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I love that you made a coop game ! However if I'm not mistaken a player can't do much except when it's its mode or did I miss something. The sound effect are well done but the build "progress bar" could be a little more self explained but you were surely short on time which is understandable. I also like the cute graphics. Good job overall ! :)

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Balance is really horrible off between the players, but even in the end I wasn't really sure what abilities should exist and how they should be distributed. Shieldship without the building ability felt really boring and we wanted some kind of tower defense included so we gave him the ability to build the towers. But what to give shooter ship? Maybe a different kind of tower?

the build "progress bar" could be a little more self explained

Absolutly! In the beginning we started with geometric shapes (in the code ShooterShip is still named "Triangle" and ShieldShip "square"). When looking for some art  we decided for the pirate pack from kenney, but unfortunately a "half build tower" was not part of that. Unfortunately our art guy had no time to join us this time so we were left with two programmers.