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Ah, sorry, reading the page again, I see that it does say at the top that the fonts are truetype. I was thrown off by the bullet point description of the assets folder.


Like the title says, do these fonts come with TTF format files?


Love that first GIF. The scene feels so vibrant and alive. You're making good progress! Excited to see what you implement in the future.

Never too late for an answer :) I'm just a hobbyist who dabbles in game making, so I don't mind waiting for an answer. Are there code limits? Like how Pico-8 limits the total amount of code. That to me is the big one, since I tend to make games that have lots of text.

That add tile function seems interesting. Would we be able to use it to make a system that lets the player customise their living space, by placing furniture and decorations?

Enjoy your break. You deserve it!

Hey Justin, 

I think I've been spoiled by your frequent updates, so now that I haven't seen any new announcement posts in a couple weeks I'm like, "I wonder if everything's ok?"

As I continue to work on my game prototype, a question about stats has occurred to me. In my game, I've decided not to use a combat system, instead the game centers around stat tests like what some RPGs have during their dialogue. You know, where you can try to intimidate a person and it'll do a random roll against your strength stat to see if the attempt succeeds. Currently I'm using RPG maker to prototype (sorry for using your competitor for that! :3 ), and I'm using variables for the different stats, along with a custom made information window to display them. I was wondering if creating a similar custom window will be possible with RiaB? What I'm currently doing is a simple list with labels on the left and the variable display of the stat as a set of star icons on the right of the label, where the number of stars displayed is the value of the variable (ranging from 1 to 5). Just curious if the ability to do something like that will exist in RiaB?

Hey there! Been a while, but I got derailed for a bit and now I'm back and working on my game. Well, really just playing around with RiaB and learning how to use it and improving my art skills with the voxel editor, since I get the impression with 0.5 that a lot will change under the hood. 

Anyway, I had a suggestion, which I didn't see on the Trello board, which is to have item durability. Weapons get worn down with use and armors get worn down when the player is hit in combat, with the developer controlling rate of decay, and what happens when the item reaches 0 durability. We'd be able to choose if the item is destroyed, becomes unusable but remains in the inventory, or has a stat decrease.

Relatedly, ammo counts for ranged weapons would be nice as well, but you've probably already got that planned :)

Unrelatedly, and sorry for having a bunch of different thoughts in one post, I saw on the Trello that you're planning to have 2D sprites for characters. I'm curious how this would work in terms of development. Would you implement a sprite editor within RiaB? If that's so, does that mean one day, in the future, we could potentially get a 2D version of RiaB? XD

Very cool update. Looks like you're making lots of great progress! That racing game screenshot really caught my eye. Does it mean we'll be able to make all sorts of cool minigames for our RPGs? :D

Hey there! Are there plans to implement transparency for the voxels? Would be a good option for making, say scenes where fish or other objects could be seen under the water surface.

Hey, Gamefromscratch has done a video on RPG in a Box! I'll embed it here:

Very nice progress on it. I haven't been able to dabble with RiaB in a while because of life things, but I'm still rooting for you! Once it's done, it will probably be the best RPG creation tool out there.

Yeah, I get the idea that the limits are there for that "nostalgia" reason, but another big appeal of these fantasy consoles is that all the tools to make a game are built into a single program. You can code, make art, design sounds, compose music, all at once. A fantasy console without hard limits on sprites, code, and so forth would be a fantastic product. Maybe I should make my own....

Very cool. Do you have a timeline estimate for when you think line dance battles will be implemented? My current game was originally designed for RPG Maker, and was built around those kinds of battles. Not that I need them anytime soon or anything, I can keep myself busy for a while yet making the maps and events and everything else. I was just curious what sort of personal timeline you're working on.

You know, I was thinking the other night that it would be cool if the RPG in a Box "sequel" went the low-poly 3D route and included  it's own simple modeller for making art, but thought that would be too complex to animate. But, if you do eventually support creating skeletal animations in RiaB in the future, maybe that dream might become a reality one day! XD 

I wasn't planning to dive too deeply into RPG in a Box for a while, but I'm really liking the fact that I can make all my game art right in the application without having to go into a external editor. That convenience makes all the difference in the world for me, and you even have a sound generator included with music generation as a long-term goal? Super cool. I'm thinking I might switch development of my game away from RPG Maker and into RiaB instead. Hopefully your sales are going/will go well enough that you can keep working on this wonderful software long-term. Once it hits 1.0, it'll be the best RPG making software on the market!

Ah, I figured there must have been some sort of keyboard navigation, but I couldn't figure it out. That'll work nicely until a mouse-based solution gets implemented :)

Hey there! The trackball I use doesn't have a middle mouse button. Would it be possible to implement a way to emulate the middle button? Perhaps something like holding down ALT would cause the left mouse button to act like the middle mouse button? 

Finally made the purchase. I probably won't get around to making anything for a while (gonna wait until the various systems get fleshed out a bit more before diving in too much), but it looks nice next to the various fantasy consoles on my hard drive ;)

Gotta say, though, that I love the combat system. It currently reminds me of a 3D version of the old SSI Gold Box games, which is good! What plans do you have for the final combat system to look like? It feels like you'll be heading toward a Final Fantasy Tactics/Fire Emblem style as opposed to, for want of a better description, the typical Dragon Quest/JRPG "line dance" style. Or do you plan to support different systems that we can use or extend via scripting?

Very nice overview of the creator. Love that music generator; it makes some pretty nice tunes!

Nice! Thanks for sharing!

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Very cool. I learned about the existence of RPG in a Box from one of GDQuest's Godot videos, and I must say I'm intrigued. My plan is to purchase soon, once I have my budget for the month sorted, but I was wondering: will RPG in a Box eventually be able to support the creation of a Pokemon-style game? That's the kind of thing I'd realy love to dabble in making.

Edit: Also, it would be really cool if you could work out a deal with Oryx so the voxel art you used for Dungeon in My Pocket could be included with RPG in a Box :D

Hey there, 

I was wondering if there are artificial limitations in the same way that other fantasy computers have. Pico-8, for example, limits the maximum amount of code and sprites and whatnot you can use. Does Liko-12 have the same sort of thing? I'd love to have a fantasy computer that DOESN'T have those limitations.

Sweet! I haven't had time to dive into Pixel Vision as much as I want to, but I'm still pumped to see development continue :)

Hey Kenney!

Sorry for posting this here but there doesn't seem to be a Kenney Game Assets community here on Itch. I'm planning to get the Kenney Game Assets 3 soonish, because I love what you do and also the RPG Block Pack looks EXACTLY how I envision my next game to look like! 

I was wondering, though, if you could release the colour palette you use for making the art? That way I can create custom content that matches the colours you use. I know I could just colour pick from the already existing assets , but having a palette would make it easier. 

Keep up the great work, and I hope to see more RPG Block Pack style assets for different genres other than fantasy ;)

My fingers are crossed for in-app editors for everything, PICO-8 style. It'll make the dabbling I do much easier :)

Just bought the deluxe version of this. Looks like a great new asset. This might be outside the scope of the project, but I'd love to see pieces that we can use to make people, animals, monsters and whatnot.

This is really exciting. I bought Pixel Vision 8 recently more on a whim than anything else (I love the concept of fantasy consoles) I probably won't be using it for anything more than playing around with, but it's nice to see that there will be flexibility to publish pretty much anywhere Unity can. That's pretty sweet! :)

Is this still up? I got a 404 when I clicked the link :(