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I'm curious, why are you running 32bit linux in 2023? Is it just to keep an old machine alive, or some other reason?

"The Royal Game of Ur"? More like "The Leonard's Game of Weighted Die" game though, good job!

My only complaint (besides Leonhard the cheater) is that there's no way to cancel a click. I.e. when you click a piece, it doesn't move until you release the mouse button. This is misleading because it feels like you have the chance to move the mouse away to cancel the selection, but no matter where you put the mouse that piece will move the moment you release the button. Either make the move activate instantly ondown, or do the piece selection/collision/raycast/whatever onrelease.

Hey, thanks for following up! What I originally posted in my comments before youtube blocked them for some reason was essentially:

  • I noticed that the loading time for the game in your video is very slow. Initial load is not that slow for me (using sd2vita). That could be due to a number of factors, but one potential reason could be that the sdcard/memory card you're using has problems. There are a lot of fake sdcards on the market, and sdcards are generally prone to dying. We might be able to rule this out by using Vitashell to calculate the SHA1 of the game's eboot.bin and and comparing it with a working install. Even if it's unlikely to be the case, I think it's worth investigating since the game is crashing during the loading process.
  • Besides that, the only way for me to debug this further is to have you install a debug version of the game. When you run that version, it will generate logs and a more useful crash dump whenever it crashes. Those will help me track down where in the code the problem is.
  • It would also help if you could send me info about your device: model number, system/psm software version, tai configuration, etc.

I wrote step-by-step instructions for you here:

btw, if you don't want to create a gitlab account you can just message me here, or send me an email (contact details are on my website)

I had trouble getting this to work even on PPSSPP (inputs weren't working on my computer for some reason?!) and it would crash on my PSP-1000 and Go, but luckily my brother (Skleembof) got it working on his, so I went over there to finally try it out just in time before voting ends!

The game was fun! I had actually never played an FPS game on PSP before, but using the L/R triggers to control the camera turned out to be intuitive. The game's slippery physics take a while to get used to, but I think that adds to the challenge/fun of it. Graphics were nice, and I especially liked the music.

I never made it all the way to the top though. I fell down too many times and eventually gave up :(

The idea of bugs giving you power-ups is cool, but I think they run out too quickly. It's not immediately obvious what they do sometimes, and by the time you figure it out it probably ran out. 

But anyways, great submission!

Short and sweet. I love the artwork and retro RPG vibes this gives, and reading Celeste's dialog for all the random little items in the room was fun.

Also, I like how you even included a picture of a real kitten sitting on a throne at the end, that was a nice touch! Did you pose and shoot that yourself, or was it a lucky internet find?

Overall, nice entry!

Glad you liked it!

I have an update in the works that I'll release when voting ends which is meant to make it easier to understand the game. Among other tweaks, edges are highlighted red/green based on whether they're protected or not. Even if you already understand the game, I've found that small change makes it much easier to play.

Thanks, and yeah I'm actually working on releasing some of the tech I used to build this since it actually turned out way better than I expected. Most of the engine stuff was pulled from some of my other projects, so untangling those dependencies will take a bit of extra work, but I'll post it on the discord when it's ready.

That was pretty fun once I figured out what you were supposed to do. The random ball and portal movement is a little disorienting, but the goal and general strategy is straightforward. Trying to change the position of the portal/hole while the ball is close to one of the edges is risky, so you need to use the regular pong mechanics when that happens.

The music and sound effects were great!

One part I didn't get was that the description says "There is a reason the controls aren't mapped to the CROSS and TRIANGLE buttons". I assumed that meant both cross and triangle do something in the game, but I didn't notice triangle doing anything when I pressed it.

Nice balls bro.

I didn't have trouble getting it to run on my PSPgo. The game was a really strange mashup of controls, but that was what makes it challenging. It's weird how slow you rise, yet insanely fast you fall.

I think my high score was around 15. I'm not entirely sure because as soon as you lose it immediately resets to zero and doesn't give you a chance to see it.

But despite all the weirdness, I actually kind of enjoyed it lol. It's certainly an interesting challenge. Nice entry!

