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Hello world, I am a writer looking for a new project. I am not willing to work on any games other than horror titles at this time. Please reply to this thread if interested!

Great game, although I am pretty bad at it honestly.

I really liked this game, it isn't too easy like similar games. The winding path and intersections really helps with that.

I have promoted smaller indie titles as a hobby for some time. It is becoming quite a bit of work and I have become better in that time, I started in college and was very busy although I since have more time. Granted, I still am going to make some mistakes as this would be the first time I offered this service professionally. Please reply if interested and we can further discuss, thank you.

good game, i also feel like i am yelling and find it funny.

This is a game I found to be rather challenging but at an enjoyable level. I did find some bugs when selecting units though. Community » General » Game Jams · Created a new topic My New Jam!

Check out my new game jam! No prizes although great if you want publicity as I will share some of the games on my blog.

Great game!

I started making a game, mainly as a hobby although I know very little about development so I am looking for someone that can complete the game and make it look good hopefully. I still did work on the game for a while and although it may not be great and it is unfinished, it did take time on my part. I used a fantasy console called BASIC 8 for the work that I did do. I will give you the code at no cost(if I figure it out xD) although if you do decide to monetize the game when you are finished I would like either a rev share deal or a payment which we can work out later.

Love this one!

Yes sorry I meant the UI. Specifically when I go to purchase upgrades. The problem might have just been that the game was lagging a bit for me. I am playing on a Windows laptop, a pretty old one mind you.

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I love the game...some of the buttons hitboxes are incorrect on my end although that might be an error by me xD the game does lag for me in browser.

I am sorry, I do tend to make things very minimalistic xD. The entries are meant to be puzzle games that are unconventional ("Not your grandma's puzzle games"). As long as you create an innovative puzzle game that hasn't been cloned too much you should be fine. Just make sure to follow the basic criteria as well.

I do have a blog where I plan to post winners of the jam. Notify me here if you would like to be featured if you win a category. The website contains ads in case that influences your decision.



I really like it, as far as roguelikeness it is average to me but the overall quality I really like. I do not think this is a failure.

I'd like to know a little more about the game first, do you have a Discord or another way to contact you?

I made a post a few weeks back but I am back! I am looking for a few projects to keep myself busy. I am a great writer I'd say, I also can work on music but I cannot say that would be as quality.

I do, my Discord is: Chester “The Artist”#2650

I wouldn't mind being a help! I heard of The Backrooms but I do not know a whole lot about it. I do like the concept of the game though and it would be fun to help in any way. What is the best way to contact you?

I am a writer looking for a project  to work on. Revenue share would be ideal but all offers are worth consideration.

I really wish I was better at programing, love your work!

I liked it!