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Highest score so far.  Board was a disaster by the end!

I believe it already exists as a physical game, I can't remember the name of it though.

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Great concept, presentation and implementation, I've been playing it for an hour now.  Amazing job doing it within a 48 hour jam.

Edit: after playing it even more, I found a small bug: When you place a dice to complete a line, it doesn't reassess the game board and can tell you you've lost, even though there is a valid move available with the new space you've cleared.

Great game, felt like it'd fit in as a solid minigame inside CookServeDelicious.  I liked the ending, getting a bunch of pace going with the easy one's then BOOM, hardest yet.

Absolutely agree on all counts, I wish I'd had more time in this jam to do the idea justice.  If it weren't for a huge bug at the end of the jam while I was coding the ship builder, I'd have at least managed to put an infinite play loop in there.  Thanks for giving it a go.

This was genuinely fun.  Sixy the sexy dice was funny when I realised why they were different. And then adapting all those sides into different attacks was great.  Encouraging the player to switch tactics by offering them invulnerable frames, and on damage, was very clever, and it for sure made me switch up my approach multiple times. The theme of fighting the board games was great, and the animation for licking the ground was amazing, my favourite bit by far.

A really solid all round game, wholly embracing the theme of 2022, great work.

Thanks!  I'm still poking at the game, I really want to try building ships with the dice too!

I know, it's wildly frustrating, but that's as far as I managed to get with the development when the time ran out.  I was convinced by the guys in the discord to still submit it, the concept is visible, just not really playable sadly.  I'm still messing about with it so may release a version with some actual content.

Really clever having the HP of the dice on their front faces.

Very well presented, I felt that knowing the enemy attack made it feel my choices were quite linear. Lovely music.

Love the idea written on the page, however the implementation was a bit confusing in game with the discount giving on upgrades.  The look and feel was great, and would make a fantastic tower defence game post-jam if you decided to take it further.

I got killed by the bay doors in the tutorial which was pretty funny but maybe needs looked at :)

Fun little game, could be great with some post jam polish!

I saw Mark play it! Thanks for the heads up; the combination of panic and excitement was hard to manage.

Yeah fall damage is going to go, I think I can trace its routes to my personal game preferences where I play less platformers and more RPG's, FPS, and so on, where fall damage is a common thing, so it felt natural to me.  Platformers on the whole don't really go for fall damage so I can totally see why it caught people by surprise and felt wrong being placed into the genre.

Thanks for the kind words <3

Everyone including our artist agrees that fall damage should either be removed or greatly reduced, I'm agreeing myself now too!  Our current idea is that you never get dealt an impossible part, but you might have to choose between a high scoring difficult jump or a easier flat bit, scoring would depend on difficulty.
Thanks for the feedback! :)

Really fun game, I feel like some semi-transparent blocks would be really helpful in knowing where your balls are while behind blocks.  The last level also got me stuck! :)

I felt like I needed more feedback on my controls, perhaps a note on the side saying what I had currently grabbed onto.  Looks really cool, but I didn't quite get what I was meant to be doing once I grabbed things, throw them out of orbit? or burn them up in the atmosphere?  Fun flying around in space though!

Such great art! Loved it when I turned away and saw the sliced side of the brain.  Fun game :D

Fun little concept :)

Clever idea, although it took me a while at the start to figure out what I needed to do.  I was breezing through it by clicking the same position over and over until I got to the one with 9 moves (your 3rd screenshot) spent a while and couldn't manage it at all!  Fun brain game :)

Fun game, especially when I realised I can accidentally stab my other guy by accident ha.  I died lunging my sword back and forth into a nasty enemy, an honourable death I think.

I love games with water and fluid simulations and this scratched an itch nicely for me.  I think this has huge potential and could be expanded really nicely into a great game :)

Clever idea! Initially I thought I just had to stay alive, enjoyed the revelation I became a bouncing platform and could attack back. 

Yes, absolutely agree, the very last thing being worked on that got abandoned so it'd be submitted in time was a full refresh of all the tiles, and a singular refresh of individual tiles.  Thanks for the kind words :)

Thanks! :D  If we get time we will add some more to it once the Jam is over.

We had a lot of ideas for sure, if only we had time to implement them!  The guy even has a crouch ability that never got used.  Thanks for the kind words :)