you around also makes the controls a lot harder. Good try!

Interesting Idea! Being chased by heat-seeking missiles and luring it to enemies is pretty satisfying! Neat detail on the player's ship too! Having thrusters going in the correct direction. 

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Wow! I really liked this!

There's a good sense of progression throughout the game. I like how you kept introducing new gameplay elements (such as the fire bottle) to keep the gameplay fresh. I also noticed some clever level design on how to approach certain enemies in tight spaces. Having the story progress through text boxes as you play is also a neat idea.
Some things to consider for future games:

- The invisibility powerup seemed unnecessary. Here's a senario: When the player encounters an enemy, they have three choices. They either fight it, jump past it, or use the invisibility stone. If the player chooses to fight/jump past it, they still have a chance of being successful and not lose any health. But if they use the invisibility stone, they are guarenteed to lose health. Therefore, there is little benefit in using the invisibility stone other than for convenience.

- Keep the bottle consistent. There are enemies in the game that shoot orange fireballs that can't be captured with the bottle. This could end up confusing players. Either allow their fireballs to be captured, or change the fireball's color.

Other than that, that was a great first project! Good job Squidman!