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You knew him. And that's what matters. T_T...

Subtle. Simple. I like it.

4/5... because I am not entered. But this is a great and simple game. The reset bug is a little distressing, but it's still so fun. :3

Well, that was a mix of adorable and trippy. I usually use audio files, but this works too. I was especially surreal to feel myself just... autoclick after a while. Nicely done. :3

Coming from it's vid, and  it looks super neat, but I feel like it needs work. Little things. Maybe a formal tutorial for the violin playing. Maybe more than just sparkles on the spikes; maybe just make them a more prevalent, brighter color... or go full 'red = dead' on them.

And while you can go all desaturated on the looks, the style, to me, doesn't seem to fit the gameplay. But this is hours and hours of Hollow Knight talking, so grain of salt on the last one. Muscle memory + visuals are very much kicking in, I think.

I should probably download the demo and give it a full peek. Don't want too assume too much... GL on the game, tho. :3

Kay, itch's vid on this has me insanely excited. I commented there, but, meh, like I said; e x c i t e d~

Second segment of the stage needs a timer or a time-induced incentive; maybe one of those big bois but bigger? I dunno... And shut the entrance on the way in (Maybe; I don't know how your writing/plotting fits there...). And maybe a better visual hint to shield the fire. You guys did so well outside, borrowing the bits from MMX1 and Contra for the beginning for teaching and pacing. Fell a little flat near the end of the vid. :3

I will be watching, my friend~

This is the hardest and cutest flash game I've played in forever. Nice~

Cute, but doesn't keep my attention. Music is a little jank. I feel like it progresses without exploring itself some more.