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Such fun! Interesting to see the SupaPowers engine being used. Like the Game and Watch approach. :)

Great looking game. The use of a plant-person is a nice touch.

Not sure how to start, mouse and keys unresponsive 

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Not a bad introductory VN into the surprise-When-They-Cry Themes. There are others out there that are more brutal. Particularly ones from the PC-98 era and others.

Interesting interactive point-n-click

Graphics show a nice hotel or apartment-like quality. The camera spins around a little too quickly though and some areas so dark difficult to see. 

Potential :)

Looks like thumper turned 18+! Nice animation 

Nice refresh from non-interactive VN's with mostly music playing in background :)

Music, Color-Pallete and Growth Simulators are all good :)

Fun little game with good potential.

Love the sketchy surreal-like look :)

Hmm, is there no escape from the bambi woods? :)

Hmm apparently the planet exploded with too much sulfur and gas! :)

Have you tried the ModDB sites or RPGMaker ones for the demo? I find that most RPG/Pixel games there have a tendency of getting noticed faster and was one of the sites I've used in past before discovering itch.

Nice plugin! Would be great for Krita software

Left community · Created a new topic File Saved As?

When using the application are files saved as .doc, .html or other compatible extension types?

Guess Kakarrot uh, Carrots aren't there with the VEGETA bombs? :)

Looking forward for more :)

Interestng concept to have enemy players affect player's vision instead of normal shoot-em-up

Good old Win 98 days :)

Sanic Suggest!

VR is still in its infant stage so there is plenty of opportunity with this technology. As I recall, AR was the go-to but VR was limited to the short-coming of the Virtual Boy. 

Just like with SSD, the pricing for VR headsets will eventually go down as well and become more accessible to main-stream consumers.

If you know the syntax generally for programming languages you can pretty much write in any language with the difference of the syntax terminology and some functions, such as auto-dumping, multi-inheritance support, etc. 

It's gotten better with the amount of resources available than it was back in the 90's (Windows 2.1/95 era). 

For Python it would basically be something like this. From what I recall by default Python treats variables as Objects and not as Primitive Data as some languages have.

print("I am a python tidbit")

I'm more of a Software Engineer that deals mainly with backend/front-end/NoS programming. While writing games isn't a career, it can be a fun and useful  skillful hobby to do. One also feels that there are things missing from the current scene of the main-stream gaming industry be it either glazed over, repetitive, or excluded.

There may be some available over at the Unity store as well. :)

Thumbs up. Reminds me of PC-98 games :)

Missing nw_elf.dll

That's one heck of a locker :)

Great how the walks vary between characters!


I believe an actual game of this is coming out but with much more. Will it be like a Futuristic version of Jennifer?

Its interesting. Has it been updated?


Yara End :)

Very nice! Has the Atari look but amps it up with the sword

Hmm brings back memories? :)

Love the artstyle but what explains the fire?

Was it put there or is it an occurrence of event?

Nice :)