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Will do :)

Yes, I do still have that issue, I think it is that the game registers them as an entity still when they should no longer exist.

I see potential in the game and would love to see more! Sometimes I still encounter a glitch where enemies I kill don't actually die,  and I have to fight them again. It is entertaining though and would love to follow the development!

No problem :) Love the game!

I appreciate the game and this clearly took a lot of work and I am grateful. Nice job! :)

85 lines was my best!

Yes, I am intentionally vague on the exact theme to allow you to make what you want, but in general yes.

Talk about...pie?

Dump your ideas here if you want.

Very much appreciated!

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Fairly simple game, I will include multiple levels at some point. You probably can see where my lack of art skills/software is effecting the game.

Hello, I have been working on a game but it has been going very slow. There is much more to the game then there is now, and things yet to be removed. The engine I am using is based on artistic creations, which I am awful at! I need someone to assist me with the art, the game is donations based so I most likely cannot pay much if anything. If you do want payment you should be over 18 for legal reasons. My favorite has to be that dungeon map generator. Great one here too!

Congrats on the release!

If the game would not be suitable for a 13 year old I may have difficulties promoting it!

Be civilized!


Learn to pronounce


  1. 1. at an advanced stage of social and cultural development. "a civilized society" Similar: enlightened educated advanced developed cultured Opposite: uncivilized barbaric
  2. 2. polite and well-mannered. "I went to talk to them and we had a very civilized conversation"

My cultural game jam, a game jam that encourages you to celebrate your culture!! Jam starts in  three days, join now and you can share what is most important to you!

This is how games will be judged:

Poetry Is Used.
Voted on

Horror Aspects.
Voted on

Story Plot.
Voted on

Voted on

Voted on

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In order to help spark ideas, here are some common types of poetry:,%2C%20sonnets%2C%20and%20acrostic%20poems.

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Ask questions here!

Liked it? Dislike it? Why?

Want me to add something?

That's fine, thanks for making such a great game.

Just wanted to say that this game interested me and I enjoyed it!

 I want to feature the winners of my jam on my website, would you like to give a statement? You can email me if it is better (email is on my profile).

Your game did win in one category of my game jam, so I would like to speak to you!

I think it was enjoyable.

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Hello! Congrats on winning the game jam! If you could please give me a way to contact you then I would love to speak with you so I can quote you on the post that will be on my website! I did follow you on twitter so a follow back would allow me to message you I think. My twitter is @arjt27.