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It was a pretty long time ago since I played this, so I hope I remember all my points of critique. Before that though, I'd like to say that I think it's amazeballs that a game has finally been made based off a game I omit for reasons I think should be obvious to you. Love that part. Here are points I think can be better in this game.

First of all, the 100 turns rule. During gameplay, I have not kept track of the amount of turns I've played and I think nobody has really during a board game. Even during trading card game events have I never seen that. This is ripped straight out of the [RETRACTED] video game. Nobody complained about it then, because the game kept track of turns for us, but that just isn't a thing with boardgames. There are things you just can't do in a board game, because work in making the game work is done by humans and humans also want to have fun.

Second of all, relation between cards and figures on board is not clear at all. Yes, I tried dices to make the relationship between tokens and cards clearer, but even then I had to be careful, as dice could just roll over, because of a flawed table we were playing on. Besides, counting the eyes on the dice and then trying to figure out what token it was again was not exactly a fun chore either. In cases like these, I think it's best to just label the cards with a number relating to a token (no this has not been done).

A side note to this is the fact that those paper tokens need so much space to not fall over that you aren't completely sure what space they occupy, but I guess that is forgiven, as this is just a demo.

Finally though, the food or actually how the game works in general. Thanks to the food mechanic, the battles already don't really take forever, so leaving that would make the 100 turn rule obsolete. However, leaving these mechanics the way they are don't exactly result in a successful game either. Because why bother with the graveyard and revival if the amount of times I can send in an unit is less than the amount of units I have? Yes, I have an item card that can give me food temporarily, but it has a one time use. There is no real continuous way of gaining food and if that's what you're going for, I guess that's fine, but the graveyard-revival thing will then only be useful if you let each player begin with a lot of food and/or more food item cards.  So this game needs either more food or a continuous way of getting food if you want to make it more fun. And yes, the continuous way of getting food might be a thing that would give us games that last for 100 turns and more, but maybe we can say that competitive rules just demand a timer for each player and first player running out of time loses.

So those are the things I needed to say about this game. I really want this to be a thing. I want this to be huge. But that means some rules need to be changed

I didn't get the rythm. Maybe a visual aid would have helped. Otherwise the visuals are anything but a complainable aspect of this game: the art is well done. This combination of dating sim and rythm game is one I'd like to see more time spent on.

Did the enemy have lots of hp or did all attacks miss everytime? I had only two abilities of which one was almost always useless. There also seemed to be no invincibility frames after getting hit, so I think i lost all of my lives in just a second, because of that. It seems like a game that can have lots of potential, but maybe it needs more than 48 hours.

Timer went negative. I think that's because the game couldn't handle me shooting many pellets and timer reaching zero at the same time.

Found that weird too. They're literally called 'baked stones' in Dutch

Good thing a fix was in the description

Nice idea, but did not understand puzzle, so I didn't finish. Maybe (if you want to make a full game of this) make it so a part of the enemy bar does not become a waste of time as soon as one enemy is knocked out, but make it so the whole bar belongs to the other living enemies.

Good game, but audio got cut away for no apparent reason and I completed levels without putting all of the cats in the boxes

Literally unplayable. I think you forgot to put UnityPlayer.ddl in folder

Bus got stuck at starting line once for no reason

I felt like it was too linear

Even the part I could control was difficult

Even the part I could control was difficult

A fun game, but the game crashed when I pressed 'restart'

Too many useless buttons per round imo, but an original idea that can take off nonetheless

I did not expect a game this well-polished as one of the games made in 48 hours. I'd say invest more time in this and I can already see it appear in Steam, Epic store, Eshop etc.