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Love it. Will there be a follow-up game?

Cute game. Would like to see in the future more levels and different happy enemies.

Interesting Touho Perspective

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Hello there, April, loving the text on the site.

Cute and fun

This game plays like the Shining Force series from Sega Genesis time

The water-coloring artwork in this is wonderful

Love it

Cute game

Stealth is as good as Solid Snake. Except there's no boxes to hide in.



Beautiful. Love, love these games created! Excellent story-telling and engaging atmosphere.

Never-ending Story. Short, cute but strange.

One Word:


What a strange game about motherhood. Surely, if only transferring the belly of a mother was that easy!

Cute. Defiantly from the early 1980's era with Orange Road and Ranma 1/2 era.

Interesting "contradictions" concept. Our game has something similar but has been in progress since 2018.

So difficult! Pressing all the buttons at once with a heavy bar-bell is defiantly guy job!

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Such fun! Interesting to see the SupaPowers engine being used. Like the Game and Watch approach. :)

Great looking game. The use of a plant-person is a nice touch.

Not sure how to start, mouse and keys unresponsive 

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Not a bad introductory VN into the surprise-When-They-Cry Themes. There are others out there that are more brutal. Particularly ones from the PC-98 era and others.

Interesting interactive point-n-click

Graphics show a nice hotel or apartment-like quality. The camera spins around a little too quickly though and some areas so dark difficult to see. 

Potential :)

Looks like thumper turned 18+! Nice animation 

Nice refresh from non-interactive VN's with mostly music playing in background :)

Music, Color-Pallete and Growth Simulators are all good :)

Fun little game with good potential.

Love the sketchy surreal-like look :)

Hmm, is there no escape from the bambi woods? :)

Hmm apparently the planet exploded with too much sulfur and gas! :)

Have you tried the ModDB sites or RPGMaker ones for the demo? I find that most RPG/Pixel games there have a tendency of getting noticed faster and was one of the sites I've used in past before discovering itch.

Nice plugin! Would be great for Krita software

Left community · Created a new topic File Saved As?

When using the application are files saved as .doc, .html or other compatible extension types?

Guess Kakarrot uh, Carrots aren't there with the VEGETA bombs? :)

Looking forward for more :)

Interestng concept to have enemy players affect player's vision instead of normal shoot-em-up

Good old Win 98 days :)