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Alberto Ramos

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Really charming and well done! Congrats guys. Brings Freebird Games' vibes, which is always great. Good mechanics, a good teeny challenge in those last notes. Again, really well done! <3

Thanks for your kind words <3

Thanks for your very kind words <3 we loved making that short experience, would have liked to do something bigger had we not started the jam so late!

You guys rock, keep it up! Would love to see more jams from you

Thanks for playing <3

Cannon ball 1 - 0 Me

Well done! You need to work some more on your English but it's a good start and a good first game in that engine. Keep it up!

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We loved your art style (special mention to that death animation ;D), good atmosphere and concept, congratulations!

It's so beautifuuuuul, we love your style! Also great work on the lighting, that water reflection, the overall design (those characters, and that monster! really awesome, reminds me of a scarier twisted version of No Face from Spirited Away). Good mechanics and animations too. I managed to bug the game a bunch of times when searching or using the stairs repeteadly but other than that it's a great game, congratulations!

Learning from the jam and making a good game at that is a double win, congrats <3

Really ambicious project following the classic recipe established by Slenderman and the like with a fair bit of interesting information to discover all around a big ship serving as the game scenario. Special props to the music/sound design and atmosphere, you accomplished a really oppresive ambience (in the best sense of the word) that gave me quite the spooks! Cheers <3

That's such a lovely comment, thank you so much from me and from the artist, she loved your comment very much! She worked very hard on drawing and painting those illustrations, for sure the highlight of our game <3 The game is quite small and there's not many illustrations because we started the jam quite late and needed to restrain ourselves from making anything too big that we couldn't finish.

We'll be sure to play your game as soon as we can!!

Well written, fun game!

Very charming game <3

(I'm aloof the same way the Moon is, I appreciate your work :-)

That's awesome. I try to do projects every now and then although right now (for over a month) I've hit a bit of a motivation ditch and can't seem to get anything done. Hoping that it goes away soon to stay productive asap!

I'm always on the lookout for jams that catch my fancy, would be great to do something with you two! Regarding this jam, I didn't find a teammate and started doing a little something that might or might not try to end up being something :D

Hey Rafael, thank you for posting! If for some reason I can't do it with StraightUpGruntled I'll send you a message :-)

Hey! Sounds great. I was thinking pixel art but really any style your brother is comfy with will be great. How about you talk to me via discord? You guys may create a channel and invite me if you like: Aramos#8887

Hello! I'm Alberto, will do anything Unity related (coding included) and would like to make a team with an artist and a musician/sound designer. I have experience making games (mostly in other jams) and I'm a big horror nerd.

Anyone interested? :D

So it actually shows up in the Submitted Games list, but in the Overview it makes it look like I can't upload it. Guess it's fine? Hope so :D

Hey, so I uploaded the game to my profile, but it won't let me submit the game. It doesn't even appear in the "Existing game" list.

Here it is:

Hey Jukebox, sorry but we are full. Best of luck

Alright, thanks! Happy jamming :D

She'd like to but doesn't really know where to start. She doesn't have a MIDI keyboard (only a computer keyboard, with which she does all the composing in FL Studio) and no experience making sound design. Could you perhaps give me some advice (that I could give her) as to where to get started? Some tutorial or something. All tutorials we've seen use MIDI keyboards :/

Hi Kayu, in our team there's 2 coders, 2 artists, 1 designer and 1 composer, a sound designer would be amazing. We are going to be making a 3D game. Would you be interested in joining and make sounds with us? :D

Alright Gregory, have a good time jamming :D

As long as you are not a complete beginner and are motivated to finish a game, sounds great to me. If you'd be ok doing sounds with us (we have a musician not experienced in sound design) you are more than welcome. If you'd like to try and make some 3D art that would also be great. You can look up my team and join our dashboard @ Crowdforge. We are currently 6 people, I think with you we could finish our line-up and be a well-rounded team :D my profile in Crowdforge is, my team is the one in the right (which I created).

It's a bit of a gamble whether your teammates will give up, lost interest or just abandon the project sooner or later. I feel like doing it with a small (4-6) team would be best to avoid that, as well as talk with them and ask about their expectations regarding commitment and results.

I made a team myself after being part of 2 other teams where people didn't seem all too motivated, so can definitely understand you wanting to be on your own. If you can do 3D art and/or sound design, I'd like to welcome you to my team! We are 5 folks right now (of all 4 disciplines) and I'm having a good feel about it. I'm definitely looking forward to taking this jam seriously while having fun and learning as much as possible.


Hello! We are going to make a 3D game (low-poly most likely) and would welcome a sound designer as well as extra artists (we have 1 artist and a designer who can also do 3D art). All we ask is that you have some experience (and to have fun!)


GL and more importantly HF <3

Sorry about that, tagged the game as html and said it was missing a index.html file; it's fixed now. Sadly no finished game yet :(

Unfortunately, had a couple of busy weeks and couldn't manage to finish the game. Just felt like sharing the little bit my partner and I did. I learned quite a bit doing this, even if the end result is so brief, so that's the silver lining here :') will try and go on with the story someday. Uploaded to let you know there was some more people working on a game for your jam. Cheers!

Hi, I'm thinking about joining a team to develop a game for a Game Jam. In case I'm one the one uploading the game, is there a way / how can I link that game to my profile so that it appears there?

Thanks <3

Hi! I know I can include pictures in mu text game... but what about background music?