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I am still a universe away from being at all compitent at this game but it was really cool and enjoyable.

This is so weird and I love it.

Really nicely designed levels.

This was a really fun and interesting concept. Great work!

Really interesting game! I played this for a bit just trying to get good at it.

Instructions unclear, was adopted by dog.

Thomas Letrain will forever haunt my dreams from this moment forwards.

I think the different controls really end up adding a lot, though. It was interesting enough to pull me back a few hours after first rating the game.

Really chaotic and fun. Great submission!

Cute frog go brrr. Nice game and art.

Love the art and general vibe.

Paid the $25 for the rar file. Looking forward to rating it again next month.

Really fun, intersting, and pretty game. I thought the controls were a bit difficult but there is a lot of depth with the movement.

Really fun, intersting, and pretty game. I thought the controls were a bit difficult but there is a lot of depth with the movement.

Fun game and nice attention to detail with the laser.

I would like you to know that I am very concerned about the well being of the fish.

Where am I? What is happening? This madlad made a non-euclidian game in a game jam.

Really fun concept! The game nicely built upon its mechanics. 

You Introduced your concept really well. Great game.

I really enjoyed the concept and it was a fun puzzle! However, I found the darkness to be somewhat frustrating.

I really enjoyed playing this game!

Ghost go brr. Enjoyed the concept and the art. :)

Adorable skelly

Adorable skelly

Thank you!


Haha. Thanks!


Fun little game, but I thought the controls were very unresponsive without drift, and that using drift made you go out of control too easily. I like how you zoomed in the camera for race 2. I feel that was much more interesting than a second track would have been.

Loved the pencil drawings and the reviews! Nice story.

Perfect *cough* perfect combo!

Yup I'd have to agree. 

Everyone knows aliens are Midieval. 

Theres something very ejjoyable about a hedgehog with a camera flying through the air.  I felt kind of bad when a wooden board got stuck in his neck though. Nice job with the game!

Absolutely love the art and this music. The animation was very appealing. However, I found it frustrating that I could not point up or down, and for some reason, there was nothing after level 1.

Thanks for the input!

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Just found this tool for my D&D campaign. Works and looks great! Nice job.

One suggestion -- have a feature to import custom icons/tiles/objects.

Thanks! :-)