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I got an error: "The name `Secrets' does not exist in the current context"

Sounds good will take a look. Thank you.

Curious about how do you implement the Leaderboard in unity?

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THE END is good. Thank you for the game. Impressed.

Thank you, glad to hear you think it's good. it does take some time to get use to this game, since it contains several different mechanics. I have no plan to develop anything further, for now :D

Thank you!

Thank you.

i did consider both of your suggestions during the jam, but unfortunately i didn't had enough time to implement those two features, especially the second one: making those connected puzzle move together. But definitely valuable advice, thank you very much. 

haha thanks. i think i was unmotivated at that time.

Thank you^.^

Thank you. I'm glad you liked it :D 

Thank you I'm flattered

i dont think i can finish this game -_-.

:D good to know, thanks

Wow, so i beat the game.

It feels like a rhythm game, very interesting mechanic. Great job. 

I like the minimalism art style. Did you do a objects pooling? Because the game crashes when I reached 7000+ scores. And I feel the game may go on infinitely if I have a bunch of triangles and just keep shooting while rotating. Very enjoyable.

Interesting little game, just curious what is this "Hat Wobble" do?

Thanks, good to know. very enjoyable art work.

I liked all visuals. Narrations. Theme 10/10. I wish there are some more gameplay.

Solid visual, very educational XD I'm curious does burn a forest in different state (fully grown, medium grow, almost dead) increases same amount of 'fire energy'?

I found if you click on big box twice very fast you lose two matches but box not burn down, maybe need to disallow use another match if the big box is on fire.

Great game with very intuitive and fun mechanic, I am wondering at which point do you start counting down time?

GRAPHIC IS GREAT. It takes me some time to figure out how to use intersection to drop your enemy. Then I loved this mechanic. I don't know why the intersection is very easy to trigger, seems you turn back to you path and the all the tiles on your path just fall, this makes game much easier. Good Game!

Haha, very fun. I like the mechanic that syrup slows you down, very intuitive, music suits the theme well. May be collision box and detection can be more smooth? sometimes i just get stuck between trees. Good job!

I liked the jumping animation, control, background particle effects, and mechanics. Great work, feels like an abstract limbo 

Thanks PatrickR, I have uploaded the full application for window system. Thanks for your feedback. :D