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Thank you for your feedback and enthusiasm!

Thanks for your feedback !

Keyboard/Mouse default inputs seem to create debates, even in our own team.

Seems like there are as many mappings as people who test our game :D

I will try your configuration, we didn't try this one.

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Hi everyone !
We literally worked for months in our first game SRX after posting its prototype last summer.

It is a flying vehicles racing game meant to become an online multiplayer game, melting Trackmania and Mario Kart / Crash Team Racing.
We put a lot of efforts to make reliable systems in order to offer a great user experience.
Among others, we have:

  • An easy-to-learn but difficult-to-master gameplay
  • An interactive tutorial to learn how to drive vehicles
  • A Very easy-to-use Control Mapper for Keyboard/Mouse and Gamepads
  • A Glyph System showing the player the game controls using its preferred Gamepad (Xbox and Playstation ones for the moment)
  • A track system to easily create new tracks and in the future make it available to players to let them create the tracks they want
  • Deeply customizable Options such as Graphics, Controls, Audio, Camera, Interface, Language

But, is it worth it ?

We just began our journey but barely got a few downloads so for now, the short answer is no.
We never made it a single minute to the front page, not even in Fresh Games. Our social media ads campaign does not show its potential for now.
And aside from that, games developed in days during jams get as much or more views, boosting and downloads.

So, would we put the same efforts and time to release our game knowing that ?
We believe that players would be thankful if every game studio put as much efforts to please the player and offer him the best user experience it can as we did ! Our efforts are limited due to the fact that we are only two developers and a part-time sound designer but yes, we did as much as we could to please the player and dream of big studios doing the same thing for us.

All our systems are strong, stable, reusable, and we aim to use them in future updates and projects.

We believe in our game and would be really glad to have constructive feedback to boost our efforts !
I'd rather have a thousand bad but constructive reviews and learn a lot from them than the few good feedbacks we have for now.

Please tell us what you think of our game and feel free to give us any kind of feedback, it would help us a lot to go further and reach our ambitious goals as long as yours:

Thanks, and see you in the sky ;)

Rémi from Arokma.

Hi !
Sorry for the reply on an old topic but I was also wondering how the fresh system works, as our game SRX isn't showing in fresh games either.
Are these collections run by itch administrators ?
And is there a time limit before the game won't be able to appear in the fresh section ?

Thanks in advance !
Rémi from Arokma.

Thanks for your feedback!
Field Of View issues and display distances in Windridge will be corrected in the next update !
Meanwhile, we advise you to keep a low FOV to better enjoy this environment :}

Hi everyone !
After a few months of work, we, the studio Arokma, finally published our first game, SRX.
This game is a big evolution of a prototype called Drone RX, published in 2018 already on

In this Solo version of SRX, the player can control various types of flying vehicles in order to beat records and ghosts on 10+ tracks in the Time Trial game mode.

For the last few months, we worked hard to provide a great user experience by improving every aspect of this game and adding all the features that were missing from the prototype, hoping that this time, we will seduce you!
Take a look!

If what you see pleases or intrigues you, here is the link of our page :

We are very interested in every type of feedback, so please come by and tell us what you think of it or what could be improved.
This is only the beginning!

Rémi, from Arokma