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Pet! :)

Love the pixelated artwork and the puzzles in this mysterious setting game.  Some of the monsters like the the wolf that appear, its origins is post-apolitical almost?

The music in this game is so nice, bouncy, and crisp! It's like listening to Dolby Digital Surrond-Sound in a Theater!

PS has a lot of good features. I haven't used it since 2015 but I heard it's cloud-authenticated now!

How long have you drawn for? Can be tricky with pixel 16/32 bit rendering shadowing, you do great job! :)

Oh very interesting the constraints. In that sense it's like a NES of some sorts. Is Pico-8 written in Lua?

This game is fun! Believe it was seen on RPGMaker.net


Oh in order to add features to PICO8 one has to install additional $$$ implements?

Sounds like an explosion of wonky coding :)

Looks interesting

Isometric? Sounds good!

Very nice! Did you use Zitra for the scene backgrounds?

Nice game! Is it possible to add a map indicator at the top where the player is and the monsters at in each room?

Like a living painting

Sucked into the vortex :)

XP is such a classic! I remember it during 2000 but it was with a shrink-type game where all the girls were giantess

I believe Unity has OpenWeb GL that is currently in-use

Nice plant stimulator

Hmm can't see

Surprinsingly Adobe Flash is still around. Didn't it go Dinosaur along with Shockwave?

Incest much???!

Maybe, but not finding anything more disturbing than a psychology class

Nice little game, needs a main-menu/restart after finishing a path

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Sexy and fun! Looks like Live2D!

An exploding apartment full of GOODIES for MOMMIE!

Smell the tree to live!

Sounds like an Android/IPad related issue. Had a few games on Android that asked location but it's more for statistic reasons. That can be easily found via network.

Not too often there's a browser-type 18+ game

Was hoping if player didn't succesfully find all the coffee items the old man would come back into the house ;)

Nice, was it made with WebSockets?

Nice job!

Nice adding the visual to this mini VN :)

Not a bad 15-20 minute

Since enemies steer differently it would be nice to see if they drop hazards onto the tracks


I'm assuming this is using Unity's OpenWebGL since player is no longer supported? C#?

Reminence of SNATCHER

Great mouse coordination reaction from player input!

Some nice illustrations in this game

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Not a bad demo. The animation is smooth and the background and character sprites are nice. Would be great for a horror-type side-scroller

Process IDE?  Hehehe

Sweet HOME?

Looks like the start of a great puzzle-drop type game with some chasing creatures added to it.

Nice to see different-looking characters in VN

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Like a nice 1990's/early 2000 dungeon horror-crawler game