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"Muito bom. Melhor mecânica que já vi" 10/10 ign

É por causa do HTML5 ou até mesmo do navegador que voce ta usando, mas se baixar fica sem problemas. Valeu amigo

Valeu mano, não sou muito bom com level design mas tentei o meu melhor pra fazer esses levels, caso eu continue o projeto pode ter certeza que ajeitarei isso

Muito bom

Se algm quiser o link das artes pede pra mim la no discord que eu mando

Great game, the puzzle is in point. Nice job

Love it, the level design is great

Nice but I cant finish 4th level

Do <<<<

You have to kill him without dying by the saw, when you reach Dave you should slash him from right to left with <<<<

I really love the art style and the mechanic

A true masterpiece

Thanks!! I really appreciate it!!

Thank you dude!

Thank you!!The controls are on the main page of the project.

Thanks!!The controls are on the main page of the project.

Loved the music, and the sounds, they go pretty well with each other, screen shaking is also amazing, this game is really one of the bests i have ever played in a game jam. Keep up the good work man. Sounds and Fun 5/5

I enjoyed it a lot. The game is pretty balanced, you can be very offensive and fast or very defensive but slow, its such a good mechanic. Originality 5/5 :)

Thank you dude!!

Loved the music and the way I can earn upgrades. The water shader is pretty beautiful too but the fireballs cant go trough them for some reason... Fun 5/5

Thank you ^^!!

Nice AI and I really liked how they say their famous phrases. Btw, the song is only coming from the left side of my earphone, I think you can fix it by changing it to AudioStreamPlayer instead of AudioStreamPlayer2D

Awesome, the dialogue was pretty good and the lore is actually very good too

Really liked the music and the mechanic, I never saw something like that. Originality 5/5

Thank you!!!There was a bug with one of the Explorer attacks but now I fixed it. Now it should be easier...

Wine nao tem suporte para todas as distros não. Tabem é muito melhor ter um jogo nativo já que o wine claramente dá um downgrade nos jogos então alguns pcs podem não conseguir rodar

Foi feito em qual engine?

Vai ter versão pra linux?

The logo had to be made in 5 minutes by me lol

Loved the concept and the art, the sound is a little annoying but bonus points for having the option to mute it

thanks ^^

But yeah, i am not good with level desing

That is actually the puzzle of the second level, you have to die in a specific place to be able to revive in a safe spot

after opening it you should now finish the level as the player, not the ghost

What do you mean by pulling the lever back into the body?

Thanks ^^ !!