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Thank you for clarifying this, but I wonder about some areas like dungeon that I cant see in game, also you announced in forum a version which has gallery too

After the road blocked with big statue, is it possible to continue somehow?

I see, thanks again for the big help, well in any case as you said probably the only option I have left right now is to sell the game here following your advice, I never feared piracy to be honest but just now after I made a bigger project and put it on steam I started noticing that piracy is there, just a slight sample, I got several fake emails from people claiming to be youtubers streamers etc asking for steam keys and after checking the real people or contacting the real streamers I noticed those were fake, to be honest Im lost as what they wanted if its just people wanting a free game or just people going to put this up in pirate sites, but then again if I dont do it as you suggest and possibly risk piracy etc the game wont be sold properly here and I really like this site in many ways so I think I will proceed as you suggest even if that means hitting a pirate site as well, I assume there is nothing we can do to avoid that from here, right?. 

I forgot to mention that I cant configure the steam button, I tried doing on both paths and results in replicated link, no button, well thats not as important but just to let you know that I tried that too

Sorry I couldnt come back earlier, health issues kept me away, and I see, thank you, I know, that as I dont get any input from staff, besides yours I mean, Im somehow on hold forever, I will think if its worth for me to put my files on sale here, in that case I assume the release date is updated, right? I mean would be listed as new release etc

Also I found finally a thread I read a while back and they said back in the day that its possible to sell the key alone I assume its refered to cases that can only be run inside Steam due to online server or other features? Im sorry to bring this as we already talked about this feature but somehow I dont understand what they say there since it seems to be impossible to sell here the keys only

I see, well I will remain like this for now, somehow I didnt use to fear piracy when I was making smaller games but now I have put like 2 years of my life in a game I fear that too much maybe so I prefer to concentrate the files in one place where theoritically they are a bit safer (although I know piracy reaches all places). So I will do as you said and for now keep the page there without anything on sale.

About the button its odd, as you said it looks like I duplicatted the button but I added the later with the metadata and the other with the link under tags but they look the same, I will delete both and retry just in case something went oddly wrong as it seems Im always doing these days

I configured the steam link under tags where you mentioned in your other post, tried the metadata path and the link looks the same, well anyway its correct either way I guess. About steam keys, then I got it wrong Im sorry, I read in someone's post here somewhere that he wanted to sell only the Steam keys because of security issues, meaning that Steam theoritically makes it a bit harder for the pirates to get the whole game files and place them somewhere for the people to get, but seeing what you just said I think he was wrong too as its pointless in terms of security to have the keys if the game has to be sold here together with the game, right? then if I want to only spread Steam keys with the users I cant do much more here, right? I mean since its not on sale here I just can keep the game page that directs people to Steam but in that case I assume it wont appear in search or other lists as its not on sale, correct me if Im wrong please and again sorry for trouble.

I see the Steam link that you mentioned, I think I configured this right (I see a link to Steam in game details think thats the way its suppossed to work) thanks for explanation.

And about the external keys, I think I need to ask something that maybe I got wrong, so is it allowed to sell here the Steam keys without having the game files here? like someone goes here clicks buy the game and gets the key alone?

Thanks a lot for your continuous help, Im sorry I did it the wrong way, never pretended to make things the way they are not accepted here, I removed the file, but Im not sure about the minimum price you mentioned, if its on sale here (the key not the actual game files) then shouldnt I keep a minimum price? Steam strongly remarks that I cant sell on lower price outside Steam and so I fixed same price. I think the Steam button should be there (well I see a Steam link dont know if I should show other button), tried on my friends account and the Steam key is not show yet, as you said this is separated issue, but just to know if all is fixed to make the game appear in search I wonder if all is correct now

I see, so should I open other thread just mentioning this issue with the steam key? Aside from that the game is not reachable through search, and is not listed anywhere, I know as you said things have been a little slow lastly so in any case if you can point me to do other thing Im open to any other ideas as I have spent a  lot of time making this game and I would like it to be present here

Well I re-did the cover to ensure size is correct, I thought this issues make the game impossible to launch but anything can happen I guess, and in any case Im still having same issue, because this is the first steam game I publish maybe I missconfigured something but I sure checked on everything twice at least. Anywa Im glad your game is out =)

I see, but is it ok if I continue with this thread instead of starting a new one until the game is reachable? as I said I tried all thats suggested and checked on everything, well the Steam key is not given with the generated code I made but maybe its part of the issue, I hope you can point me in the right direction, got no reply from twitter so far

