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Ash Badas

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After you mate!! ❤

Please view the game page for the tutorial and other cool details!!!  

Hey thanks mate :)

Hey, thanks a ton mate. It's incomplete for now. But updates coming in soon after the jam

Hey, thanks a lot mate. I wasn't able to get the entire thing done but you can find the instructions as to how to play on the main game page for now. The game is still incomplete but I'd be updating it after the jam.

Maybe, it's a single screen proof of concept at leaset. I wasn't able to finish it but would be updating it after the jam. Thanks

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hey, nope mate you are not. I just wasn't able to put the tutorial in time. The game would soon receive update, after the jam (the finished version). Till then I would be adding the tutorial and how to(s) on the game page in a few hours. Thanks a lot for trying it out just come back tomorrow and the video with the text instructions should be there on the page. Thanks again 🌟

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Hey, Thanks a lot. The art is done by my team-mate, she is clearly awesome at it⭐ A series of bugs slowed down the progress and I wasn't able to finish it. But I'd update the game after the jam. But thanks again, it made my day :)

Sorry, mate. I didn't have the time to prepare and test those :( it's pretty basic so I didn't expand on the game

It's exactly what it says, simple n clean text editor with audio capabilities. I like it. Nice one  ^_^

Hehe, thanks man. This was just for game jam, so didn't get time to add much 🥲 but I'm glad you liked it 😊

It's really enjoyable. 迷人的

Beautiful as always  ^ v ^

Thanks a ton, mate. Means a lot to me :)

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From the very first level, you'd know it's a game for speedrunners xD Awesome level design and yeah I'd say it again, perfect for speedrunners. You losing the jump when an enemy hits you is really smart. crunchy n fun :)

Thanks a lot for playing the game 😊 Not sure if it is deep enough to make it into something like a metroidvania 🤔 but sure I'll add more to it 😉

Hey, Thanks for trying it out 😊 Yup all visuals, Sfx and code were written during the jam. I mean it's just the simplest pixel art out there 🥴😄

Hey, Thanks for trying it out 😊 Yup all visuals, Sfx and code were written during the jam. I mean it's just the simplest pixel art out there 🥴😄

Please visit the game page to view the description, the theme I chose, controls, and download instructions. Feel free to let me know if you face some issue (here or on discord at -Ash Badas#2999) Hope you enjoy the game :)

Hey, yeah. It was just a jam game. But thanks a lot for trying it out. I agree the wait was kinda just left-lose to emphasize the loss but it probably kills the pacing.

I really like minimalistic games, and this one is no exception. Calm and beautiful visuals. Interesting puzzles. Loved it

Mate, I think your jam has just begun. Can you help us with the theme

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Damn, this was good. how would you know the SFX was good well I know that it was cause it made me feel like it's a rainy evening all gloomy in my bed about to take a nap chatting with someone over text. All I mean when I say that is you have nailed the feel. I saw the others games on your page the cover images look cool will check those out too someday. Best of luck mate :) And also you deserve more ratings than me, this game is super underrated. If someone is reading this but hasn't played it till now, well give it a try.

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Hey, Rishabh I love the feel of the game, nice lighting. I didn't notice if it's a roguelite but that's the feeling I got, a bit like the classic Spelunky. Not sure if I got how the game incorporates the theme. An into or backstory might help. But I hope you take this game further, best of luck Bhai :)

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The first time I played this game, I didn't know what was going on. So I didn't rate it cause I knew there's a lot going on here I just need to figure it out. Played it again. This time around I read the controls that stupid me didn't read last time and it was a blast I loved how simple it is but still makes me panic. A lot of players didn't notice that they have to reload the gun the first time around and so thought it's not working. I think if the text was enclosed in some box or just some way that the player could immediately find it and know what it is would help and one thing a really wish it had was a dash mechanics because sometimes an enemy comes on top of you and you can't out run him and within a second all your health drains down to 0.  But since it's a jam title no worries I love it :)

Thanks mate, means a ton ❤️

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Ayo, this is a cool-looking game.  The last level took a few tries but I was hooked on finishing it XD. And the last level, yeah that was designed very well, crisp. Enjoyed it :)

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This was fun and chill, really enjoyed the one sudden wall that blocked my jump, and then I remembered I can wall-climb and somehow saved my @$$ XD it was that feeling of you almost fell into the lava in minecraft but that one ladder saved your life.

Also since you are using the same engine I use, I can give you some feedback on the dev side. so in the condition which checks for collision with the red rectangles use trigger once. So that the sound only plays once, if you want the health meter to go down constantly and that's why you didn't add it, then what you can do is add a sub-event and add trigger once there. Something like what I have done in this image 

Oh trust me when I say this, this is the first game I'm playing from the jam and it definitely cured my headache. I had a funny moment when I was finished fishing and was going towards my home looking at the headache meter and how I now had a negative headache, smiling and ran straight into the car XD. The music fits the gameplay well. Short and crisp, enjoyed it :)

Thanks a lot mate ♥️ more levels coming your way soon 😉 I have more levels ready will upload after the jam ends.

Thanks a lot mate ♥️  yeah, I've got plans to add more levels. They are already ready will upload it after the jam. Only if I had one more hour I could have already added them :(

hmm kinda but I mean not really. I had 8 more levels to implement all different from what's in there (time 😭). Will surely add them after the voting period 😉 thanks for the feedback mate ♥️

That means a lot to me brother. Thanks a lot :)

Haha, thanks XD

why not give it a try ;)

Cool game man, I usually don't like games with floaty controls, but that's what makes this one fun, good up  :)

Damn this game is a rollercoaster, my heart pumps crazy. I would love to see some music in this game something that suits the fast-paced nature of this game. I'm not sure if this is just my mouse but the gun sometimes feels less responsive so maybe that could be fixed.

Thanks man, I'm glad you liked it (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

I just couldn't stop playing, this is crazy addictive. I love it 💕  

Awesome game man, super polished and fun to play. I enjoyed it although my score never went above 18.  It's also quite tough but in a good way :)