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fun game to play once i got used to the controls.

ps: i also found myself smacking the keyboard alot lol!

I kept getting stuck at level 12+, i barely got out of level 6/7 most of the time, lmao! To be honest i am not all that good and relatively clumsy with games that require fast reflexes (fps, action sims and etc.). Will watch for and play your game next week when it comes out.

Thank you, i am still playing your beat the square game from time to time btw. Still hadn't been able to beat it.

The truth is, whatever license you use, it will still be pointless if you don't have legal counsel to back / enforce it. I had to sue somebody last year because the fella passed off my creations as his own (i distribute under the CC-BY-ND license) - with the pandemic going on, and the dude being offshore, you can imagine how bothersome that was.

If you are distributing something for free, stuff like that happens alot. Some i chose to overlook, some i had to take action.

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... to add, i had the 2013/17 versions installed. still didn't ran. the latest one is msvcr120_clr0400 (2019). guess it's a goof on microsoft's side. also, pgmmv should probably have the dll packaged with game export.

oh bummer, apparently the pixel game maker mv engine is calling from an outdated version of the driver. had it installed for both 64/32bit versions and the game still failed to run with a 0xc07b runtime error.

anyway, your game looks interesting, hadn't successfully played anything that caught my eye from pgmmv as yet.

Hi, would like to report player.exe throws a missing MSVCP120.dll error. Pretty sure my Microsoft Visual C ++ distro is properly installed.

Have you tried to deploy this game for HTML5? How did it perform?

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Hi folks, would like to request Rumble video link support for gameplay video / trailer links.
It's short embed url is currently in the form of :-

Thanks in advance for the consideration.
- Stan.

Thank you. It's mostly done because of the traffic system. i don't use the commercial version of MV3D, hence i can't import 3D Models. The vehicles, being just sprites, need a 90 degree facing to give the illusion of perspective.

Thank you.

Hi, making a tutorial for this might be very challenging, as the debit ATM is heavily dependent on the time/date system i have in place, even though it is not a plugin, it still requires alot of scripting in the common events that is tied to other common events. This easily rakes up to 20 for automation alone just for this prototype.

I will put something up in the future if i can find a more "organized" way to do it, but as it stands now, it's unlikely.

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Note: I have left out the "c" in the word Antartic on purpose. This is so this page and the video don't attract conspiracy nutjobs through google algo and the like.

If it's not already apparent, i don't personally buy into any of that UFO / Die Glocke (come on folks, those were just ww2 german heavy water artefacts and abandoned water towers, don't go nuts on all that "brotherhood of the bell" rubbish) or secret fourth-reich nonsense.

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Just ran a playthrough. as some have already remarked, i must commend you on the phenomenal effort in the making of this game. From the UI to game features, Good job!

The only gripe i have is similar to my comments on "False Rebirth". The RPGMaker look and feel is a real turn-off to be honest. Plotwise it's solid, except It's not very "direct" and too scattered to keep player attention.

Otherwise, a very good effort, 5 stars.

EDIT: ... and to add, the game ran fine on my more than 10 year old rig without any issues.

another comment i would like to give is consider a more direct approach. i think games such as these tend to rely very heavily on atmosphere and the use of the "unreliable witness" storytelling mechanic, hence my suggestion at a game engine that allows a more convincing environment to immerse the player. it would also be a better idea that the player not see the PC at all, keep the PChar ambiguous, that kind of thing.

hi, i personally think this game would be more effective as a first person narrative. currently the game lacks the suspense and alot of the surroundings are frankly not engaging (it's the rpgmaker thing, please reconsider another engine). i think it's very well thought out effort storywise, the gameplay itself however doesn't do it much justice. Good effort either way, i gave it 5 stars.

Thank you good sir, honoured.

do check out "Some Kind of Wonderful" as i took a page out of the time when most post-punk / new wave bands went "commercial" (eg. X-Mal Deutschland, Siouxie and The Banshees, Simple Minds, Echo and The Bunnymen, OMD and etc.) 

unfortunately, i've never been able to play "ringing guitars" characteristic of that period like Will Sergeant, or the single would been a better homage to that period where post-punk really shed it's late 70s / early 80s sound.

Thank you. really glad there are post-punk aficionados here on as you'd have probably guessed, alot of my stuff gravitate towards the '85-86 tail end period before dance music and acied house came and wreck everything lol. hope you'll find them useful.

replace "descriptive(var)" with $gameVariables.value(n)

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try this:

Interest payout by percent Int (var) = 0;
Interest payout by percent Int (var) = Math.floor((Math.random() * 2) + 1);

a = $gameVariables;
accumulated interest (var) += math.round(a.value(bank money(var))/100*a.value(Interest payout by percent Int (var));
bank money (var) += accumulated interest (var);

ah ok. what i mean't tho is the mouse sensitivity when you move your mouse, sways way too fast.

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very useful tool. my only complaint is the mouse sensitivity, everything can sway too fast while trying to do more precise stacking. looking forward to more improvements in the future.

level 6 is a real bummer to beat tho, lmao! found level 7+ was much easier than 6. good game either way, 5 stars.

really fun to play. the evenly paced difficulty progression is also very much appreciated.

ah ok, my bad. thought it was a fize size issue. i hope everything works out for you.

If you're using (or have) photoshop, perhaps give the free webp plugin a spin:

It has a very good compression ratio (up to 50:1) without losing quality. if the engine you're using doesn't support the webp extension, simply rename it to JPG/PNG (and etc.) after conversion.

Anyone wondering what amp i used for my Ibanez, it's an old Epiphone (now bought over by Gibson). It's so freakin old that i don't even remember what it's called and it still has a "Line Out" jack :)

Thank you. I don't have the screenplay, I imagined it :)

More or less based on The Breakfast Club (1985) and Some Kind of Wonderful (1987), like how Beth Barker did when she made "The Long Road".

thank you, i hope you will find them useful.

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Thank you. This recording is however, my last. do check out the rest of my releases. i hope you'll find them useful.

Will do :)

Much thanks. your art packs are unique as you provide the black and white illustrations. I like this one the best next to Rolistober2019.

interesting little game.

hint to other players: leave out ONE of the 4 passwords in the game to unlock safe.

thank you :) i hope they can be of some use to you.

thanks for dropping by

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Download updated with the single version of Retaliation (without the exorcism prayer) - as a separate download.

There's also no prayer in the Hellscream Mix, so you might want to consider using that as well :)