This looks really promising, but I couldn't figure out what to do. I know I have to collect resources, but the counters are confusing and it's really hard to navigate because there's no real way to orient yourself. You just gotta float in a random direction and hope you find something.

But the UI, graphics, and audio are really nice and immersive. An exploration game with this format would probably be awesome.

Interesting idea, but I wonder how many people actually have good enough eyesight to play this? I didn't have trouble with it, but I'm sure my color blind father would have a hard time lol. Unless you have a visual impairment (or you're playing in a bad lighting environment) then this is really easy. I think the timer can make the game more challenging, but it's too slow to to actually be a problem in its current form. You should experiment with making it a lot faster I think!

But anyways, it's a decent game; straightforward, and functional. Good job!

That was surprisingly fun! I really loved the music and sound effects, great job on that. It was really satisfying to mash buttons to disarm the bombs, probably because the sfx are so good.

The gameplay did get a bit repetitive after a couple of levels, so maybe if you decide to continue working on it you can add something to mix things up as the game progresses.

Anyways, nice submission!

Cool to see a strategy game here, I actually was originally planning to make something similar, but decided not to since I didn't have a lot of time left after I finished making my engine.

The game crashed for me on level 2, but I liked the mechanics. I don't know if this was intentional, but you can actually just mash the attack button until the enemy dies without having to end your turn. That obviously breaks the "strategy" aspect since it's completely overpowered, but I think it would actually work as a cool mechanic if you tweak it.

For example, maybe you get X action points per turn, and you can decide to spend those on movement or on multiple attacks. That way, you get a defensive advantage (more attacks) by not moving. Attackers will always be at a disadvantage like that though, so some more thought will need to go into it.

Anyways, nice entry. I hope you iron out the issues and release a more complete version!


I actually thought my PSP was glitching out, 10/10 immersion!

The minigames were well made, but I think the pong one might need some tweaks to the analog stick deadzone (unless it was meant to always pull down?)

Asteroids was my favorite since it controlled really nicely.

Awesome submission!

LMAO the ball got stuck in the corner and I started racking up points extremely fast. Almost reached 4000 points before I forgot to smack the TV and lost. The sound effect was destroying my ears, but it was funny.

Also, when I was smacked the TV using both hands, the pong paddle was still moving on the TV. Which makes me wonder: how was the guy playing the game if both of his hands were busy? Does he have three hands or...?

Sorry idk anything about what happened to your submission. Maybe ask on the discord and see if anyone can help you there?

I did play this game though, and it was a lot of fun! Some of the levels were really challenging and well designed. It took me a lot of tries, but I did finally reach the end. When I beat it, the screen went black and showed some arrows for a split second. Not sure what that was about, a cheat code maybe? It disappeared too fast though so I don't remember what it was lol.

The graphics and overall presentation worked well, and the music fucking rocks.

Wow this is very ambitious, I don't know if I found everything there is to do. I killed a bunch of enemies, collected a bunch of resources, planted some flowers, built some stone and wood floors. Did the NPCs do anything? I walked away from them at the start and then couldn't find them again lol. The world is huge!

I couldn't figure out how to build walls, so enemies kept walking all over my beautiful floors and flowerbeds :(

It obviously isn't done yet, but it already has a lot of features, and it's a very good idea. I hope you keep working on it! I personally am a big fan of 2.5D graphics with a retro aesthetic like this, and love how this looks.

Wow is this a classic style raytracer? That's sick as hell! The texture sampling seems to be a little buggy, but it otherwise works really well.

Gameplay was straightforward once I figured out what to do, but I noticed that sometimes you spawn inside of a wall and can't move lol.

I definitely think this is one of the coolest entries. Nice job!!

Dude very impressive entry for being both your first game and your first time with C++!  Even if you didn't have time to implement everything, it's a lot of work in a small amount of time. PSP homebrew isn't exactly the easiest way to begin your game dev journey, especially during a time limited jam like this.

Make sure you upload the finished version so that I can try it out!

That was really interesting, but I played through the whole thing not fully understanding what I was doing lol. There seem to be a lot of mechanics going on in the background, but it's not immediately obvious how they all work. The ghost character seems to be related to whether you phase through walls or not, and their movement seems to be connected to the size of the circle, which seems to be connected to your built up momentum..?

