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Like I said with music, it is mostly a personal hobby so I do not have too much to show for it other than this video: TEST2 - YouTube . As far as writing goes, I have two personal blogs... this one is very extensive as far as outreach goes (fair warning is that there are adverts on this):Anthony's Virtual Playground (  This one has no ads and can be a little more professional: Teacher Talks! (

If you use Discord I am Chester "The Artist" #2650, also my email is

Hello world! I am looking for a rev-share project-from someone over 18 as I am 23 and it makes things easier legally (no NSFW!). I proficiently write and I can make music. I am much more confident in my writing ability and have written for games before. I am fairly confident in my musical abilities, although that is a hobby and thus I have no experience to present except two ok videos I made about 7 years ago that are very VERY short. I have two websites which showcase my technology skills as well as my writing (one website features very short writing and contains some adverts and a lot of exposure to it for a small site, the other has no ads and longer articles but less exposure).

Awesome game!

I have made plenty of game jams with the occasional successful one. I am looking to be a judge on someone else's jam because I think it would be a fun experience. I would document some parts of the experience on my blog, so you would have to be ok with that! As a side note, the jam must be suitable for all ages so I can post some of my experience on my blog.

I am using content descriptors from for this.  Keep in mind that I am adhering to a set of rules I have been given in order to run my website.

Games posted on my blog may have this type of content:

Animated Blood

Discolored and/or unrealistic depictions of blood.


Depictions of blood.

Cartoon Violence

Violent actions involving cartoon-like situations and characters. May include violence where a character is unharmed after the action has been inflicted.

Violent References

References to violent acts.

Fantasy Violence

Violent actions of a fantasy nature, involving human or non-human characters in situations easily distinguishable from real life.

Comic Mischief

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Simulated Gambling

Player can gamble without betting or wagering real cash or currency.


These categories are allowed on my blog but must be infrequent:

Crude Humor

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Mild to moderate use of profanity.


Scenes involving aggressive conflict. May contain bloodless dismemberment.

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Graphic or prolonged depictions of nudity.

Partial Nudity

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Real Gambling

Player can gamble, including betting or wagering real cash or currency.

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Sexual Violence

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Sexual Themes

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Strong Sexual Content

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Refusal to follow these guidelines, even if not seeking exposure on my blog, may result in removal of your entry. Feel free to reply with any questions.

I'm not the law ehehehehe just don't be a jerk.

But is it a GAME?

Love it! I really think that the moments leading up to a game over, where the screen shakes and it flashes red is pure bliss.  Also, I appreciate the photosensitivity warning, so many forget to put that.

I think that style is perfect! The game is already unique in a way because it is not on a traditional race tack, so the style of map that you chose fits in perfectly with an open world concept. 

For a prototype it is pretty impressive. Runs pretty smoothly on my system. The only thing I would say is that if you develop it further (which I honestly hope you do), It'd be nice to add something unique so it stands out from every other racing type game... Be it some whacky cars or the way damage is rendered.

I loved it!

I love little games like this, one of the reasons why I love gaming!

I absolutely adore this!

Any ideas you want to make public.


Great job as always.

I use webroot, and it doesn't flag it...although windows does.

Looking for a game developer/studio  to sponsor me. I would do a lot more to promote your game than a few posts (If you just want me to go over your game i'll do that for free). I am talking like custom banners and pages dedicated to your game...and obviously blog listings as well.  For a sponsorship I am pickiest about you and your team being over 18 for legal reasons, other than that the terms are open for interpretation with my acceptance being the deciding factor. My Twitter, as well as the website, are on my profile so you may contact me that way!

Also, if you could get a hold of me on my Twitter, which should be on my profile, that'd be great as I have a few questions!

Will do :)

Yes, I do still have that issue, I think it is that the game registers them as an entity still when they should no longer exist.

I see potential in the game and would love to see more! Sometimes I still encounter a glitch where enemies I kill don't actually die,  and I have to fight them again. It is entertaining though and would love to follow the development!

No problem :) Love the game!

I appreciate the game and this clearly took a lot of work and I am grateful. Nice job! :)

85 lines was my best!

Yes, I am intentionally vague on the exact theme to allow you to make what you want, but in general yes.

Talk about...pie?

Dump your ideas here if you want.

Very much appreciated!