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Thanks for the feedback! I had run out of time on my last day to create a tutorial or instructions screen so I put instructions below the game in the itch page. This is definitely something I will put aside more time for in my next jam!

You need to use the correct spell type against the correct enemy type, kind of like rock paper scissors. For example: red hurts green, green hurts blue, blue hurts red.

I ran out of time on my last day to create a tutorial or instructions screen so I put some instructions in the itch page below the game. Next time I will definitely put more time aside for a tutorial or instructions for everything to be more clear. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it!

Thanks! It definitely needs a tutorial or an instruction screen. I think I will also try to spend a little more time on UI next time too. I was a bit rushed on the last day of work and was testing mostly in editor and windows application so there may have been some funky stuff when I created the WebGL version. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks, I'm happy you figured it out! Next time I will create a tutorial or instruction screen to make everything more clear. The key combinations are randomly assigned at the beginning which is why they are out of order. They should be assigned again randomly on start and after death, I may look into it. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks, I'm glad you had fun!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed! I agree, I think a tutorial or some UI with instructions would have helped a lot.

Thanks! I agree, a tutorial would have definitely helped. Something to keep in mind for next time!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed!


Great game, I loved the art and animations. The character controller was also perfect for underwater, it was really satisfying to control.

Really great game! Everything from art to gameplay is really polished. I'm impressed!

Really fun game! The art style is great and once I got a hang of the mechanics it was really addicting! I did have a couple times where it felt like I was standing on top of a box but they weren't picking it up, maybe making the pick up area a little more lenient would help. Overall awesome game, great job!

Great game! The art, sound and mechanics are all really well done! My one suggestion would be to add something to differentiate the special items from the gems, I kept wanting to connect the coins together. Overall really awesome game, I had a lot of fun!

Great game! I loved the art style, one of the most unique in the whole jam! The attack animation is a little buggy and I would suggest moving the wield and un-wield to the same button, or just have you carrying the weapon all the time. Just needs a couple small tweaks, awesome job!

Awesome game! The way you implemented the concept of trading health for damage was really unique and well done. The enemy variety was also really nice and kept the game fresh. One suggestion I have is the barrels made the hearts difficult to collect again as the bounced unpredictably, that may have been an intentional design choice though which is fair. Overall great game, I had a lot of fun!

Great game! It was fun to play and see how far I could get. The music was awesome and I love the simple graphics. If I had a suggestion it would be to maybe offer a little more feedback to the player when they are out of bullets. Great game, I had a lot of fun!

Great game, fun little take on a top down shooter! I loved the art and the office sounds in the background. I think it would be funny if you made little sound effects like people thanking or yelling when you throw stuff. A few more levels with some different mechanics and you got a awesome little game! Great job!

Thanks! No problem, the idea was that you can upgrade your spells to stronger version but at the cost of the spell codes being longer and harder to type. So sometimes having a lower level spell is worth more!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed!

Thanks, I'm glad you had fun! I agree with your feedback, you are actually able to type spells before you hit space (see the bottom right hand corner), without a tutorial it isn't very clear though. I think I could have also made the text a little larger to make it more obvious. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed! The idea behind the upgrade mechanic is that higher level spells are stronger, but you have the trade off that they are harder to perform. Technically you can play the whole game with the 1st level spells.

Thanks for your feedback, the game definitely needs some balancing and would really benefit from a tutorial or UI help screen.

Thanks! I realised half way through it felt a little like Magicka too aha

Ahaha thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed! :)

Thanks, I appreciate it! Making music is something I always push off but should really learn. Something I am going to make myself do for my next project :)

Thanks!. I agree, the game definitely needs some more balancing. I wanted to err on the side of caution and not make the game too difficult. I appreciate the feedback!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed!

Thanks! I agree, I think it needs a little more balancing and definitely a tutorial or UI screen describing important things like element types.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed!

Thanks, I really appreciate it! I played your game and it was really fun as well, awesome job!

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Thank you so much, that means a lot! Glad you enjoyed! I played your game and thought it was great too :)

Thanks, glad you enjoyed!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed!

Fun little game! I really liked the art and the sounds. You also added a lot of juice making it really satisfying to play. It was fun jumping from island to island and tossing bombs at the pirates.

One suggestion may be to allow the player to control their jump distance. If not that maybe add a little more friction when the player jumps, it makes low angle jumps a little awkward.

Overall great game, I had a lot of fun playing it. Keep up the great work!

Great game, the visuals and sounds are awesome. The character also felt really good to control. One suggestion, the vertical camera movement is a little jarring, especially with the high and fast jump. Some smoothing or using a camera window may help. Overall awesome game, I had a lot of fun playing!

The music is really awesome and it looks like a fun game. Unfortunately I wasn't able to play it in browser.

Awesome game! The sound and visuals are amazing, and it has a ton of juice making it really satisfying. My only suggestion is that using the gun to suck and shoot the orbs felt a little awkward. Maybe it would work better if you could use WASD to move and the arrows to aim? Overall great game, really unique and lots of fun!

Really interesting concept. I really like the idea of a puzzle game where the player can control the level with buttons. The player controller was also nice to control, it was a little floaty but I think that's perfectly fine for a puzzle platformer game.

A couple suggestions, I think the difficulty curve is a little steep. The difference in difficulty between the first and second level is a little big. There were also a couple things level design wise that could be touched up on. For example in level two there is a blind jump near the beginning which is never fun.

Overall great game, I had a lot of fun playing it!

Really fun game! The art and sound was great, and the post processing made it feel like I was playing on my old CRT. The character movement was awesome and I was surprised how much you were able to make in the short time of a week with all the different enemies and boss battles.

A couple suggestions, I think the boss battles would benefit if the boss projected was his next attack was going to be. For example, on the fire attacks have a little sprite shoot out in the direction he will attack that doesn't do damage. This gives the player the opportunity to react and they should always feel in control. There were also times where I was taking damage during boss battles and didn't know where it was coming from, again this may just be a visibility thing for the player.

Overall awesome game, great job!

Great game! The music and art are amazing, the dancing robot was hilarious.  The character also felt good to control. One suggestion, I think this game would benefit by adding additional inputs to control moving and aiming separately. It would allow the player to feel a little more in control and possibly make combat more fun. Overall awesome game, I had a lot of fun playing!

Great game! I loved the art style and the character was really fun to control. I think this game could benefit from adding a little more variety. I didn't really need to use any jumping when I played. Maybe you could have the thoughts spawn higher in the air or expand the level to add some platforming to give it a little more depth. Overall I think this is an awesome game, great job!