As No Time To Play said your game is now reachable through search, congratulations =), did yo make any change to achieve this? or was it a matter of itchio staff who fixed it? Also as a side note, your game is quite nice although I havent gotten the time to play fully, I suggest you put the language option in main screen instead of options but well people will find it there too, aside from that its quite a nice game, keep up the great work =)

After a week has passed I got no news from Itchio's twitter, I know there is probably nothing else we can do but wait, just updating on my current situation and hoping it gets fixed by them as soon as possible, again Im open to any new ideas

Indeed, its very odd, I cant tell the reason, all the games I have seen that are suffering from this are different like one is hosted here one is downloadable one is steam etc I only know that a friend who seems to be very lucky makes a lot of super fast games and his games are published in a blink and listed on recent and other categories like android games etc I dont know what is wrong in the site or why our games are not listed, lets hope they fix it soon

Its odd, I have a friend who publishes really small games (really thats fin are fun still) and his games are listed under recent and other lists like in 1 or 2 days with no trouble but your game seems more elaborated the same as mine and others having same issue and somehow these are not listed and time goes on, in twitter i got no answer from itchio either, I dont know what could be going on, I was thinking it could be something wrong with mine being on steam too (like bad configuration) but yours are here so Im clueless, lets hope they come back to us and fix this

I forgot to mention that I tested a generated code in a friends account and the Steam key is not given with the download, I wonder if this could have anything to do with the fact the game cant be found yet here, maybe I configured something wrong, I read the faq section related to Steam and external codes so I think all is correct, just mention this in case it helps see what could be wrong

Nice, thanks a lot =), Im open to any new ideas

Nice idea, I will do that, I assume you refer to @itchio , right? and if so I see I cant direct message them so I guess I should post my issue and mention them, correct me if Im wrong, Im sorry Im not used to twitter mechanics

Thanks for mentioning this, thats odd, isnt there other thing that can be done?

I still have no news from admin or staff regarding the game and its still not listed or I cant find it at least, just a reminder in case the staff is missing it and I missed an email in spam folder

Thats nice of you, thank you very much =)

Sorry to post again in relation to this, but since it has been 9 days since it was published and the game is not listed yet, I still wonder if something is wrong with the game, I could have missed a communication from staff as I usually find emails in spam folder, so if there is something to be changed, please let me know, and again Im very sorry to post about this, thanks for your time

I see, yes I have read about the queue before but as I posted some paid games before (long ago in an account that I no longer use) and these were published faster I thought there could be something wrong with the configuration or something, Im sorry and really thanks a lot for your explanation =)

Hi all,
I published the game a few days ago and I cant seem to find it searching through not even searching by title or tags, is there something wrong in the configuration of the game page? Thanks for any help =)

Hi all,
I released Speed Masters ASD, a game where you can build your tracks easily and compete with your friends. Here is the link:

I hope you like, feel free to ask any questions about it =)

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Hi all,
I have my game on Steam and I would like to give keys here to those who buy the game, I see in the page clearly that the key wil be given to the one who buys the game, but I generated a key to a friend and as I have seen there is no Steam key after entering the generated key, I placed a txt file with a link to the Steam redeem page, this one shows up but the external key isnt visible, I set my project to draft again as I think this wont work and people could be paying to get nothing so its all wrong, I hope you can help me, thanks beforehand for any clue.

Hi!! As the game allows for you to compete against other players ghosts then it will be fun to create competition and certain events on tracks that the community make, so feel free to make a new thread with your competition details and track(s) ghost files. One goal I have in mind with the game is that it lets us compete and see who is the best in each track and considering the track editor features I think there is quite a lot of space for new and awesome competitions I have never imagined, have fun =)

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Hi all,
I have published my game in Steam and I would like to sell it here giving the buyers a external key, I set up some keys and these are added correctly but I cant see the "buy this game" button, how do I activate it giving the key to the one who buys the game? I checked on the Faqs and apparently its all correct but after setting the page as public I see no "Buy" button so I set it back to draft before someone visits it and sees it not working. Thanks for any clue about this

Edit: I noticed that the buy button appears with any uploaded file, I placed a txt file with instructions to redeed the code and the button appears there, just as  I comment on other thread the steam key is not being given to the one who buys it apparently

Hi!! if you have made a great time in a track feel free to share your ghost replay here with others and let's see if they can beat your best time =)

Hi!! as you know the game allows to share the tracks you create with other, so if you want to let others see your creations then go ahead and share them here =)

Speed Masters ASD community · Created a new topic Welcome!

Hi, welcome to the Speed Masters ASD community, I hope you like the game, feel free to share your thoughts about the game and ask anything about it. Enjoy your stay =)