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I'm glad to see that the writing of the game was well liked all around! We were a team of writers, so making a visual novel seemed to work greatly to our strengths.

Thank you for the kind words! I'm glad the music fit well; we didn't have a composer, so we tried to pick out and combine together music that felt cohesive from OpenGameArt's CC0 tag (ie not going from an ambient soundtrack to an 8bit boss theme).

Thank you for your feedback! I definitely wish that we had a bit more time to flesh out how exactly Logos died, since we had to finish that aspect early due to real life complications. Reactivity to player death would have been really cool with more time! I'm also glad that it was evident that the loss of Logos was impacting the rationale of the trio. It's good to hear as well that starting over from the questions rather than the beginning as a whole still made the player feel the theme.

The music for this game slaps, and I love the way you integrated the theme!

I had a lot of fun with the game! Even though you said you focused more on gameplay than story, what was there gave me a chuckle. Very good time all around!

Very cool to see you use both themes for the game! The bits of lore are a really nice touch.

Very cool to see you use both themes for the game! The bits of lore are a really nice touch.

Definitely was a bit tough to get used to the controls, but I really liked the idea of checkpoints being a required thing (in a sense)!

Just a heads up, currently debugging the Mac version as it doesn't seem to be working. Will post a commend and update with a changelog once it works!

Super dope game, connected with the theme incredibly well with a unique art style and gameplay that really did a great job complimenting the written themes of the game. Really well done!