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Ash Badas

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ya I did thanks cool

Can I get the link to your discord server

Thanks :)

Man your making so many awesome games just one after another. how come you're so quick, I'm hardly getting anytime from my day job XD

Thanks Man, Sure I can expand it, BTW by the time I make that you can retry the game cause the gradients are all generated randomly :) 

It's fun. That all I could say you'd have to try it to enjoy it' s juice. I won't spoil anything but the progression is wort several tries that you'd go through. Nice game :)

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It took me sometime to understand but it was fun to play once I got to know how. It's also quite difficult. all in all it's a fun game. Great job man

Perfectly fits the theme and sure it's fun to play :)

haha, thanks man :)

Thanks man, sure I'll try your game. 

Thanks man, ya it shot. We were actually stuck with our day job. So :(

haha, thanks :)

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Thanks man :)

I'll surely add more levels

Thanks man. It's true, The game isn't balanced. It was made in a hurry so XD

Just by seeing the gif in the thumbnail I knew this game is brilliant. Great job.

Thanks man, it's all up to the Mayor ;) 

Gdevelop 5

Guys, your discord link has expired. Please change it.

Very interesting concept, love the visuals and the sfx. It's a well built game that lives up to the aesthetics it's trying to deliver upon. Love it :)

Thanks, I'll add progressively hard levels in the updates to come.

It's a nice game there are some things that you could polish, not visually I mean some mechanics could be made better, also I'm not sure if this matches the theme. But over all I enjoyed my time playing this awesome game :)

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Thanks Brother, I'd surly improve the controls :)

Thanks a lot for the suggestion. I've started to work on it :)

I don't know if I should rate it now or not. I don't think I've understood the game well. I completed the whole game without actually understanding what certain things had to do in the game. like the ability to change the camera cause it didn't really affect the game or why pressing shift made those circles disappear and why were they there in the first place. I thing you should slip a tutorial or an explanation for things happening in the game

The game's really fun to play, it's simple yet enjoyable. There some minor problem thought, which at first glance is kinda funny. so if you play in the embedded version then each time you press the up arrow key to jump the page also scrolls with it so each time you jump you see less and less of the screen, you then have to scroll the screen downwards and then continue to play. If you try to play the game in full screen then it hides some of the screen including the tutorial and sometimes while jumping the character just moves out of the view cause the screen is zoomed. But still I'm ignoring all of that when I rate. The game itself is quite fun and you did a great job.

Exactly, I feel movements/ controls could be improved. And just the over all polish, this is a game with a lot of depth you just have to playtest again and again and look for things that ruins the experience for the player. I'll give you an example, when I entered the game and started moving towards right I saw a series of platforms laid in a stairs formation going up to some other room, naturally I tried to jump from one platform to the other trying to get to that unseen room but that requires me to learn to sprint and jump, but the text tutorial for that can only be seen ones you have already entered that room.

I've some mixed feelings about this game. It's surely a game with great potential and I'm sure the developer are planning to make it better since it's already at V1.2 that means that the game is receiving regular updates. But as of now the game feels a bit rushed. The visuals are great they remind me of the 'Hue' (a similar puzzle platformer). The way the whole rewind thing is set up combined with the level design is awesome. I hope the developer continues to improve the game. I'd love to see this game reaching up to it's true potential :)

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Man, this game is filed to the brim with depth. It reminded me VVVVVV but with controls that make it feel like a turn based strategic platformer. I love such games and this one is no exception. The levels are designed well. Though it was a bit difficult to navigate through the tutorial but I understand that it might have suffered from time constrains and that it will get better in future builds. Good Job :)

Thanks man.

Your way is the right way (*^▽^*)

This is the kind of game I can play for hours on end. It's so enjoyable and the cherry on the treat is that it's browser playable game you can just start playing this game anytime any where, and you need that cause believe me once you start playing you won't stop :)

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This game starts of feeling like it's gonna be a hilarious comedy game, then it leaves you confused. Next comes the realization, your eye widens this is no joke it's a gem. You might not get it at first but believe me give it some time the experience is totally worth it. This game is criminally underrated, it's such an elegant game. Hats off to developer Yazorius. For me it's a 5 star on all accounts, be it visuals, audio, creativity, gameplay, it's all pin perfect.

Thanks brother, I'll surely add more levels in future updates

Thanks Brother. New levels are coming soon ;)

Thanks Man 乂❤‿❤乂

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It took me some time to understand your game but ones I started to understand, it was fun. You should have added a tutorial a lot of player might just not get what they have to do. But I must say it's a really fun and interesting game :)

By the way, you won't believe me about a year back I made a prototype that was very similar to this one. So it was fun to watch a similar idea but so much more fun to play.

This game is so frustratingly fun to play. 

I just love controlling Blu. Although to some it might seem like Blu a bit too out of control, but in my opinion it's the most fun to play as Blu :)

God this game hooks me like non other, I just can't stop playing. 

That ambient music and those fight visuals is just ( ˘ ³˘)❤

Thanks brother (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

Good job man, I was actually hooked ;)