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Are there "memory limits"?

A topic by arm413 created Nov 28, 2017 Views: 1,228 Replies: 11
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Hey there, 

I was wondering if there are artificial limitations in the same way that other fantasy computers have. Pico-8, for example, limits the maximum amount of code and sprites and whatnot you can use. Does Liko-12 have the same sort of thing? I'd love to have a fantasy computer that DOESN'T have those limitations.

Yes, Liko-12 has its own virtual limits.

Having no limit breaks the very idea and purpose of a fantasy console/computer. The reason they are made is to bring back the nostalgic time where programmers have to deal with the hardware's limit. Limit encourages creativity and resourcefulness.

Yeah, I get the idea that the limits are there for that "nostalgia" reason, but another big appeal of these fantasy consoles is that all the tools to make a game are built into a single program. You can code, make art, design sounds, compose music, all at once. A fantasy console without hard limits on sprites, code, and so forth would be a fantastic product. Maybe I should make my own....

I believe that would be a great applicant to do actually and especially if open-source. I like the default 8 bit/16 bit channels that these small virtual machines have :)


I think I'm too late to answer this, but here's the answer:

LIKO-12 has some basic limitations, but those can be bypassed by many ways, for example, you can store additional sprites sheets in the code, with gzip compression.

Never too late for an answer :) I'm just a hobbyist who dabbles in game making, so I don't mind waiting for an answer. Are there code limits? Like how Pico-8 limits the total amount of code. That to me is the big one, since I tend to make games that have lots of text.


No, There aren't any code limits 😉

"you can store additional sprites sheets in the code, with gzip compression"
Wow it's awesome! Is there any example of that code?


Yes, there's the 'SheetToClip' command,

There are some WIP community projects which use it, you can ask about them in the LIKO-12 Discord.

It's would nice to see a special site for uploading games like Tic-80 library
with downloadabling source code for all Liko-12 community.


I'm having plans for doing that, but it has to be community funded, with it's own donate button.

Sorry! I don't get it.
Is there any documentation information about "SheetToClip" command?