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Didn't make it to the end of this, but it's super classy. Great work!

You can kill yourself with your own bullets, which is... something!

Simple idea and cute graphics!

Really like the idea behind this game, using the different transformations to achieve different control inputs. Bit of a zen game!

My biggest issue is that all of the controls feel a bit clunky, the ship in particular is quite difficult to control. And the train isn't even a train!

Great entry regardless.

Track switching! Nice stuff, cool idea.

Pretty cool! Not a fan of the typing mechanic but it's definitely a unique little idea, reminds me of a warioware game!

Loved it! Super charming little game, I love the incessent tooting!

Don't dig the combat feel but it's beautiful!

Love this! Super awesome mechanic here, I loved lemmings and the bouncing just feels great.

Controls a bit unresponsive, but I love the look of it!

Seems like you can win just as easily by hitting all the goo bits! Like the idea of chasing something down like this in an endless runner, though. Just needed a bit more polish... Damn exams!

Thanks for the report!

Regarding the second one, the game uses the same logic as the 'you lost' message for engine blown, which means it won't end the race until an AI wins. That is probably not ideal if you do it early in the race, so definitely something to look at.

Haven't observed that issue, so I'm not quite sure! You might want to check that no other inputs are overriding those keys, such as a controller. The game isn't made to work with a controller but the default binds for it remain.

I'm not going to respect the 8x8 grid, you don't own me.