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FARA community · Created a new topic I enjoyed this game.

Frequently Attempted Quadratics.

So, uh, you can talk here. Preferably like civilized people.

Yay. I will update the blog post.

Oh my this is a gem! I love it, my only thing is this: When I go to download it the page says Dungeon of The Mad Mage, but the actual file says Dungeon of The Mad King. Either way, this is a great game.

I love it! Great submission.

Yum! Can't wait.

I agree this game idea looked pretty amazing, if you would like to share the prototype my email is found on my profile. Even though this technically is not a game, in the traditional sense. This does deserve a blog listing.

That'd be fine on my end! I look forward to your game.

IDK that is your decision.

Thanks man, if you could follow the blog that'd help. If not, awesome game xD

if that’s what you want to do, that’s why it’s pretty lengthy honestly.

As long as you’re not copying the whole game you can. I like to think premade assets are great, I use them.

If that’s what helps you, just give credit where it’s due of course.

I am weary about saying no but I will say no.

Whenever you choose, I’m not too strict in most regards.

Well I guess since I didn’t cover that you can go wild and make 100 games.

Medieval Times Game Jam community · Created a new topic FAQ

Any questions go here.

A place to relax, and NOT give any spoilers.



Hello Anuke, I own a blog for indie and flash gaming, and would be interested in interviewing you.  If you are also interested, please respond to the email located in my bio.

Thank, at37.

Tell me how you liked the meme.

Aesthetic appeal I suppose, I agree it would look pretty great but it's all you.

Pretty cool game, if you'd like me to interview you about this game (for my blog), just email at the email in my profile bio please.

I would like to interview you for my blog if you are interested. Email me at the email in my bio if you’re interested.

I like. :)

Interesting, I like the art style here! Will check it out .

This is where questions for me, the jam's hosts, or about the jam should be directed.

I don't want people getting banned so keep it orderly (enough).

I am absolutely  interested in this game, it is getting late here so I won't have time to do more than download the game and check it out for a quick sec (for now). I own a blog on indie games and I wish to see about featuring your game in my blog. If you think this game is a good fit, email me at