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Cyclone Games Inc.

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Loved this game!! Awesome work!! Keep up this great work!! Will be looking forward to play more games like this. ;-)

Thanks for playing. Check out the update which I released a few days ago. :)

Hey there everybody!! I've just released the ALPHA1 version of my game Skull and Bones!! Download it now!! It's a horror FPS game. It has only 3 levels in it ALPHA2 will be out soon!!! 

Let me know what do you think about the game down below in the comments.

Smack that shiny download button now!!!

Hello everyone!! My new chat app known as Cyclone Chat is now available on!!!! Apart from chatting and sending stickers and emojis you can also make high quality voice calls with Cyclone Chat. Ring ring!!

Download it from here.

Support me by paying me any amount you like. (Every cents count) and if you want to talk with me you can find me there as "and249". Just do a little search.


Anindo Neel Dutta

Founder & CEO, Cyclone Games Inc.

How will my game do in the competition?

Hello!! How are you? I submitted my game in your competition. 


I am going to turn 14 this September. Which category should I join? Hobby?

Are there any age restrictions for this competition?

After reading this comment I just couldn't believe what I just read. I would gladly like to enter the contest. How can I enter?


Anindo Neel Dutta

Founder & CEO, Cyclone Games Inc.


What are impressions in a game analytics page? 

Hello everybody!! Just released my new game Flesh and Bones v01.1!! It's an action packed 3D First-Person-Shooter game. Download it from here. 


Great app! Keep it up!! How did you make this?