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This game was made for TrainJam 2017.

Theme: Unexpected anticipation
Code by Quang DX
Pixels by Sully
Muzak by Elie

Play either on your own or with up to 8 players on the same keyboard.
Keep your eyes on the amulets and avoid the skulls.
Use your YES or NO key to choose if you want the egg that has been chosen or not.
And whatever you do, don't pick up the poo.

Sad times, I really want an invisible cat.

Thank you for the kind words.
If we have enough interest, I would work on expanding on this and making it bigger and better.
And now since I am using Game Maker Studio, a HTML5 version is totally doable :D

Which driver are you using with your XBox One Controller on Mac?

Sorry to hear you had a problem with your XBox One controller on the Mac. Unfortunately I don't have a XBox One controller to test it out and work out a fix. You can always play two players on the keyboard controls though, that is until I raise some money to buy an XBox One controller, so I can fix what ever is wrong.