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That looks good, would you mind uploading an HTML5 build though? I do not have the space on my computer to keep a PC build there.

Thanks! Be careful though, the events in here a quite different and simplified from GDevelop, please don’t use this as a GDevelop learning resource 😅

Nice game, great art and attention to detail, though the game doesn’t feel very nice to play. I think the polish went too much into less important details like the character being slowed down when looking the other way when running, and less into more important details like the gun being clunky, or the first boss being too simplistic… 4/5, a missed opportunity for 5/5 if you ask me.

I want this game to win. This is the best piece of art I have seen in ages and I cannot begin to express the joy I got from playing this gem. 6/5, would recommend.

Very fun game! I really like the intro video and music, and the game itself, while not feeling very polished, is very fun, and has a balanced difficulty making the game fun and hard to beat without being unfair either. The theme looks like an afterthought, but it is overlookable considering the quality of the gameplay. 4/5

Pretty nice concept, but too many annoyances in the execution: slippery controls, character speed too high, music that restarts with the level, annoying sound when touching enemies… 2/5

Pretty neat game! Well executed, good enough graphics and audio, simple but fun concept. The game does get boring a bit fast though, and the controls are a bit clunky. 4/5

Thanks :D

We’re glad you like it :)

Thanks 😎

Thanks :) We plan to add more levels and events, and polish the game overall (better code quality/performance, allowing selecting/deleting events and instructions, better tutorial, making the interactions with the “dev” (yellow text) better…). Personally, I’d be in favor of open sourcing the game at some point too, maybe even submitting it as an example, but I need to talk this through with the team.

Nice game! It took me much time to understand the way you are supposed to carry objects back to the base, it wasn’t very challenging and had many bugs breaking immersion and ruining the fun though :/ The idea and artistic design of the game definitely saves it though! 3.5/5

Nice game! Kind of hard to master, and sometimes slightly too slow and silent imo but that aspect is also really relaxing 😌. Nice experience overall, would recommend, good job!

Thank. U 2.

Thanks :) Good luck to you too if you participate to the jam as well.

Careful, the rules require a web build to be present, not including one might disqualify you 😱

Thanks :) We hope you’ll find the finished version of the game fun too!

gorgeous software

Thanks! If you are participating too, I wish you good luck as well ;)

thanks :) We are still experimenting with it, but we’re convinced we’ll get something fun out of it!


Pretty nice game 👍

Very detailed environments and a long lifetime, making up for a good game. The gameplay is smooth and well tweaked, maybe the level design is a bit too unfair at times, but generally, it’s a fun challenge.

Would recommend!

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Very nice game, added to the showcase!

Pixel Dash community · Created a new topic Download link?

Hello, I am here to review the game for it’s GDevelop games showcase submission, but I cannot see any download links for the game. Could you please show me where I can find the game (if possible a web build to make the process faster)?

Can you add the web version? There are unlimited exports for those btw and more people play the game if they don’t have to download it.


Nice game! I would prefer to use the mouse to aim at enemies instead of using wasd for that though.

Pretty nice. I haven’ played the original much, but I think they had a room system. I’d personally do something similar, and have a set respawn point for each room, because your respawn thing is pretty broken (sometimes respawn far from where I died, sometimes respawn into spikes…). It also often keeps the gravity it had when dying instead of the one at the respawn point. It is also a bit frustrating to not have anything after collecting all orbs.

Deceleration is too low

Deleting objects may be overkill indeed, but it would definitely be worth it as each objects gets lots of calculations applied to it for the 3D effect. What I recommend doing is doing a big hitbox arround the player as field of view. Only apply the mathematics to objects in collisions with that FoV object and hide the others to not generate anyy visual glitches. This trick should greatly improve performance. Then maybe you already have something like that in your code, as it’s the most obvious and basic optimization…

you can also try to dlete objects to far away to see and recreate them when approaching. Like you have external layouts and zones, and when you get too far away from a zone, it deletes objects in it, and when approaching it again recreate from exernal layout

Really nice! Sometimes a tiny bit laggy but I love the general style and phylosophy behind it! Keep up the good work!

Oh well I wanted to make a game and completely forgot :/ I’ll wait for the next one to try and participate ;)

Looks really cool!

Very cool game and gameply concept! The only thing I don't like is the loading screen. I have the feeling it isn't really needed (by looking at the game it's not THAT heavy) and could be made more esthetic. Also some sprites are weird (have another graphical theme) in this environement and some are a bit pixelated or blurry.

Else the most original gameplay concept and a beautifully anumated menu! Keep up the good work!

Nice game! Beautiful graphics, good animations, good sound, good programming, it's all really good! Only little point where you could have improved is by explaining how the game works (how to collect honey, goal of the game, etc).

Keep up the good work!

Really cool game! There are here and there pretty annoying things tho. On the top of my mind:

1. Chracters autotalk when you approach them instead of you choosing per keypress to talk to them

2. Pressing enter resets the game but nothing says it anywhere

3. Cutscene interrupts while dialog

4. Controls are not easy to use and unchangeable

Else keep up the good work!

This is literally the platformer example with other kenney sprites (wich werent cropped properly), fake loading screens, nothing telling you what to do. Sorry for the bad rating, but there is just no good point.