Idk, it was confusing, but I actually really enjoyed it. The grappling hook is an awesome mechanic, if a bit buggy at times. I would love to play a more fleshed out version of this, so I definitely think you should keep working on it. There's a lot of potential here for sure!

Cool concept, but it's brutal on your thumbs! Like nroach44 suggested, adding some key repeat would have made this much more approachable. Also, I think the instructions at the top of the screen should be worded differently so that it's more obvious what you have to do. For example, maybe say "Press L/R to change character" since "<-- DEC. CHAR    INC. CHAR -->" is a bit vague.

But besides that, it was actually pretty fun trying to chase down the misbehaving chars. Nice entry!

I wish I could earn $1000/minute fixing typos :P

Car dodging distilled into it's purest form!

The game was simple and easy to understand. I think adding more cars would have made this more of a challenge.

It's a shame this is so short because the mechanics are really creative, and the presentation is great. You should totally consider doing a post-jam version with more content!

The graphics are great! I love handpainted textures like that. The dialog system is cool too, and definitely make the game feel more complete. My favorite part was the graveyard level because it looks awesome.

Unfortunately it was very hard to play due to the bugginess and performance issues (tested on a PSP Go). I used the updated build you posted on the comments, and the final boss took forever because that scene ran at very low frame rates, and I think the collision detection had issues because I kept getting thrown back even though I dodged the skulls.

Luckily there was a glitch (feature?!) that made that part easy. You can just press left on the dpad and your character will go off screen, bypassing the skulls completely. Beating the boss seems to soft lock the PSP, meaning the only way to close it is to reboot.

But besides that, nice entry! If you fix the bugs, you'll have a nice little PSP adventure :)

This is an excellent platformer! Some of the levels were really challenging, especially the ones with invisible platforms. Dodging the "healing" items is an interesting twist on an old mechanic, although it didn't get used much.

Graphics and audio were great too. I also like how you even added a cinematic/intro to it as well as a full tutorial, that's a lot of polish!

Pretty much the only thing missing is more levels :P

And finally, if you get stuck, you can always hold Triangle to move on to the next box!

Also, there's no timer or anything. You control when items spawn (but the drops are random), and you're only rated based on how many white blocks you protected with a packing peanut.

I'm kinda burned out now lol, so I'll just add a quick description of wtf to do (make sure you read the tutorial in the screenshots!)

  • First of all, the game is hard as hell, and partially RNG based. It's kind of like blackjack.
  • Your goal is to pack 50 Kg of items onto the green cart on the right side of the screen. Every white box is 1 Kg
  • The closer you get to 50 Kg, the better your final grade. A perfect 50 gets you an S grade!
  • You generate packing peanuts by growing and eating yourself.
  • Your goal is to leave every exposed edge of the white boxes touching a packing peanut block before you close the box
  • If you mess up, you can use tetris mechanics to clear space, but if you get stuck then your only option is to close the box and move on to the next one

And if you're wondering what the glitch is, you should read the background story in the itch page/readme. I wanted to implement that as a cinematic, but there was no time...

Did you follow the instructions at ?

That was pretty great :D

Didn't realize how to upgrade until like my 3rd game, but once I figured that out I started doing much better. Would've gotten my 8 wins, but someone absolutely destroyed on the last match lol

drafft community · Created a new topic Awesome project!

Just wanted to drop in and say good job on this! It's a really cool idea for a project, and I'm excited to see where you take it. The dialog builder alone is worth it, but all the other stuff combined with the ability to collaborate with a remote database is killer :D

...and in case you were open to unsolicited ideas, I got a few:

  • A spreadsheet/table editor, like CastleDB (minus the tilemap editor). While it's possible to accomplish the same type of data entry via misc/items, the UI concept of tables is much easier when working with a lot of data
  • CLI interface (at least for export) to work more easily with automated builds, CI/CD, etc

Anyways, this project has a lot of potential, so keep up the good work!!

Also, it seems you might have put the wrong link to the LD Jam page. Clicking it takes me to hoop knight, even though the anchor text is correct.

WOW that was great! It was very buggy, but I was able to reach the final boss and finish the game. Nice job!

Hopefully you can fix the bugs in the post jam version.