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At a very fast pace I was consistently making it to the end of the second island before the timer ran out. :/

I liked the audio.

Yeah I had this same issue. I couldn't close out of the How To, or the Credits. Also the How To Play looked like a slideshow, but i could only see the first panel and had no way to view the full guide. I just sorta started playing and learned as i went. Also, there was a bug where any time i clicked, it spawned a weed on that tile. so for fun i painted the entire level in weeds.

Thanks for playing! the template for the MMO is Atavism, procedural world generation by Gaia, and cute characters by Suriyun all on the unity asset store. Since your comment 16 hours ago, I added additional dialogue and quests to better explain the game as a tutorial. Thanks for the feedback!

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Gnome-pocalypse! I recognized it because your game was submitted 3 minutes before mine. I liked it, its a good spring themed 2d tower defense. Those aero gnomes got me though! I had to start "plan(t)ing" like you said to prepare for them :P

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Hey everyone, I wanted to invite the spring jam community to log on together and check out my game at 9pm Eastern tonight (Sunday). It's an online game so its more fun when everyone logs in at the same time and plays together.

Also please link your game here in the comments, I want to check out what you made and I'll provide feedback about what I liked about it! : )

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Update: I just completed the tutorial, it's a lot of fun. There is a learning curve on where to place things to make the garden more optimal. I really like that. And clicking on the bird was a funny surprise. Now I'm going for a lemon tree!

I'm happy to check out your game. Here is mine:

It's a very rough beta so there is a lot unpolished with it. Hopefully try to overlook that stuff lol.

Hello everyone. I wanted to share my first game. It started as a testing ground for new tools and assets off the unity store, but by the end of it there was enough there I decided to finish it and make a game out if it. It's a maze/platformer-type game in 3d space with controls similar to your standard mmorpg computer games (WASD & mouse pan). It's a shorter game, with only 5 levels. But it's really easy to make levels (takes about 1-2 hours per level to make) so if I get good feedback on this game, I'll churn out another 5-10 levels next week. The win-screen is an absolute must-see, but not gonna lie, its pretty tough to get there. Can you beat it? ^_^

I put a fun easter egg key command on Level 1, see if you can find it!

Final score bracket:

 <120 score = "Better than Developer" (My best score was 119) Unlocks fun key commands

120-180 = Great Score

180-420 = Good Score

>420 = Average Score

Share your score in the comments!

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