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It is truly amazing what you were able to achieve with TIC80 in just three days ! Everything is just really polished and feels good.

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I really like the idea of a mini-fridge composed by tomatoes, spam and fishes ! :) This is fun and difficult enough to be interesting.  

The game feels super polished, there's cool particle and background effects, a nice music and even a door animation ! I just had some difficulties figuring that the fish gave ammunition but you can be proud of the game you made !

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The graphics are amazing and the concept is quite interesting !

I love that you made a coop game ! However if I'm not mistaken a player can't do much except when it's its mode or did I miss something. The sound effect are well done but the build "progress bar" could be a little more self explained but you were surely short on time which is understandable. I also like the cute graphics. Good job overall ! :)

Well done ! I had fun and I like the idea :) sometimes it seems like there is a way between planets, but actually you can't which is a bit frustrating. Great job overall !

Nice idea, although the F1 does not work on my computer so it made it more complicated than it should have been :)

We'll release a version with that feature once the jam is done :)

Hi, no, we've left the repo private but the source code can be downloaded on the game page, it's a single lua file. And don't worry if you can't give us points for a private repo, we're fine with it, the most important to us was really just participating to this cool jam :)

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This is because there's not much to do except moving around the map. We've updated the game description, sorry we haven't done it sooner !