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Theotokos Derzhavnaya Bless Putin

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Thank you for building a game around senet! I enjoy the concept, and I’d like to see it expanded upon :) I have no personal experience working in Unity, but I gather it can indeed be a b*tch sometimes, especially for browser games.

Thanks, I know. My solicitor has already been looking into the options. The problem is that it would have to be taken to court in Poland, which has not been known for enforcing EU regulations well in recent years. Another problem is financing a series of suits against a corporation with practically unlimited resources, while not being allowed to bring a class-action suit. I’ll have to see what my possibilities are and whether is worth pursuing at the end of the day.

I appreciate that digging through the logs may be taking you some time, especially if no user identification is tabulated therein. Since I have more entertaining ways to waste my time than waiting around though, feel free to post the relevant logs here or send them to me. Or if you have a strong preference, you can also make an appointment to look them through with me live.

Article 5 of the GDPR actually would seem to suggest you are accountable for any content you host and any decision as to its moderation. Would this not require some form of logging?

Is there any user identifying information whatsoever stored in the community log, that would link post on which actions are performed to the user who originally made them?

Null may be right about the appropriate procedure of reporting, however he is not right in removing selectively my comment but not Dr-Flay’s for doing the same thing.

This comment leads me to make some educated guess about yourself and your posthumous destinations if you don’t change tacks.

Absolutely not. Quite the contrary in fact. You should go out and try it from the opposite perspective sometime. You might enjoy it, and at least find it informative.

All this shilly-shallying is all quite cute, but it does not help me any further with the actual crux of the matter, only expose one or other of our semantic shortcomings.

I do not mistake your “kindness” for weakness, there is nothing to mistake. You have shown not one iota of goodwill or even the faintest interest in performing your job as a moderator as of yet, which is to uphold the terms of service – not to enforce whatever whim you may feel at any given moment. Such as the absurd notion that I am disturbing the peace.

What you are going to do now, is dig up the logs of all moderations of any kinds to my user content. And then we will walk one by one through each, to see whether they are justified under the terms of service. And if they are not, you will restore my posts. You will then pass on the message that there needs to be significantly more feedback provided when dismissing/addressing reports and when moderating content.

There are many things you seem to be significantly less aware of. Try me.

Free speech absolutely applies in private venues. And you would be hard put, to find any country where you are allowed to remove someone from a restaurant because you don’t like the colour of their skin, for example.

Well, if your job is so loathesome to you, better get back on the dole, hadn’t you? Or perhaps learn a real trade? Or simply manners?

So what you are telling me, is that you do not keep a log of the moderation creators apply? That is a recipe for disaster. Worse still, you do not keep logs of what your fellow moderators have done, such as deleting a post for false flags? Worse and worse.

I know very well what censorship means, and it extends well beyond the state. There are some interesting lawsuits ongoing about whether or not FaceBook and Twitter as private companies providing public fora can censor people. You would do well to take note.

Another example, there used to be many restaurants with home rules, such as ‘no shirt, no tie, no service’, or ‘only whites’. Notice how in most countries this is no longer allowed. As soon as you make your private property a public forum, you relinquish the right to discriminate who gets to speak there within the law. Even assuming you can enforce, the terms of service as law, it is not up to moderators to apply restrictions to speech in keeping with the terms of service.

I have not insulted anyone, yet, though you really would love me to go there, wouldn’t you?

Don’t mistake my patience for bootlicking, I know which one of us is playing with fire.

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Let me help you with your job. Here are three examples of removed items all pertaining to the same game. Is that a complete overview? No, far from it. But it does serve as a nice example of something fishy going on, since it all pertains to the same game.

At this location, you should find a question about why the executable is asking for additional admin permissions while installed inside a sandbox. Nothing more, nothing less. Yet it is not there…

In this topic, before null’s post, you should find a post showing scan results marking that same games executables as potential malware. Note how I made clear that I am not sure that it is malware, only that the program behaves unexpectedly, shows up as a bad actor in both Norton and MalwareBytes, and is too big to upload to VirusTotal. This post is also mysteriously missing.

Finally, my review of that game went missing, in which I pointed out the above hurdles in getting it installed. This also got removed, rating and all.

Assuming there is nothing wrong with the executable, that is all well and good, because you do not want to alarm people unnecessarily. But wouldn’t it make more sense to reply dispelling doubt. Or if you delete it, to at least respond to my report. But no… And so it goes frequently in my short time here. Not a promising experience. Combined with your blasé arrogance, very off-putting, in fact.

You don’t seem to understand what censorship means. If the host decides to open up a public forum, it is not up to him to decide who can say something and who cannot say the same thing. Observing your attitude and carelessness with vocabulary, I have little doubt that I will have a run in with staff soon enough, that will hinge on an interpretation of the terms of service. But I assure you the multiple posts that have been removed so far, whether this moderation has been logged or not, were not against the terms of service. I take exception to the generalisation that people who call out censorship on a platform notorious for harboring woke SJW developers who have been spit out from all other platforms, are “invariably in your experience” insulting or hateful. That seems like rather an insulting and hateful generalisation to make… Then again, it relies on what little real “experience” you may possess.

