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Whoop whoop, Upates! I loved the ld version and this is really good :)
Did you manage to get a publishing contract?

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Tscherno Jump is a demake of a game that never saw the light of day. Originally prototyped as a facebook messenger game, it got shelved because of the unethical monetization system there, in which we didnt want to participate.

Follow the arrows! Dodge the cats! Avoid the Sawtraps! This game is bloody - bloody diffcult!

You only need one button, Tscherno and his clones will automatically follow the arrows on the ground, except if you want to jump over them or need to jump an obstacle. Try and figure out the fastest way through the levels!

The game is pretty much feature complete, but I am looking for feedback about the mechanics and if you are versed in pico8 music making hit me up, I am looking for a composer :)
With the Level Editor you can create ans save your own maps - you can share the level string if you want others to play it or be included in the full release!

Thank you :)

Huch, fixed it, thx :) 

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Feel free to DM me about any of my games, most of them are playable right in the browser and I would be happy if any would get transferred to a different medium :) 

You can find them here:

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220 was as far as i could go^^

Seek out and bond with other wanderers. Bring lost words you have found to the oasis to get seeds. With these seeds you can plant trees and let the oasis grow deeper into the desert. 

Place the words you dont need into the sand, to help you orientate and find back home again.

Thank you! :)

I'm glad I could help :D

Sorry for the sdelay! Yes this is unfortunately normal behaviour for games made with GameMaker Studio when you have certain antiviruses (eg Avast). Even when i test a build it can be swallowed by the Antivirussoftware...

I am sorry, to hear that and we will upload a new fixed version shortly - in the meantime if you delete savefile from your localstorage in the browser, it should work again

I played it unintentionally to this music: 

and it gave me a feeling of coming to rest with oneself and the song kitschely ended in synch with the game. Thanks for sharing your story.

I´ve made game in about 7 hours, as a personal challenge. Play it here:
Sticky Tongues is developed in Phaser.js and the apps are created with - for this project i wanted to finish something and to learn more about multitouch :)

It was relatively tricky to get the two frogs respond to either finger one ore finger two, but not both at once and tempory independent. And this can be of great use in future projects. Sticky Tongues is pretty much for mobile use only, play it with a friend, or if the upcoming family dinner is boring throw this on the table and laugh abit :) 

If you have gameplay suggestions, like what if a fish catches the fly you wanted but you got the fish on your tonguw aswel, just post it on the gamepage. I would be happy to develop this game a little further.

This was brilliant, although short :)

Yep, this was good :) the palette swap option was a good idea and the game was challenging enough to keep me playing :)

This is haaard! But good and unique. The only thing bothering me is, that you cheated on the 4 colour restriction a little bit by using alphatransparency.

I think the problem is on his or itch´s side, because he/she commented this on several games.

The HTML5 version or the standalone exe?