Has the truth struck a nerve? Are you offended by a made up contamination between numpty and bumpkin that does not even hold a well-defined meaning? I do not care to be popular with censors and dictators; if you suppress freedom of speech – and I’m not implying that YOU are – then you are nobody’s friend, and in fact serve no purpose in life.

The reason for my suggestion is this. This account is slightly more than one week old, and I am already fed up with having posts removed that are completely inline with the terms of service. To make matters worse, I can’t even attempt at avoiding this from happening again because I have no clue who removed them or why.

I appreciate your taking up the discussion and requesting people to edit, rather than putting words into their mouths by editing. Kudos.

It would be a good idea to give some form of feedback when a post is edited or deleted. Currently, you don’t even get notified of the fact, let alone receive any information as to what numpkin did it and on what pretext.

I downloaded onto a USB from another computer and it works :) But thanks so much for offering! Looking forward to trying out the demo.

Thanks for checking. Is it possible that the download link requires third-party cookies that I have blocked, or something?

I did :D You are the most dedicated maker of Tomb Raider fan games on Itchio (I think), I appreciate that!

Cool concept; looking forward to it

“No compatible uploads were found for this title”

Well, that wouldn’t be a problem if my driving was more polished ;) I look forward to revisiting the game, when I’m a bit more patient!

I tested it on Windows 8.1 64-bits, and it ran fine (with occasional freezing), except for the Quit-button which crashes the game.

I have a few questions though: -what specs is the game designed for? (because my computer gets very hot from it) -what is the range on the pistols? and is there some way to lock on target or aim down sights? (because I not managing to kill enemies)

I also have some other feedback/suggestions: -you should prioritize allowing saves or including checkpoints -the control scheme does not match the actual controls (e.g. left ctrl is crouch instead of sprint) -there must be a better way to seperate hanging from the ceiling and swinging from the ceiling (now you have to wait to stop swinging before you can start climbing, otherwise you let go) -the audio clip of the one bird in the first level sounds more like a man having an orgasm

My verdict: I’m impressed and I’m looking forward to more content being added :) Well done!

So you haven’t tried again since or ignored the warning? (I don’t blame you, just want to clarify :) )

I think I’ll hold off downloading until I hear more people chime in. After all, we seem to be the only people who’ve commented in the last month ^^

Hit the nail on the head. Motion are fluid, controls are tight. But after a minute or so I feel sea sick. Also defaul keybindings not intuitive (for me anyway).

“No compatible uploads were found for this title”

I don’t always suck at driving a snow mobile, but when I do, I’m so bad that I get sucked straight through the map into hell.

SELLING info to third parties, I don’t know about. But SHARING info in order to censor and harass people is something they do. I and several friends of mine have been harassed by staff of CD Projekt over multiple platforms (Steam, GOG, CDPR forums), for reporting on unethical behaviour within the company. This also included involving Steam staff to silence us repeatedly, and inciting stalkers and hate mobs of people supposedly not affiliated with the company.

I am not entirely surprised, but I am pleased you can still take the compliment regardless :)

Anarcho-francoism, is like anarcho-falangism but with a free market economy, catholic social values and no anti-semitism.

Personally I am a great fan of Franco, and feel he is one the most defamed people in history: basically nothing that is taught about him nowadays holds up to scrutiny. The socialists were destroying the country and needed to be brought in-line. I wish we would get a new Franco that would lead Spain to exit the EU and become a great nation again.

More great stuff! I’ve enjoyed all your games, Blondbraid :) Keep ’em coming!

And I’m glad I did. That was an awesome gamelet! Good to see Ivan and Olga make a return too

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Wow, this really is a cut above the usual smut offers in the romance section. Colour me impressed!

Historian <3

Nice little browser game

Or why the game goes berserk, instead of calculating a winner, once it’s finished.

Would love to see it fleshed out further though.

Or why you sometimes can land on the moving reeds and other times not.

I don’t understand why diagonally adjacent pieces sometimes count at touching and sometimes don’t.

I would advise against this. Not only is Galaxy bloatware, but since 2.0 also spyware. If you read through the EULA, you will find that it collects a lot of unnecessary data about your computer and your accounts with competitors, data with which GOG has proven they cannot be trusted.

Cute browser game. Nice music. Kudos :)

True, but it would still be better than nothing. desperately needs to implement some kind of security QA.

I think it would be really useful if I could sort collections (alphabetical, chronological, price, development status, length, etc.) It would also help if I could search inside collections and filter for certain tags.

And? How was it?

Would like to hear a follow up on this before I attempt downloading.

Thanks for the commendation! Now I'll try it :)